jon zolsky: Google? What Google? Why Google? - 04/21/12 07:11 AM
I often get calls about condo-hotels from agents in neighboring Flagler County, which is just north from us, or from Orlando, or from Jacksonville. Some agents there have access to our MLS and many don’t. They call me because their clients find information about dirt-cheap condos right on the ocean, and they are curious about it.
Really, where can you buy an oceanfront condo for less than $50K? In Daytona Beach Area it is only in a condo-hotel. But they have never heard of a condo-hotels before.
When they call me, and start asking absolutely basic questions, I sometimes politely suggest … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: Real Estate-In-Laws - 04/20/12 01:13 PM
You all know how it works. An agent from another galaxy has a client who wants to by in your neck of the woods. They have no access to MLS and they have no clue about the market. The have a very vague understanding of condominiums, and never heard about condo-hotels, but… they have a client.
And no, they do not ask you to do the job for giving them a fair referral fee. Not at all. After all they are licensed to work in any galaxy of any Universe. And because they do not know the market and the product, … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: How Big Is Your Real Estate Fish? - 04/15/12 02:20 PM
I often listen to people bragging about real estate. It is sometimes similar to fishing, i.e. lying beyond belief.
Classic example is a common talk in my office, when someone walks in, and in the conversation, when it gets to how much things cost before, someone would say that he (men are better fishermen and bigger liars when it comes to fishing and real estate) remembers the time when they could buy a unit in Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach for measly $15K.
- And when was it?
 And then they would tell you that it was about 20 … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: Location, Location, Location in 3D - 04/13/12 04:31 PM
 We all know what is the most important factor in value in Real Estate is Location, Location, Location. And though it is true to a great extent, there is no such thing as absolute truth.
When I hear "Location, Location, Location", I always think of adding the notion of time.
For me it is time and location. When you start looking at it this way, it is like switching from a 2D to 3D version.
Look at the same location at different time and you would understand what I mean. Take the same oceanfront location in Daytona in 2006 and in … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: A Night Before Auction - 04/12/12 04:38 PM

In just a few hours I will drive to my investor’s home to pick up the deposit check for the foreclosure auction at the County Court.
And then a bit less than an hour drive to Deland to the courthouse, going through a metal detector, and then up to a room of people, most come here every day.
I don’t go there every day, I don’t go there even every week. I do not have enough investors to make money for.
But tomorrow I am going. It is a condo on the chopping block and it is my cup … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: I Applaud The Boy - 04/11/12 11:27 PM
Two days ago I saw on TV an episode where they showed a school bus, and the driver had a heart attack and passed out. A 13 y.o. kid noticed what happened and rushed and grabbed the steering wheel and brought the bus to a stop.
And after the bus was safe, he started CPR on a driver and kept doing it until the paramedics arrived. What stunned me, however, is that when the kid noticed it, you could see that he screamed and pointed to the driver before rushing ahead, so everybody heard him. And nobody moved, this kid was … (22 comments)

jon zolsky: Warm Chairs of Real Estate - 04/11/12 11:27 AM
Warm Chairs of Real Estate
In great Real Estate years the privileged or simply lucky were getting the job of selling off beautiful condos in a high-rise. No running around, no fooling around.
And the money was great. People were coming willing to shell out nice down payment for a dream place on the beach. Good times came to a halt, and customers not only stopped buying the units, but those who already were under contract, were doing everything they could to get their money back.
Unsold projects went into litigation, then foreclosure. Agents sat there for some time hoping … (11 comments)

jon zolsky: How Bad Is A Hadnshake? - 04/10/12 04:33 PM
Marnie Matarese posted A Handshake isn't enough.......  It is about a call from the agent, who was trying to get the answer whether the price, which his client was planning to offer, would make any sense for the Seller. Comments were mostly not in favor of verbal offers. But are verbal offers really bad? The situation Marnie described is not really a verbal offer. The agent did not call with the offer. No, he was trying to find out whether the price his client was going to offer would even be considered. It was more of a pre-offer call…
But if … (6 comments)

jon zolsky: Goats in Charge of Vegetable Garden - 04/08/12 04:53 PM
One of the never ending battles in Daytona Beach is driving on the beach. Lawsuits, groups coming with all sorts of pretexts to ban beach driving, people who have too much free time on their hands, activists...
Volusia County rolled out the new rules for driving on the beach. Now it is a one way only, you have to go with headlights; at least one front window has to be open, and not texting.
Beach driving is a contentious issue and too easy for people to demand that there is no driving on the beach. It is a radical stance. Let … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: A Little Pregnant... - 04/08/12 09:55 AM
It is Saturday, we are ready to go home. But there is somebody trying to pull the door instead of pushing... happens every day. They guy just ventured in to find out the prices. He is from Canada, but lives in Jacksonville, but likes our beaches, and stays in the condo-hotel where we have our office – Fountain Beach Resort in Daytona Beach.
He saw something o the Internet, we discuss the prices, the overall market, and the conversation is quite casual. He told us that his brother from Canada likes the West Coast of Florida. He then told us that … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Is It Spring After Long Distressed Real Estate Winter in Daytona? - 04/08/12 03:10 AM
Something is happening in Daytona. It is difficult to show units in Condo-hotels. A few days ago in the middle of the week I came to the Front Desk in Oceanside Inn and asked for a key to a double unit to show to the prospect. It was occupied. I asked for a key to any other similar double unit, and they told me that they did not have units available.
They were packed. And my client was leaving next morning. As an exception to the rule not to show dirty rooms, the General Manager James Dion took us to one … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: Why Buy Now? - 04/01/12 04:55 PM
There is something that makes me laugh when I surf the blog roll on AR. “Time to buy now”, “Best time to buy is now”, “5 Reasons to Buy Now”, etc. is hitting you on the head again and again and again.
Interestingly, I have never seen anything like “Don’t rush with your purchase", “Ten Reasons Why to Buy Later”, etc. So far it is only about the best time to buy and this time is always today.
So, why is that?
The rate is exceptional…
Prices are great...
Inventory is still good
Buy today, or you might … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Daytona Beach Shores. A Glimpse at The Condo Market - 04/01/12 02:02 PM
Daytona Beach Shores. A glimpse of the condo market.
There are 256 condominium units for sale in Daytona Beach Shores as of April 1, 2012 starting from $69,900 and going all the way to $1,200,000.
13 condominium units out of 254 are 1 bdr unit starting from $104,900 900 to $229,000.
109 condominiums are 2 bedroom units starting from $69,900 900 and the highest price is $599,900.
127 units are 3 bedroom condos starting from $189,900 to $1,200,000.
And there are 7 condominiums with 4 bedrooms starting from $369,900 to  $999,000.

I actually do not know how many condominium units … (0 comments)

jon zolsky: Unencumbered Mind - 04/01/12 02:24 AM
It was very long ago, when my son was 3 years old. We were vacationing in my favorite place on the Black Sea – Sukhumi. They have a monkey medical research facility, which was created to find cure to diseases.
They worked with chimps, our closest relatives in animal world, but eventually part of their territory became a visitor park, and people would go there to look at different monkeys, and have a guided tour of this very large property.
They had monkeys from all over the world, different ones, not only the chimps. They had tiny ones and all … (19 comments)

jon zolsky: How Do You Like Real Estate Hollywood Style? - 03/31/12 03:00 PM
DIY And Similar TV Shows
There are a few good shows out there showing remodeling of homes and condos, and also kitchens and baths. In my opinion the common result of these shows is that people finally have a chance to see, hear and understand the complexity of what is involved in remodeling, or whatever is there, and start understanding that not only it requires more than eagerness and two clumsy hands, but that it requires a good contractor, not just any contractor.
When you watch the show and see the problems with a house, caused by a professional (a … (6 comments)

jon zolsky: The Art & Heart of Condo Living - 03/25/12 11:06 AM
A couple in their early retirement years leaves cold Michigan and moves to warm and welcoming Daytona Beach. They are downsizing, they sold their big home and bought a 2 bdr modest condo right on the beach, and they enjoy a nice ocean view from their balcony. The condo has “no pets” policy, and it is fine with the couple. They had dogs in their home in Michigan, but there was a large yard and dogs could roam it and they did not bother anybody. It is different in a smaller condo on the 17th floor. 
15 years of living … (19 comments)

jon zolsky: Entrepreneurial Spirit License - 03/20/12 01:02 AM
There is so much sung about American Entrepreneurial spirit. So much, that you start suspecting that something is not right here…
We tend to speak with great aspiration and admiration about things that we often do not have. The childhood in the 50s, when kids were roaming outside most of the day, and parents did not have to watch us like hawks…
The time when we could make a few bucks selling lemonade at the road stand…
The time when entrepreneurial spirit meant doing something…
Seems that we are now so regulated, that freedom comes with a big dent. It is … (30 comments)

jon zolsky: Frozen Future - 03/14/12 02:21 PM
We finally closed a short sale, which I did not think we would ever be able to close. SunTrust Bank. The property is a lakefront lot. Mortgage is $216K. It was supposed to be an affluent gated subdivision, but just a few homes have been built…
It is like a frozen future. You can already see it, but it is not yet there. A land of opportunity. The problem is that there are too many opportunities lots for sale there. And about $200 a month HOA fees do not help either.
There were no takers at $49K. The first offer … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Too Clever To Be President? - 03/07/12 02:24 PM
I ran into the blog post by Satar Naghshineh There goes CRAZY Ron Paul again saying CRAZY things in 2002!  Watched this fascinated video, and decided to reblog, and turned out it was “Members only” and I could not reblog. Hence this post… There is nothing easier in the world than making predictions. And for longer period they are, the easier. People hardly remember what you were saying yesterday, left alone what you were saying years ago. Life is changing so fast, and political life is not an exception. If somebody have told me that the country would be making such … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Video Blogging ... New Fancy-Shmancy? - 03/06/12 09:19 AM
Video blogs on AR. Do you really follow them?
I usually don't. For me it is often such a waste of time...
I would only click if this is someone I know and expect to be captivating/entertaining, or something so short, that it would not eat a lot of my time.
I ran into a video blog by Matthias Allred What is a credit report and what are the credit scores that are available to me?
I watched a few of his blogs before as well, and. Actually, Matthias does a good job. It is a well narrated video, good … (14 comments)

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