marina grande daytona: When Know All Means Know Little - 02/27/13 03:41 PM
Somebody said that the worst customers to deal with are Real Estate agents and brokers. It is difficult to argue with it. Too many supporting examples…
It started, probably, 3 years ago. We watched what was happening in Marina Grande on the Halifax, these gorgeous two 25-story towers, which popped up on the Intracoastal at the peak of the market. And it nosedived…
Out of few units sold in South Tower belonged to a real estate broker, who was delinquent with her mortgage. We were doing several short sales in the building, and we knew the issues with selling there, … (7 comments)

marina grande daytona: Have You Really Missed the Boat? - 08/14/11 10:16 AM
Have you really missed the boat and is it too late to buy a condo in Daytona at great price?
The prices in Daytona condo market started stabilizing in the second half of 2010, they are still all over the place, but inventory is lower, fewer choices and in general lower priced units go fast.
We are also down with unsold inventory by a developer except for MG on the Halifax (former Marina Grande on the Halifax) in Holly Hill, and Opus Condominiums in Daytona Beach Shores. Of course, whoever bought units at low prices, are not in distress and will not … (6 comments)

marina grande daytona: MG on the Halifax. A $6 Mil Addition - 04/21/11 03:43 AM
April 13 was the Groundbreaking for MG (Marina Grande) on the Halifax. I did not expect such a crowd, and it was the first time when I could not park in the first row of the garage. Sort of gives the feel of how it will be when people actually live there.
The newspaper reported that that the crowd was about 250 guests. I did not count, but it sounds about right. Officials, all Holly Hill City Commissioners and the mayor of Holly Hill, many other people who I do not know, and a sizable group of real estate agents.
After … (3 comments)

marina grande daytona: Bold Face of Chutzpah - 04/12/11 04:19 PM
Today was the groundbreaking at MG on the Halifax, better known as Marina Grande on the Halifax, a 972-unit planned condominium development on Halifax River in Holly Hill, Fl.
The front man (and the man for beating if the venture fails – LOL) is Brett Dill, President of Swerdlow Group, which was involved in the initial stage of this development before partying ways with Boca Developers. He is also a managing partner of the new joint Venture.
In the economy which is largely scaled back, Brett's instincts tell him that this is the time for bold moves. And bold he moves.

marina grande daytona: New Models Open at MG on the Halifax - 04/11/11 08:31 PM
The phone rings and the guy on the other end of the receiver tells me that when he Google Marina Grande on the Halifax, I was «all over the place, so he called me. By virtue of being the only Real Estate agent writing blogs about Marina Grande (or MG on t he Halifax, as it is called now) for years they find me on the first page of Google.
Now, that there are new owners, and there is a team of sales people, it is no longer a place where nobody would give any information about anything. The best answer was … (12 comments)

marina grande daytona: Building Bridges Takes Longer Than Burning Them - 03/30/11 06:26 PM
Exactly 2 years ago today I received the following e-mail from the owner of a condo unit in MG on the Halifax (then Marina Grande on the Halifax) in Holly Hill, FL:
«I may be hurting myself in the future, but stay away from this place.  Plenty of lawsuits in progress, and Momentis are as big if not bigger liars than Boca Developers.  We are being ripped off on Maintenance fees, they are not delivering services, they can't/won't/don't even heat the pool.  They have been promising to settle liens since last August and nothing.  None of the security features work and … (18 comments)

marina grande daytona: Perpetuum Mobile... Sort Of... - 03/28/11 03:56 PM
 uniqueness of the situation was that in MG on the Halifax in Holly Hill there were no sales at all for a couple of years at least, so there were no comparables.
And there are no real comparables to MG on the Halifax. It is a different animal. If it were on the Beach, and not on the Intracoastal, it could have been the most prestigious condo development in the area. The ocean still dominates the tastes and priorities for vacationers, but much less for locals. With practically all buyers being out-of-state, being on the ocean is the advantage...
But the … (4 comments)

marina grande daytona: The Prince and Cinderella. Modern Day Tale - 03/20/11 05:33 AM
I never met Brett Dill, President of Swerdlow Group, but time from time exchanged e-mails, or, better say, Brett always responded when I would ask him a question. And this earns him the highest mark in my book. I am so tired of all those big secretive bosses in companies like Momentis Property Group, or Cerberus, the previous owners of Marina Grande (can't get used to this new circumcised name «MG on the Halifax») who never returned calls or responded to e-mails.
When I asked if we could meet, he told me when he was going to be in town. And … (8 comments)

marina grande daytona: To the Owners of Condos in MG on the Halifax - 03/18/11 06:10 PM
MG on the Halifax (formerly Marina Grande on the Halifax) got a new owner. It is great news for the development. Finally there are people who take the fate of this development to heart, who are there not just to flip the units and walk away with money, but who have the vision, and who would see to it that the other 2 towers are built, and all the amenities as per initial plan are there. After all t he uncertainty, we now know that this beautiful complex will not be circumcised like so many other projects in Florida, that succumbed … (13 comments)

marina grande daytona: Marina Grande on the Halifax is now MG on the Halifax. New Name, New Hopes - 03/06/11 03:56 PM
I wrote about the sale of 414 unsold units out of 486 total in two 25-story towers on the Intracoastal in Holly Hill (Is He a Genius or Just Lucky?). The new owners changed the name from Marina Grande on the Halifax to MG on the Halifax. I have no idea why they would change a great name to something that requires deciphering, but they did it, so it is now MG, love it or hate it.
They bought the unsold units, as well as commercial space, garage… They also own land north of existing two towers, which were planned for … (12 comments)

marina grande daytona: Prince Is Back...It's Been A Long Wait - 02/16/11 02:28 AM
I left for vacation in Dominican Republic on February 9. A couple of days before it I received a call from Derek Catron, staff writer for our News-Journal. He Googled  Marina Grande on the Halifax and saw a series of my blogs about this condo development in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach area.
We chatted about Marina Grande and its chances to rebound considering the fact that there finally was a new owner, and that new owner was the one, who started this project years ago – Swerdlow Group.
I knew that Swerdlow Group was doing due diligence. We were all … (6 comments)

marina grande daytona: Is He a Genius or Just Lucky? - 02/08/11 04:18 PM
It is final. Marina Grande on the Halifax, a 972-unit condo development in a sleepy Holly Hill with two of four Towers already in place, has a new owner, Swerdlow Group. The closing was today
Of all the groups bidding for this property, Swerdlow Group is the best for the future of Marina Grande on the Halifax, as they also own the land directly north of the existing two towers. This means that when the market gets warmer, and when they sell of 414 units, they will continue with two remaining towers.
Swerdlow Group was involved in developing Marina Grande on … (14 comments)

marina grande daytona: Prince Charming with Cash. (Horses are Expensive…) - 01/12/11 03:43 AM
Marina Grande on the Halifax is a Cinderella of the Condo Market in Daytona Beach area waiting for Prince Charming. With only 54 units sold in South Tower, and 10 in North Tower, and only a few buyers actually living there, this half of the projected 972 units in 4 towers of which only 2 have been constructed (486 units) is a ghost place.
Beautiful ghost place.
If there was rating of ghost places, Marina Grande on the Halifax would undoubtedly be in the first 10 in the world.
But do you want to buy a unit in the most prestigious … (8 comments)

marina grande daytona: How Much Does it Cost to Become an Instant Guru? - 01/10/11 07:15 PM
We have a listing in Marina Grande on the Halifax in Daytona Beach Area. It is a short sale. 2 bdr/2 baths unit on the 14th floor was bought in 2007 for $490K. The 25-story tower with 243 units in one and 486 condos in 2 out of 4 built.
It’s been in the works for a long time and had its ups and downs. Already 2 BPOs and one appraisal have been done, case opened, closed, reopened… On Friday comes a phone call. The guy needs to do BPO and is asking about access to the property.
No, no … (12 comments)

marina grande daytona: And Then - Bang! or How a Chiwawa Beat a Rottweiler ... - 11/22/10 03:03 PM
Yesterday I postedWhat We Can See Happening In Marina Grande On The Halifax in Daytona Beach Area.
I ended it with a “Bang!” Something happened that nobody expected. And promised to continue…
Historical part: The GC and a bunch of subcontractors that worked on Marina Grande on the Halifax were not paid, or were not fully paid. General Contractor – Yates & Sons Construction Company - was arguing with Chase for quite some time. They claimed that they were owed over $9 Mil. The Lender squared payments with subcontractors, and the final amount of the Claim of Lien is said to … (11 comments)

marina grande daytona: What We Can See Happening In Marina Grande On The Halifax in Daytona Beach Area - 11/21/10 03:36 PM
I have not written anything about Marina Grande on the Halifax in Holly Hill, a small town in Daytona Beach area, and not because there was no drama there. There was and is plenty of drama there.
It is like a huge iceberg, where we see a tiny piece of it. It is not what you see, it is what you do not see, that kills you. But first let’s talk about what we see:
For a long time there were no sales. And there were 3 sales at Marina Grande on the  Halifax, all REOs, and all went for unbelievably … (6 comments)

marina grande daytona: Marina Grande on the Halifax – Cinderella of the Condo Market - 08/09/10 05:59 PM
I paid my regular visit to Marina Grande on the Halifax to hear same answers to my question “What is happening in Marina Grande on the Halifax”.
And the answer was still “We do not know”
Well, no bad news is good news. However, watching these two gorgeous modern 25-story condo towers staying virtually empty is not what easy to accept.
I again made an attempt to talk to the association manager (and these are the only people on the property since they fired the sales force in February after practically 2 years of inactivity, because they could not fix all … (23 comments)

marina grande daytona: Update on Marina Grande on the Halifax in Holly Hill - 05/19/10 04:33 PM
Marina Grande on the Halifax, this magnificent project with 2 completed 25-story towers is still pretty  much a ghost place with very few owners (64 in two) and a few rentals…
The Lender is still trying to clear the legal mess, so that they can start selling the units and start bringing owners who would pay the Association dues.
I think it is already 2 years since Boca Developers returned the property for Lenders. Initially they had several people sales force on the property and no sales. Then they reduced the sales force to two agents and no sales.
Now there … (10 comments)

marina grande daytona: Biggest Liar In The World - 05/05/10 06:14 PM
I still can't believe that this happened. If someone told me in 2005-2006 that it would be possible to buy a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit in super modern luxurious riverfront Marina Grande on the Halifax in Daytona Beach area for $125,000, I would have openly laughed in their face. Actually I would laugh even if someone suggested $250K, or even $375K...
But it happened, a unit on the 20th floor of the South Tower is for sale now at $125K. This is REO. It was sold in December 2007 for $490,000.
Imagine financing it now if the bank … (12 comments)

marina grande daytona: Marina Grande On The Halifax.... Unchecked Treasure - 04/11/10 04:21 PM
Here is the update on Marina Grande On the Halifax. Initially Swerdlow Group and Boca Developers bought 12 acres with a Shopping Plaza after Publix moved to Ridgewood Ave (US-1) in Holly Hill. They have also purchased the land to the north, so that they could put Towers 3 and 4 there. Actually, it was not just land. There is an garden style apartment complex there.
April 9 I was at the County Court house at the Foreclosure Auction. I knew that the apartment Complex was scheduled for foreclosure sale and the judgment amount was just a bit over $31 Million.

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