jon zolsky: To Keep Your Mouth Shut? - 09/20/12 11:01 PM
I recently ran into an article about falsely accused famous Russian scientist academician Igor Reshetin, who spent nearly 7 year in prison.
He wrote that at one of the safe houses in Moscow, where they help preliminary interrogations he had to use the bathroom, and there was a handwritten note stuck to the door, that read:
If you think, keep your mouth shut...
If you do not keep your mouth shut, then do not write...
If you write, do not sign anything...
If you think, speak, write and sign... do not get surprised
In English it loses that sub-context that … (26 comments)

jon zolsky: Redistribution...How Sweet It Is - 09/19/12 10:54 PM
Ran into this interesting speech by our still current President. It is about redistribution in which he intimately and ultimately believes, and which we now so well know.
The problem with redistribution is that though intentions might be considered by some as noble, whenever it goes beyond what is already a distribution in the tax system, it results are disastrous.
When in the Soviet Union after winning power in 1917, they made redistribution their priority, the country had the rich, and the country had the middle class. In just few years (1921) they had a terrible famine.
Was it because … (53 comments)

jon zolsky: Sweetie, You Are Such A Moron - 09/19/12 04:22 AM
Natasha is a Russian Jew, who, like me, came to the United States in 1991. She recently retired. She is very concerned with what is happening in this country, and she measures everything against the Soviet Union. She feels that we are going in that direction, and it is bothering her immensely, that Americans around her do not feel the same way. (count me in the same category, as I have the same background)
She understands that Americans are fed the same media stuff for decades, and do not even know how different the world became in the last decade. That … (27 comments)

jon zolsky: The Lure of The Auction - 09/15/12 08:10 AM
Couple of days ago I was at the Tax Deed Auction. On one of the properties, a nice 3/2 in seemingly good shape, there was a real fight. Starting bid was a bit over $4,000, but quickly escalated. When they got to $90s, suddenly one of the guys sitting with an I-Pad, got excited and went to the Clerk of the Court, who was conducting the auction.
He told her that he had just checked the county records, and it showed that the tax has just been paid. There was silence in the room. According to the rules of Tax … (7 comments)

jon zolsky: You Don't Like The Price? Neither Do I... - 09/11/12 11:52 AM
There are tons of blog posts about overpriced listings. The gamut of emotions runs wild. Majority believes that overpriced listings are bad in all respects.  
But life has more shades than black & white.  
This happened long ago. Michael, a new broker in Palm Coast, FL was struggling. He was eager to grab whatever he could, even if the chances of winning were slim to none. With time he started getting a bit more business, and was no longer living on the edge.  
That's why I was surprised to learn that he was working with the investor from … (13 comments)

jon zolsky: Couple of Years After Tomorrow - 09/09/12 03:39 AM
I think managing expectations is one of our biggest challenges. It is surprising how buyers and sellers often get wrong expectations. I always tell buyers that if they buy for low prices of what we think is the bottom of the market today, they would turn profit. The thing, however, is that between purchase and turning profit there is time. Usually, they can’t expect to buy today and flip immediately. They all say that they understand and that they do not plan to sell it for a few years…
And they say they know that if they do, they may lose … (50 comments)

jon zolsky: About HERE and NOW... - 09/03/12 04:32 PM
I was watching House Hunters on TV today. In this episode a couple was looking for a condo in Santa Monica. Their budget was $500K, which made me jump.
The first condo was on 11th street, which was 11 blocks from the ocean. According to them, it was very close to the beach, and this was a prime location. Condo was… well, nothing great (should I say it was  “crappy”?), and the price was just under $500K. No view, just a back alley...
Then they showed 2 other condos, one for $525K and one for $549K, nicer than the first … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Thinking of President - 08/29/12 01:53 PM

I watched Condoleezza Rice speaking at the Republican National Convention today. I have utmost respect for her. Bright, composed, interesting…
Got her Ph.D. at age 26. She studied music, and her major was piano, but she later changed for political sciences, but still she is an excellent serious piano player.
There were a few excellent speeches at the convention, and hers was the first really good speech.
It really came as little surprise that she did not use teleprompter.
I would love to see her back in the White House at some time.
Best if as President.

jon zolsky: Managing Decay - 08/27/12 12:45 PM
"The secret of […] success is simple - less regulation, lower taxes and more freedom. That is a formula that can work everywhere."
It is not a political statement by a republican, which makes liberals cringe. This was published in Washington Times on March 20, 2012 by Richard W. Rahn is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth.
It is about Georgia. Not the one with Atlanta, it is about Georgia with Tbilisi as their capital city, Georgia, which just 2 decades ago became independent in the aftermath of the collapse of the … (33 comments)

jon zolsky: About Dolphins And Whales… - 08/26/12 04:39 PM
With few listings that I have, I learned to pay attention to agents bringing the prospects. I learned to know when to expect something, or when it is little chance of a hit and a huge chance of a miss… I admire those who know the market, and know the condos, or, at least, took time to learn as much as they can,... those who call and asked questions, who preview the units and familiarize themselves with the building… Of course, it still does not replace the experience and knowledge, but it is at least as close as it could be. … (26 comments)

jon zolsky: «Lazy» Math - 08/23/12 06:18 AM
The letter came in the mail. It is from Domain Registry of America. It is Domain name expiration notice. They notify me that my domain name is due to expire and they offer the renewal.  
That is very thoughtful of them. The only small problem is that they are asking arm and a leg for the renewal. For one year it is $35, for two years $60 (savings of $10), and for five years it is $120 (savings of $55). 
Hmm, I just renewed my other domain on for a little under $9 a year. It makes me think why they … (13 comments)

jon zolsky: Is There Gold Is In Olympic Gold Medal? - 08/19/12 10:47 AM
Yes, but not a lot. According to the article by Mike Opelka, the Olympic Gold medal in the last games had 1% gold, 92.5% silver and the rest is copper.  Still, considering the weight of the gold medal, which is about 1 pound and is just over 3 inches in diameter, it is about 4.5 gr of pure gold. Metal for the medals comes from Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Utah Copper Mine near Salt Lake City and also from Mongolia and they were produced by Royal Mint in South Wales.  Well, there is gold and there is money, so there is IRS. … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: Want To Win Powerball? - 08/16/12 03:54 PM

How many people think that they are good people and they deserve it? Well, it is all about numbers. So, let us look at the odds. Powerball odds of winning a jackpot is one chance in 175,223,510  How big is this number? Well, lets compare to people struck by lightning. The chance of being struck by lightning each year is one in 280,000.  Which means that for each chance of winning a jackpot in Powerball, there are 626 chances to be struck by lightning… Ouch… I don’t really like the idea of getting hit even once, and I am sure … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: What Olympians Make... - 08/14/12 03:04 PM
- Do you know how much money the Olympians make? That was the question that my 20-year old grandson asked me. Hmm, first I did not even know that they were paid. And of course, I had no idea how much. My grandson threw $250K as the cash prize for gold medal, and I again thought about Phelps J. But I decided to Google it, and I am glad I did. My grandson missed by one zero. USOC pays $25K for gold medal, $15K for silver medal, and $10K for the bronze. If you think that this is a lot of … (33 comments)

jon zolsky: Can I Settle With Underwear? - 08/09/12 03:29 PM
- I have given them my home back. The lady on the phone is screaming. She said she gave the house back to lender in foreclosure, and now they are going after her for deficiency. This is the same lady that told me to get lost when I suggested we could do the short sale. She spoke to her accountant, and then decided going with foreclosure. She stayed in the house for a bit over 2 years, and got used to it, but finally Flagler County started processing foreclosures. Now she got a letter demanding money. And she is pissed off. … (65 comments)

jon zolsky: Welcome to America! - 08/04/12 02:41 PM
Soon after coming to US I completed a course in Social Services and got a job as resettlement coordinator in the Bronx. I was helping recent Russian refugees to settle in Co-Op City in the northeast Bronx. I was helping Russian refugees to choose the co-op unit, go through the financing, helped them with the entitlements, and everything they needed. Refugees were coming with little or no understanding of English, and little or no understanding of the realities of life in America, but with plenty of assumptions based on their life experiences in the USSR. A common problem was with opening … (21 comments)

jon zolsky: Right of First Refusal And Short Sale - 07/15/12 09:20 AM
I posted Right Of First Refusal…What You Need to Know. It is a simple concept. If the price is low, it may trigger interest among other condo owners and they will have the right to buy the property under contract, provided they offer the same terms. Not all condos In Daytona area have this provision. Some only have the right of first refusal by the Association, and I only heard of two cases where it was used. But some condos have both the Right Of First Refusal by the Association, and also the Right of First Refusal (if the Association is … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: Taking Away Shame... - 07/10/12 10:55 PM
Did you ever pay with foodstams? Those colored paper money, which were worth nothing for me, but could get you real food in a supermarket? I did… After 2 months in the country, and severe rationing of food, which kept us in the leanest shape we had ever been in our lives, we finally received the foodstamps. It was early Autumn of 1991, and with Foodstamps came confidence that we were going to survive. I remember how people were looking at us when we were paying with foodstamps. It was a look of surprise. They saw relatively young people who were … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: Are You Ready For Me? - 06/28/12 03:10 PM
A couple walked into my office today. They are landlords. They rented their condo in Daytona to a tenant. They came from the court. It was a pre-trial. When the tenant sent them a letter in April that there were hazardous conditions and because of that he was terminating the lease, the lady was in the Hospital. She somehow found us and asked to contact the tenant and take care of the hazardous conditions. We tried to contact the tenant several times, but he never responded. The hazardous condition was a can of touch-up paint in the closet. We suggested that … (62 comments)

jon zolsky: I Am Semi-Retiring From AR - 06/27/12 11:18 PM
It is funny but I did not have time to announce my semi-retirement from AR for more than a week now. Yep, it is time to stop the race and get practical. At 10 posts per week and 10 comments a day and considering the time I was devoting to doing this, it was eating me alive. I could try doing it faster, but it would come at the expense of quality. I perfectly understand that quality is very relative thing, and even with all the time I was devoting to writing, the quality was often borderline. What this race taught … (28 comments)

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