jon zolsky: The Point of Million Points - 03/04/12 03:48 AM
Clicked "My Home" and noticed that I crossed 1,000,000 AR points mark. A long, exhaustive and exhilarating journey.
I first created a profile on AR in February 2007, but then forgot about it and came back in September 2007.
For me it was an excellent source of information. I quickly figured that it is better than any classes. It still is.
I did not expect any business form AR. I did not do much in terms of real estate. I wrote about everything, even real estate, but very little in terms of market reports, or localism posts.
After two years I … (90 comments)

jon zolsky: So That Nothing Happened... - 03/02/12 03:47 PM
Recently I read an interview (in Russian) with a Soviet/Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. It was published in Seagull Magazine back in January 2011, but I only read it a few days ago.
The interview was timed to 50th anniversary of the publication of the poem “Babiy Yar”, which became one of the most important events in the post war literary history of the Soviet Union.
I posted A Monument To My Grandmother…, a very difficult post for me to write. I suggest you read it first, as otherwise you may not really understand this post. Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko was shocked … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: A Monument To My Grandmother… - 02/29/12 01:15 PM
51 years ago a Russian/Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko published a poem “Babiy Yar”.
I am convinced that no other poem in the Soviet Union/Russia had the same effect as Babiy Yar.  Ever…
It was like a nuke exploded in the Soviet Union. For so many people it was a breath of fresh air, a word of truth said in the empire of lie. For many others it was what a red cloth is to the enraged bull…
No, I do not think that this is the best poem ever written in Russian… but this poem stands out not on its … (19 comments)

jon zolsky: Condo-Hotel Market in Daytona Beach Area - 02/26/12 03:57 PM
Condo-Hotel Market in Daytona Beach Area
First and foremost – the inventory is shrinking. Lately it was shrinking slower, but it is normal due to our seasonal activity, which slows down in winter. Late spring is when it really starts warming up, even though it seems we have early start this year, as we are getting unseasonably busy.
So what do we have? Well, we have 151 condo-hotel units for sale in greater Daytona Beach Area.
3 years ago at high point we had 366 units for sale. Going to 151 is a huge drop, and it is reminding me of … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: What We Can And What We Can't - 02/26/12 02:49 PM
Quite some time ago I ran into an AR Member from South Florida, who was posting wonderful blog posts, and the only problem with it was that he used to copy the content from Miami Herald and paste it into his blog, and, of course, there was no attribution, nothing.
Well, attribution in this case is just an ethical point, it is not a legal one, and it does not mean that once you attribute it to the author and link to the source, everything becomes fine...
It does not.
The member took critique very personally and turned nasty, declaring … (13 comments)

jon zolsky: Do You Really Know? - 02/26/12 01:37 PM
This is the Internet era. When we sit at the computer, who is the smartest, the fastest, simply the best?
We are....
We can get information by a single click, we can find anything and it means we know everything.
Is the ultimate knowledge a click away?
People walk into our office and ask a question, and rush away with the answer avoiding a conversation. 
«I only need the price» or «I only need to know what the Association fee is» or for condo-hotels "what is the split between the rental company and the owner", or something else. Always bits and pieces … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: if You Do Not Know What You Are Doing, Don't Do It. - 02/19/12 11:40 AM

My client wants to privately rent his friend's unit in a condo-hotel to a lady in a wheel chair. Fine, but she has two small dogs, and the resort has “no pets” policy. So, the Front Desk said “no”.
The lady stayed in this resort last year, and there was a problem with her, and she was told to stay away.
I am not involved in the whole thing, but my client is asking my advice, and I suggested he stays out of trouble. He said “sure” and kept digging deeper…
Next day he told me that the lady’s … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Commissions... What is Fair? - 02/18/12 03:51 PM
Tammy White posted How Does A Real Estate Agent Get Paid? She posted it a week ago, I wanted to react, and did not do it immediately, but it stuck in my memory and I was thinking about it. It is a good post, it is featured and there are many comments. I agree with Tammie, and her post made me thing abut commissions, but it is not a rebuttal. I know that the question of commissions always comes at listing appointments, and agents have to handle them. As predominantly buyer broker, I am not doing listing presentations, so I am … (32 comments)

jon zolsky: Wow! My Midnight Is Now 3 AM - 02/17/12 01:17 PM
Wow, I was rushing to post comments before the minute hand passes midnight, and my comment came right at 12:00. I wanted to see if it still made in or it went to a new day, and to my surprise saw, that the time stamp shows 9 PM. How come? It is midnight, and the stamp is 9 PM?
And then I remembered that AR moved to new servers, and judging by the time stamp they are not on the East coast, but on the West coast, which how it was a couple of years ago.
What it means is … (40 comments)

jon zolsky: Throwing a Bone To the Seller - 02/12/12 01:57 PM
Can There Be Too Much Knowledge?
I have received several offers for a condo-hotel unit in Plaza Resort & Spa. This is the largest studio floor plan, priced reasonably at $103,500. Next comparable unit in the resort of similar set up and size is $159,000.
It would be easy to assume that I have the price wrong, based on the consistent uniformity of the offers, but I would stubbornly say “nay”. Why? Because I know… Because I work with investors, and run into it often enough…
With rare exception the offers are $62K and $67K. Interestingly, at the same time … (2 comments)

jon zolsky: After Spring Comes Winter... - 02/10/12 12:23 PM
Something is freaking wrong with the climate. And as if global warming was not enough, now we are witnessing a very weird natural unnatural phenomenon. After Spring comes Winter...
I am watching TV and for a few days they are talking about Americans, that Egypt is not letting go, and taking them to court...
What is the crime? They were doing what they were doing for years, promoting democracy. One of them is the son of Transportation Secretary Sam LaHood, who was the head of International Republican Institute (IRI, for short, is a democracy promotion organization that operates in some … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Land of Lamborghinis and Ferraris - 02/04/12 02:55 AM
Land of Lamborghinis and Ferraris There are people working at sewer plants. They are good people. Good people in the world are cleaning the poop, collecting garbage, working in funeral homes…. Did they really grow up dreaming about cleaning the poop?
What were their dreams? What were their goals?
Have they failed in life?
Imagine that we all live our dreams. Imagine land of Lamborghinis and Ferraris…no Hondas and Toyotas… Land of Chris Ruth Steakhouses and no Burger Kings or McDonald’s…
Imagine boring life in Mar a Lagos of the world… with nobody to clean the poop…
Life is … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: My Old AR Friends - 01/29/12 03:50 PM
Suzanne McLaughlin posted I Said Goodbye Today to a Lot of Old Friends.... Excellent blog. She made me think about those who I subscribed to in my time on AR.She inspired me to write this blog post. I have less than half of Suzanne’s number of members, who I subscribed to. When I go to AR, I am looking at dashboard first and comment on blogs that caught my attention. When the dashboard is just listings and market reports, then I turn to my subscription list and read and comment on the posts.
And yes, on my list the "oldest" post … (24 comments)

jon zolsky: Real Estate Hypertension... - 01/29/12 03:44 PM

Real estate is not really a risky and dangerous occupation. But agents in Real Estate can suffer from certain illnesses. Some of them are the same, as in any other occupation, but some of them are real estate specific.
The trouble doctors have diagnosing them is that while they have the same common name, the anamnesis is different.
Take for example HYPERTENSION. In the rest of the world it describes high blood pressure.
Specifically to real estate it means too much tension because of too much hype…
The cure? Less hype, less tension.
It works..

jon zolsky: Healthy Food... What The Heck Is It? - 01/26/12 05:42 PM
I ran into Cheryl Dickson’s blog post I'm FAST, EASY, and CHEAP! It is a colorful blog that attracted a lot of people to comment. It is about what we eat and how we eat. “We should try to consume our food in at least 6 sessions, of eating smaller portions, instead of 3 larger meals.
Eat a healthy NUTRITIOUS breakfast. Prepare or choose a HEALTHY Lunch In the EARLY evening have a HEALTHY home cooked supper or CHOOSE WISELY when dining out. Choose a couple of healthy snacks. Drink more WATER, less pop, alcohol, and caffeine. Eating Healthy...It must be … (28 comments)

jon zolsky: Oi -- Sejam Bem Vindos! - 01/24/12 12:51 PM
Once upon a time there was energy crisis. Actually, there were 2 energy crises: one in 1973 caused by the embargo of OAPEC, and the other caused by Iranian Revolution.
That was the time when there were long lines at gas stations, and prices soared. The crisis came as a warning, that you better have your own sources of energy, and not depend on “friends” in Middle East. That this is how one can choke even the most powerful country in the world.
It is like a valve. You can open it, you can shut it, or keep dripping. And it … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Crying Wolf - 01/23/12 04:21 PM
Once upon a time there was a listing. Price for this 3 bdr /3 bath oceanview condo in Daytona Beach Shores was very good, and I rushed to call the listing office for the showing instructions.
There was a slight hesitation, and then I got the listing agent on the other line. And we know each other.
- Jon, it is actually not for sale at this particular moment…
I was puzzled. It is on MLS as active, so what is the deal? Well, the seller has a much more expensive piece of property in South Florida, and he is … (22 comments)

jon zolsky: Can't Trust MLS - 01/22/12 03:30 PM
There was plenty said about abusing MLS, but this keeps happening. A couple of days ago I was preparing for a market report. And in “active” I noticed 4 listings for the same condo unit, all listed on the same day.
It was already nearly a week ago, so if that was a mistake at posting, the agent had more than enough time to correct.
I avoided saying "identical listing", as there is a difference. In two listings the description, which is quite minimal, mentions a hot tub, and on two others it doesn’t. Well, anyway, it is not a unit … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Knock, Knock, Knock... - Who Is This? - Open The Door. This is Internet - 01/22/12 03:45 AM
Gary Coles posted Get Connected in the Rain It is an interesting post about Active Rain. But what surprised me was that Gary transitions from Active Rain connections to telephone conversations, and for him it is still within Active Rain, and it is not so for me.
To an extent I am surprised that we never really embraced the medium – Internet the way it is designed. Internet is the connection. It is not a step to go to another medium – phone. It is its own world with its own rules. Seeing it as a bridge to a physical personal … (13 comments)

jon zolsky: Castrato Comandante? - 01/21/12 06:27 PM

There is always a bigstory, and there is always a little story. When I look at what happened to this cruise ship, Costa Concordia, I know that there are so many sides to a big story, there is investigation, there are reports, there are versions, there will be interrogations, court, punishment, lawsuits…
And there is always a little story… I think this 25-y.o. Moldavian ballerina and another brunette might probably be this little story that first made a hole in this 52-y.o. captain’s brain, and this, in turn, brought to a hole in the cruise liner…
They say the industry … (3 comments)

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