oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn, Daytona. Glimpse at December Market - 12/01/15 07:05 AM
Oceanside Inn is undergoing major renovation – replacement of the garage on the north side of the resort. The concrete structure is already in place, but there is still some work and it is highly unlikely it would be finished by the end of the year.
I heard that it is expected to become operational by February, which is a key month for the tourist industry because of the series of races ending with Daytona 500.
13 units for sale starting from $29,900. 2 next priced units are under 40K, and then up.
Of course, whenever there is work done on the property, the … (2 comments)

oceanside inn: How To Successfully Shoot Yourself in the Head… - 11/19/15 08:32 AM
There was a time at Oceanside Inn, when they had quite a few owners defaulting on their payments, and the Association was in dire need of money to stay afloat.
I remember that we contacted those in default, offered to do short sales for them and sold quite a few units bringing new owners, who started paying Association dues, which helped the Association to go through this difficult time.
We have the same Board now. But then they were new directors, eager to make the resort better, to preserve and increase the values… Somehow it is very different now.
Somehow the Board turned hostile … (13 comments)

oceanside inn: I Heard Something Bad… - 11/08/15 10:33 AM
I am dealing with condo-hotels for well over a decade and keep being surprised how things sometimes change.
I was talking to the owner of unit in Fountain Beach Resort a few days ago. He was thinking about buying another unit in some other resort, and we were discussing his options. He mentioned a one-bedroom unit, and I told him that, probably, the there was a terrific condo, the best 1-bedroom unit in any condo-hotel on the market, especially at this price, and he seemed interested and asked me where it was. I told him it was in Oceanside Inn… He became … (8 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn at October Board Meeting - 10/19/15 02:05 PM
There was no Board meeting in Oceanside Inn in 2015 until a meeting in October. We are supposed to, but the one before was the annual meeting in December 2014.
There was a concern that yet another Special Assessment was looming, and the speculation/expectation that the Board was waiting for some definite numbers, which would be announced at the October meeting.
Turned out this was not the case. The Board mentioned another assessment in the future to deal with glass wall, but this was something we all know about.
There is an ongoing major concrete rehab project under way – the garage. The Board … (0 comments)

oceanside inn: Life and... Slow Life in Oceanside Inn. - 06/30/15 06:54 AM
June 30, 2015
In Oceanside Inn the Board meetings seem to be the only time when members get any information regarding the affairs of the Association. Looks like the Board is clueless about transparency. They do not understand that it is not only easy to be transparent in the era of Internet, so that owners are in the loop, but it is also sort of expected...
Some information comes from Randy Goodell, GM of rental Management Company in the forms of informative monthly newsletters, and he provides information about the garage project.
The last letter was that the garage project is moving forward. When … (2 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn, a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores - 06/15/15 01:15 AM
The condo-hotel market in Daytona Beach area is pretty sluggish, but as the saying goes, some are more sluggish than the others.
These more sluggish than others seem to be The Plaza Resort & Spa, and Oceanside Inn.
For some reason, while we read in the newspaper that tourism is up, the County collects significantly more revenue in bed tax, these two condo-hotels are not doing great.
The irony is that they represent two levels of condo-hotels and are leader, or, better, say used to lead in their respective categories. Plaza was one of the best if not the best among higher end and … (0 comments)

oceanside inn: Another Side of Oceanside... A Nice One - 02/04/15 11:40 PM
After reading my other posts about Oceanside Inn, which were critical of the Board actions, I would expect someone to ask whether there is any positive news for Oceanside. We love balance, and we love happy ends.
No problem, We have it all here. I am glad to state that the Front Desk Rental Management Company is very good. SunStream bought the operation and the commercial space on the first floor a few years ago from Integra Resorts.So, they are not just a third party providing rentlas for the owners, but an integral part of Oceanside with vested interest.
A setup, where there … (1 comments)

oceanside inn: Endangered Condo-Hotel Species - 02/04/15 02:38 AM
I wrote about snowbirds that were declared unwanted species in Oceanside Inn, and even though they are, in my opinion, the best owner group in any condo-hotel, seems they are going extinct.
Damn, I wish we had the endangered species list, and have snowbirds protected from legislative rash and executive rush of the Association…
But snowbirds are not the only group that might face the extinction. The other group is owners, who live within the driving distance, i.e. those in Florida, who live within 3-4 hours, and could be coming for weekends.
With 52 weeks in a calendar year one might consider spending … (8 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. October 2012 Market Update - 10/24/12 12:23 AM
Sunday was the last day of Biketoberfest, the smaller version of a bigger biker event, a ten-day bikers' marathon in March.
Biketoberfest is a smaller event, only 4 days, at least this year, as the city is approached about extending it to 10-day event.
Anyway, this year event draw bigger crowd than last year, giving hope of the return of busier times in the future.
One weekend before Biketoberfest Daytona hosted the Wings and Waves Air Show, which was a huge success, and brought couple of hundred thousand spectators to the beach, so both events descending on the beachside Daytona … (6 comments)

oceanside inn: Daytona Beach Shores. Oceanside Inn. July 2012 - 07/07/12 06:02 AM
Oceanside Inn.  1909 South Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118
I like Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. I even have a unit there, so you can call me a proud owner. Not sure about the pride, but Oceanside Inn is on my list of preferred condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area. People here are nice and professional. This is one of the best conversions from a hotel to a condo-hotel.
Oceanside Inn is not overly fancy, but it has what the guest in condo-hotel needs. Which in plain English supposed to mean that the Association Dues cover only what they should cover, and … (4 comments)

oceanside inn: A Deal Is A Deal. Oceanside Inn. Foreclosure Unit. Only $47,900 - 03/27/12 02:33 PM
I received a call earlier today from an agent who sells foreclosures. He told me that tomorrow he is putting on MLS a listing on a double unit in Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. He always calls me when he gets the notice from the Bank, because I sell more condo-hotels in Oceanside than everybody else combined.

This is a double unit on the south side, good view of the pool and the ocean, and exceptional price of $47,900. Look at the list of units in Oceanside Inn. The lowest priced double room on the south side is unit 803 and it is … (13 comments)

oceanside inn: Cheap Shot at Glory - 06/04/11 06:19 PM
I caught this news yesterday, and it did not surprise me that today's front page of News-Journal, our local daily newspaper, started with «Former South Daytona mayor charged with bribery, making false statements».
Besides being a former Mayor, Ronald Clifton is a real estate broker, and has a real estate company Enter Realty in South Daytona, and besides he is the principal of Clifton Management, Inc, the Condo Associations and HOA management company.
They are managing 4 condo-hotels in Daytona Beach Area. When I stopped at one of them today to show a unit to my prospect, the paper was on … (12 comments)

oceanside inn: Can You Recognize a Deal In Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores - 05/30/11 11:08 AM
For a few days already I am getting calls about a unit in Oceanside Inn, a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, which was listed for $27,900. Considered a city view unit (has the view of the ocean as well) is a handicap unit with no kitchenette but much bigger bathroom.
Interestingly, when it was listed for $34,900 just a week ago, I did not get calls, and when they have reduced the price, it has all changed. Was $34,900 a bad price? Absolutely not.
This is not my listing. I showed the unit a couple of times, but no offers. When … (4 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. April Market Snapshot - 04/15/11 02:57 AM
Oceanside Inn. I have an affection for this condo-hotel Resort in Daytona Beach Shores. People here are nice and professional. In my opinion this is an example what you can do from an older rundown hotel from the concept to implementation.
This is James Dion, General Manager of this resort. He works for a company called Integra, which operates several resorts both in Florida (2 of them in Orlando) and in the Caribbean. Integra is running hotel rentals, they operate the Front Desk, so when you walk in the lobby, these are the people that greet you. Oceanside Inn also has a … (8 comments)

oceanside inn: Foreclosure Blues...New Tunes - 03/26/11 05:17 AM
I have not been to the county foreclosure auction for some time, and today there was a very average condo-hotel unit in Fountain Beach Resort in Daytona Beach, and, knowing that nobody ever wanted to deal with condo-hotel units before, and the judgment was under $10K, we thought that we could get our client a bargain.
There was no mortgage; the foreclosure was brought by the Association. Of course, we checked and noticed that there were two years of taxes unpaid (about $1,500 total), and also, that the calculation for  the judgment was done in November, so Association fees plus legal … (4 comments)

oceanside inn: An E-Mail From Sweden - 01/21/11 05:56 PM
This e-mail came today from Sweden, and to my surprise, when I Googled the name, it gave me the name of his wife of girlfriend, telephone and address. Quite surprising. Hence the reason I have changed the name. So, here it goes:
Hello my name is Peter and I am from Sweden.
I have a question about MLS ID: 51329  or other condos at Oceanside Inn.
How many weeks can I have it for myself and how much do I get when the hotel rents it to other people.
First, as the owner, you are not obligated to rent. And … (5 comments)

oceanside inn: 0+0=3 Or How To Understand Listings in Oceanside Inn - Daytona Beach Shores - 01/06/11 07:23 AM
Who said this is a stagnant market? Take, for example, Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. Only 6 units for sale showing on MLS. At one time the number was over 30 units. And this is not the exception. Similar situation with other condo-hotels, but it is for another blog post.
Of all the condo-hotels, Oceanside Inn is the trickiest to understand the records the way they show up in a compact form on MLS. Check the table below. I eliminated some of the fields that are not that important as agent and office numbers, etc.
As for the view, all units … (5 comments)

oceanside inn: What's the Sandcastle's Income? - 10/21/10 07:08 PM
Here is the classic scenario.
A customer walks into our Daytona Beach office and asks us about the condo-hotel units. Because condo-hotel operation involves rentals, the question about income comes naturally.
- What is the income here?
I usually say that if the condo-hotel unit generates enough to cover Association (aka Maintenance) fee and Property taxes, it is already good and is not guaranteed. Some Condo-hotels do better, some do worse, but condo-hotels, at least in Daytona Beach Area, are not income producing properties. Their value is definitely in resale, and rentals only help to offset the expenses. If you get … (18 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn - Daytona Beach Shores Condo-Hotel - 08/22/10 07:32 AM
I have a customer, who wanted to see a few units in Oceanside Inn – a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores.
It is late Sunday morning. There is a line at the  Front Desk. Wet skin all over. Guests in swimsuits, which is purely Floridian. People went to the Beach and the pool to swim for the last time before leaving Daytona Beach Shores, and women are wrapped in towels waist down, and it looks like colorful summer skirts.
This is the end of a very busy season this year, and GM James Dion is on a week’s vacation as … (4 comments)

oceanside inn: Oceanside Inn. Daytona Beach Shores Premier Condo-Hotel. Summer 2010 - 08/07/10 02:17 PM
It is a busy season in greater Daytona area. South Florida is more a winter vacation area, and we are clearly a summer resort.
I am seeing again plenty of “no vacancy” signs, which I have not seen for quite some time. It is especially busy on weekends.
Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores is not the exception, and is rather a rule for them. It is good news for the resort, for unit owners. It is a bit difficult for me, as there is hardly a vacant unit to show. Not even those that are actually for sale, but even … (6 comments)

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