jon zolsky: How To … - 01/07/12 02:28 PM
I often run into blogs with titles starting with “How to…”. I must admit that AR proved to be an excellent resource. Just remember posts by Brad Andersohn, Katerina Gasset, Craig Daniels and so many others.
Along with those, there are blogs with “How to…” in the title, but when you click, all you get is just general BS about planning what you are going to do, buying the right stuff, using only the right ingredients, and hire professionals.
But not what they claim in the title. So, if the title is “How to paint a house”, do not expect … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Crossing Borders Back & Forth... - 01/01/12 08:32 PM
Our friends came to visit us from New York. They asked us where we met last New Year. I knew that we were home, and told them we met a New Year with my wife.
Then my wife said we had her friend with us, then it turned out our daughter's family was with us as well... And don't even ask me about any previous year...
So, this year we made it the most memorable New Year celebration. We went to Disney World. Tried to make it early, as the parks are closed when they reached it capacity. We made it … (11 comments)

jon zolsky: 3 Bdr Oceanfront Condos in Daytona Beach Shores... - 12/30/11 04:56 PM
Daytona Beach Shores 3 bedroom condos on the ocean start at $190,000. There are only two 3 bdr condos for sale for less than $200K. Not a big number by any stretch.
Lowest priced 3 bedroom unit sold in Daytona Beach Shores in 2011 was a unit in Sea Fern ($114,500), but still only 3 units were sold for under $200K.
In 2010 there were fewer units sold, but the lowest priced oceanfront unit was $200K.
This is not surprising that we see more activity in the 2 bedroom segment, than in 3 bedroom, but the gap is not wide and … (1 comments)

jon zolsky: Time To Wise Up... - 12/29/11 12:10 PM
Here is the situation.
You get a $100,000 mortgage and buy a nice house. Five years down the road the house is worth 3 times more. You want to sell it and pocket quite some change. You find a buyer, and contact your Lender for the payoff amount.
And the bank gives you the payoff amount, which is $50,000 more than what you thought you owe them. You call them and ask about it, and they tell you that this is because the value has increased.
They explain that you stand to make a significant profit from the sale … (15 comments)

jon zolsky: What A View!!! - 12/29/11 06:36 AM
I am surfing the dashboard and I see the blog about a neighborhood in the area of the city I was thinking about. It is not in my State. I have never been there, but I heard that this is a great place to retire, and this thought is sitting in the back of my head.
I know that it is a large city, and I am glad I can learn about the neighborhoods there. Especially, because the agent says it is one of those that he likes most.
So, I am clicking and going to the blog post only to find … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: South, Which Is Called West - 12/25/11 03:23 PM
Actually this is true. Key West is southernmost point in Continental US, not western, but this is how it is called, so be it.d 
I have done my fair share of pictures of sunrises and sunsets in Daytona, but I never had a chance to see the sun sinking in the ocean or the Gulf. In Daytona we have Atlantic, and it is east. So while I can get the sunrises, I can’t do sunsets. And that’s when it is so beautiful.

I finally got my chance a few days ago when we took a trip from Islamorada, … (24 comments)

jon zolsky: A Break From Paradise - 12/25/11 10:11 AM
I do not know why, but in 15 years in Florida, we never made it to the Florida Keys. I was 3 times in US Virgin Islands, which is way farther, but never got past Miami on the way to the Keys.
I consider myself living in Paradise. But humans are very strange creatures, and sometimes they need to get away even from Paradise.

A week in the Keys was my away from the Paradise, a wonderful tranquil experience. Keys have something from the Caribbean, something from Florida… Of course, when we were visiting local “beaches”, we laughed.
Beaches … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Merry Christmas from Islamorada - 12/24/11 01:10 PM
 Our friends from Connecticut called us and said they were planning a vacation for Christmas week. I was thinking of going to Florida Keys for some time and I thought it was a golden opportunity.
But our friends preferred a cruise, so that they can enjoy a week with no cooking or any other chores. I went on a cruise once, it was an excellent ship, food was to die for, but besides that I did not like it at all, and the idea of spending a week in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere called ocean, makes … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: ONE "UNIQUE" IDEA - 12/23/11 04:06 PM
David, our friends’ son, bought this condo in Ossining (with the view of Hudson River and the infamous prison Sing-Sing), loved his unit but hated the idea that someone would come and take a unit above him.
Being a music fan (and who isn’t?), he came with a rather “unique” idea to make this second floor unit unattractive to buyers. He would turn his amplifier all the way, and that was supposed to be a deterrent to potential buyers.
Insulation wasn’t the best in the world, and I am sure that the music was sure heard in that second floor unit.

jon zolsky: When It Hits Home... - 12/18/11 03:48 PM
Growing in the Soviet Union, one theme that was constant through our lives: it was fighting for peace. Constant shortages and long lines to buy anything were because we had to fight for peace in the world and that was costly. Living in three room apartment with one bathroom and one kitchen housing 3 unrelated families was common, and we could not do better because of the cost to fight for peace in the world…
Of course, it was America and the West, who made us live with tightened belts.
When you are in America, and, actually, can say whatever you … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: Can You Hear Me Now? Can You Hear Me Ever? - 12/16/11 04:49 PM
We have a tricky situation with the property we bought for our investor at the foreclosure auction. I turn to a couple of attorneys I know, and they both recommend an attorney dealing with tenant/landlord issues.
Calling him and not catching him in the office. I know that it is easier to just stop by his office and see if he is there. I am lucky, he is there. I grab my note with 13 questions and go. I tell him I need a consultation and I would pay for it. He says he can spend some time now, and we … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Anybody Managing Paradise? - 12/15/11 02:43 AM
I am working with a client on a short sale of a piece of land. They bought this lakefront half-acre lot at the height of the market for $220K, but since then her husband died, and she is loosing every property they bought. We are negotiating an offer for 13% of that.
At one point I asked her about her primary residence, as I knew she stopped making mortgage payments. She said she was not interested to keep it, as there were repairs needed and she did not want to deal with it. Hmm, the house is 15 years old, … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: How To Make Wrong Right? - 12/14/11 05:56 PM
 After coming to US, we learned about Food Stamps. We were supposed to receive them right away, but our 4-member family waited for 2 months... We ran out of money 2 weeks after landing at JFK, and had to severely cut on food for a few weeks, before my son got a dream job in a local supermarket in the Bronx.
He was paid little money, but he was getting tips from older ladies whom he was helping with the carts to their apartments. This put food on our table, and things were only getting better from that moment on. But … (29 comments)

jon zolsky: See You In Court... - 12/13/11 05:01 PM
I was at the County Court today. It is in DeLand, a small quaint town, our county seat… It was a tax Deed sale auction, and there were a few properties that were of interest to my investors.
The hall, where they conduct the sales, was packed. Besides the seats at the table, people were sitting on the floor and standing along the walls.
I know about half of the faces there, We see each other pretty often, even though I am not the one who goes there regularly. I only go when there is something of interest, and when … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: What Is Real Estate? - 12/13/11 02:48 PM
I often read in the descriptions that an agent is offering to work with investors.
Of course, I understand that “investors” is a very loosely defined term. Basically, because a home is often "the biggest investment in our lifetime", everybody buying real estate automatically is an “Investor”.
Well, in that case we all work with “investors”.
There is a category of people who get through the State test, and get a license… and then either never work in Real Estate, or enthusiastically start working on their first cool million and then fade out to the nearest Wal-Mart with guaranteed … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: Amendment to First Amendment - 12/12/11 01:24 PM
Does it bother you that on the one hand we are proud of having free speech, and we are ready to die for it, and on the other hand we are afraid to open our mouth so that we are not get sued?
Do you know that in many other countries the government can’t take children from parents because somebody called the authorities, even if you spank them good?
If we compare it to Real Estate, don’t you think that we live in a country with more and more restrictive HOA rules and regulations?
The country that not only … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: Too Many Binoculars - 12/10/11 05:57 PM
I was on my computer and did not pay much attention to TV news, and then just heard that somebody came from one state to another to fight the nativity scene in the front yard.   It reminded me that Russian story of a guy who called the authorities and complained that he couldn’t sleep because of his neighbor sex habits.   Curious police came. They came to the window and did not see anything. - You are not gonna see it from here, get on this chest, then lean so that you can see that building down there on the … (31 comments)

jon zolsky: RealEstate.Com…. Déjà Vu, Or Better Than Sliced Bread? - 12/10/11 09:45 AM
As we all know, Market Leader shelled $8.25 Mil to buy this domain: I wrote about in Gold Rush I am curious, and it means I have questions… quite a few of them. I ran into several posts about after those written by Niki and Bob Stewart. Comments on Niki’s and Bob’s posts are different from comments on other posts (including mine). They are less confrontational. Other blogs pretty much are all negative, and plain angry. Does this mean that “buying” a city is a bad idea? Maybe. At the same time there are several members who … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Gold Rush - 12/09/11 02:13 PM
There is a lot of buzz on AR about The guys are actively selling the ownership of a whole city. Sounds enticing.
So, I am on
I type “Daytona Beach”. Then in property type I pick “Condo/ Townhouse”
18 results. 5 of those are condo-hotels, which is a very different animal.
4 are not in Daytona Beach, but in Daytona Beach Shores, and 1 in South Daytona, which is clearly stated in the address.
So far we have 8 out of 18, which are actually in Daytona Beach, and are condos/townhouses.
Daytona MLS shows 225 condos/townhouses in Daytona Beach … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: What Is The Language Of Your Business? - 12/07/11 09:38 AM
Two Russians on Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The car stops and the driver asks for directions. Two Russians do not speak English, so frustrated driver leaves.
One Russian to another:
- Everybody say «English... English, you need to learn English...»... Did his perfect English help him?
I read a featured blog today, and remembered this story.
What is the language of our business? Do the parties speak the same business language?
The post is about the lockboxes, and the author's refusal to give the code to an investor, who was standing outside and wanted to see the property right away.
The … (8 comments)

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