jon zolsky: AR Riches? - 06/26/12 10:09 PM
There are currently 39 millionaires (those who have accumulated over 1 Mil points) on AR. On average less than one per state. Actually, some states have more than one millionaire, and some have none. So, which is the most competitive state? If you look at the number of “millionaires”, Florida is a leader with 6 “millionaires” out of 24,011 members on AR. California has 4 “millionaires” out of 34,034 and Virginia has 4 out of only 6,500 members. But take Nevada with their 3 “Millionaires” and they only have 2,973 members on AR. In that sense 3 out of 2,973 is … (22 comments)

jon zolsky: Market Hype and Market Blues - 06/23/12 04:10 PM
I think it was 2005, when The Devlin Group announced their next development - Ocean Sands condominium in Daytona, an absolutely gorgeous 19-story modern luxury building. Ocean Villas Condominium was under construction, all units were pre-sold, and prices started from $1 Mil and up. It was a huge success, and the next building was promising to be an even bigger success. My client wanted to reserve the unit in Ocean Sands, and I showed up at the sales office of the developer, where the party was about to start, and the reservation list was supposed to be filled fast. I was … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: Don't Steal My Breadcrumbs... - 06/21/12 12:37 PM
He contacted me via Trulia at the end of April. Provided the phone number, so I called him and we had a pleasant conversation about condo-hotels in Daytona Beach Area.
As always, I gladly asked his questons and gave a lot of information about condo-hotels. I always do it without reservation. People are so nice, and so genuine....
So I tell them about my listings that they called upon, and then about listings that are not mine, but which are great deals, and then about other properties, and so on and so forth. They are impressed, promise to talk to … (83 comments)

jon zolsky: Active Rain Coincidence... What a Surprise! - 05/23/12 04:57 PM
Life is always full of surprises. A week ago I have received a call from a fellow Rainer. She was looking for a condo-hotel in Daytona area, and asked me whether I could work with her. She came on Tuesday with her daughter, and we spent a few hours on Tuesday looking at condo-hotels. When I thought that they had enough of them, we agreed that they will think about what they saw and we will talk in the morning.
Turned out they had more energy than I thought, and went on their own to Hawaiian Inn, which was not on … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Renting in the Times of Foreclosures - 05/19/12 07:22 AM
I have posted Tenants in Foreclosed Properties. Myths and Reality It was about tenants taking advantage of the situation and stopping making payments to the landlord. Here another side to the story. It is about tenants, who learn that the property in pre-foreclosure, and walk away from the lease. Whether they learn it from the landlord or received a copy of the Notice of Default delivered by Sheriff.
There is often indignation involved. Tenants blame the landlord. They persuade themselves that this gives them the right to break the lease and leave at will. For the tenant, who terminates the lease, … (0 comments)

jon zolsky: Mike Cooper. AR Rising Star. - 05/18/12 01:16 PM
I have been on AR for some time and I watched people leaving and people coming. Everyone is different. Some come unnoticed, and then their stars line up and they start shining, and some enter AR orbit with enough light and speed to be immediately noticed.
I think Mike is that star. We met today in my office and then had lunch at Zen Bistro, a local tiny Thai Restaurant. I thought I know Mike from his very impressive blog posts, but I did not read his “about me” page until just now, and I regret it. There is so much … (24 comments)

jon zolsky: A Mentor To Sensei - 05/13/12 03:27 PM
When I read Dick Greenberg’s Sensei/Grasshopper - An April Challenge! I knew that I did not need to ask if anyone needed my help. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I have known Alex Lopouchanski for probably 6 years now. It all started when we were working with a client, who was illegal alien, and had difficult time getting a mortgage, and after two powerful mortgage brokerages failed, the Buyer came to me with an ad from the Russian newspaper and asked me to call the guy. I was more than skeptical, but called. He managed to get … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: Sign Here That You Are Honest... - 05/13/12 09:07 AM
No, I am not writing it to express my deepest disbelief in Buyer Broker Agreements. There were too many spears broken over it. I guess there is no right and wrong here. Some States require them as I heard, so the whole point there is moot…
I read E.J.”Mike” Carlier’s post  Why should I sign a buyer's broker agreement? Well written post, gives customers some clarification… But the reasoning made me speechless. Basically, Mike made it clear that unless there is a signed BBA, he can instead of writing an offer, as asked by the customer, turn and buy for his … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: About Food And About Thought - 05/12/12 05:41 AM
My family is laughing at me that after I became a vegetarian, I started watching Food Network. Sort of compensatory action… Let them laugh, I enjoy watching professionals and where else you can see the results in one hour better than in cooking? I am missing the tasting part of it, of course, but I put imagination to work. Sometimes I am even experiment in the kitchen, but my wife says the mess, that I cause in the process, outweighs my modest results. Anyway, when I saw that Groupon ticket for half price to Robert Irvine’s show at King’s Center in … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Tormenting The Ghosts - 05/10/12 04:03 PM
Sometimes I get that burning sensation that eventually results in a story from my Soviet era past. Maybe it is a way for me to mentally measure those little moments in life… life, that was so different from my life here today, that I often think that I managed to live two lives.
I am trying not to exaggerate, not to become a hindsight hero of sort, but comments on my Russian posts are often complimentary and I start looking like a dissident, a courageous guys who stood up to oppressors, a hero…
I wasn’t any of that. I was critical, … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: Revealations Of A Taxi Driver - 05/09/12 02:50 PM
This is the last blog post out of three involving my friend Vitaly Vasiljev. Here are the links to previous posts: A Scent Of Freedom… , The Tale of a Bully We both worked in school as military instructors. Each school had 3 AK-47, which were modified so that they could no longer shoot, but they were used for training. We also had small caliber rifles and sometimes guns, and kids loved shooting at the range that we built together with kids in the school basement.
Military instructions were for the last two grades. After the first year we had a … (25 comments)

jon zolsky: The Tale of a Bully - 05/08/12 01:32 PM
A true untrue story…
How can a true story be untrue? You're right, it can't. It is like a fisherman telling his friends about a fish he caught 30 years ago. They smile, but they don’t buy it. But he is telling the truth, he really caught this humongous fish... Will they ever believe him? 
Stories like this belong to time in my past, and weird times reveal weird stories. So, here is the story and you be the judge.
In the Soviet Union the members of the Communist party had monthly party meetings. Every place of work had a party … (25 comments)

jon zolsky: A Scent Of Freedom… - 05/07/12 03:46 PM
Like me, Vitaly, was a military instructor in high school in our small coal-mining town above the Arctic Circle in the now former Soviet Union. We worked in different schools in the same town. We often met for training exercises where we combined classes to form a platoon, and eventually we developed a bond between us, two very different people. We were critical of our propaganda, even though we were its product, maybe a bit on critical side. It was the era of Gorbachev and we could feel the scent of freedom in the air. Maybe not a scent yet, but a hint … (24 comments)

jon zolsky: Next Door Celestial Neighbor - 05/06/12 04:58 AM
We were walking on the beach in Daytona Beach Shores yesterday, which is what we always do on weekends and, maybe, a couple of times during the week. It was getting late, and we were coming back to the park, where we parked our car, when I noticed that everybody were taking photos with there phones and cameras pointing to the ocean. The sun was no longer up, so I could not understand what was there that they were taking photos of. I turned and there was a huge moon rising from the ocean. I went to my car and grabbed … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Auction! Auction! Auction - 04/30/12 01:55 PM
We have an investor in town buying out cheap condo-hotel units in droves. The condition on the contract is that they can film the unit and market it on the Auction site. So, I got several offers on the units I have listed in the Fountain Beach Resort and Oceanside Inn. On one of them I already got a call from the gentleman, who claimed that he bought it. I got suspicious, as I knew the buyer was a woman, but he explained to me that he had bought it at the auction. Cool. Especially considering that we have not closed … (40 comments)

jon zolsky: Cheerleaders on the Beach - 04/29/12 05:01 PM
 Cheerleaders on the beach.  Where else can you see this?
In Daytona Beach cheerleaders come from all over for their competition. For a couple of days hotels are packed, young faces are everywhere. They hold them twice a year, and where is the best place to rehearse? Of course, on the beach. The girls saw me with an iPhone, got shy and stopped their acrobatics, and waited for me to pass.

jon zolsky: Rolex Daytona for $25 - 04/29/12 04:07 PM
It always fascinates me when my customers looking for somewhat decent properties ask me about the cheapest stuff they find on the Internet. Like my recent customers who were looking for a nice condo-hotel, and were very sensitive and picky (which is not a bad word), and then, before deciding to write an offer they asked about that $29K condo-hotel unit in Daytona Inn Beach Resort. Well, needless to say that not that there was not the “right” view, which they were very particular about, there was no ocean view at all. And everything else was not what they were looking … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: Give Me A Hug - 04/22/12 04:46 PM
Coming back from the office, tired, want to forget about all the stuff and relax. Opening the door and he comes, our Timothy. He is hungry for love so it is either my son (on the photo) or me have to pick Timothy and pat and relax, even though his purring is not really the music...
But gosh, how wonderfully this works every time.
I think of making a video with Timothy. I have never seen a hugging cat before in my life. Here he is with both laws on a shoulder, but usually he really hugs you.
Making my … (3 comments)

jon zolsky: Are Newspaper Eyes Any Good? - 04/22/12 12:34 PM
I am a little upset when I talk to customers and mention that prices for condos in Daytona Beach started going up, and they look at me like I belong to the mental institution. The problem is literacy. They all read papers, watch TV, listen to gurus…
And who am I? A broker, who is interested to sell them something, so I must be lying to do it in this bad market. So, when I mention that the market is changing fast, they get that look… you know…
They would not even disagree with me, for them I am so far … (1 comments)

jon zolsky: It Is April 22... What A Date! - 04/22/12 01:50 AM
I was surfing AR, and looked at the calendar. It was showing April 22. And it clicked right away. Everybody from the Soviet Union knows this date. We used to celebrate it, it was occupying the first pages of newspapers, was on TV news, it was celebrate by schoolchildren at schools and students in colleges...
I turned to my 20-year old grandson, who was preoccupied texting something to someone, and I asked him if he knew what happened on this day. He thought for a second, shrugged his shoulders and went back to texting.
Then I went to the balcony where … (11 comments)

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