ormond beach: Mother Nature's Wow Factor... - 08/03/13 12:08 PM
This summer in Daytona reminds me of old stories about Daytona weather, when every day in the afternoon there was rain or thunderstorm. Old-timers were saying that because of all the development the pattern has changed and now we have fewer rains... 
Well, not this year. It is raining practically every day. There, probably, were only 2 days without rain in July, but the beauty of living in Florida is that it does not annoy you. You wake up to a sun and blue sky, and when the thunderstorm comes, it is welcomed, it brings cooler air, and it brings water, … (8 comments)

ormond beach: Memorial Day Services in Ormond Beach - 05/30/11 04:49 PM
Memorial Day Services in Ormond Beach 
Rockefeller Gardens – a beautiful riverfront park in front of the Casements, the winter home of John Rockefeller, was a place to hold Memorial Day services today.
It started at 9 AM. Started with the parade, it also included a band concert, a guest speaker, retired colonel who served in Vietnam, and a gun salute. Among the speakers was the mayor of Ormond Beach.
It was a perfect day, warm but not summer hot. The grounds were full of residents who came to honor the fallen heroes.
Here are a … (4 comments)

ormond beach: 89 Oceanfront Condominium in Ormond Beach, Florida - 02/02/11 07:21 PM
89 Oceanfront Condominium is … an oceanfront condominium at 89 South Atlantic Ave in Ormond Beach. I guess it happened when the naming creativity was on vacation. But it is convenient. And easy to remember…
Very good location in prestigious Ormond Beach  just a few buildings south of intersection of Atlantic Ave with Granada Blvd (Rt. 40. This location in Ormond Beach does not require a car. Shopping, banks, restaurants are within walking distance. There are not that many places like that in Daytona Beach area.
This 17-story (no 13th floor, though) building was constructed in 1974 as apartment building. It was converted … (3 comments)

ormond beach: Gaslight Parade in Ormond Beach November 26 - 10/31/10 04:13 PM
The legend has it that after Henry Flagler bought and expanded Hotel Ormond, the managers in 1902 invited a group of automotive enthusiasts to the area. One year later the official auto races started in Ormond Beach. This was the only reliable flat track in the nation, and this beach has seen Olds, Winton, Ford, Chevrolet, Stanley and Packard testing their machines on this beach.
It is a longstanding tradition in Ormond Beach to run a parade starting Friday after the Thanksgiving Day. There are 300 cars taking part in the Gaslight Parade. It starts at 7 PM at The Casements on … (16 comments)

ormond beach: From $1,199,000 To $550,000 For This Direct Intracoastal Home - 06/19/09 07:11 PM
Open house on Saturday for this direct Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Home in Ormond Beach on exclusive John Anderson Dr. This home fell victim to the crisis like so many others.
If asked about it 4 years ago and I would laugh at the idea of these properties going for less than the price of land. Similar lot a bit farther north was sold in September 2006 for $837K.
But this is exactly what happened. This 2,877 SF direct riverfront home was listed in 2007 for $1,199,000. And on Saturday we are running an Open House hoping to get an offer in $500s.

ormond beach: A Confederate Sunday in Ormond Beach - 05/07/09 03:00 PM
I am a bit behind with the calendar, and this event took place already a week and a half ago, but knowing that better late, than never, I am blogging about it now.
This was a perfect Sunday afternoon. Ormond Beach. I never heard about a Confederate Memorial Day, and could not expect it in our politically correct society, but hey, here it was.
The event took place at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery. Actually, this was a 100-year anniversary of the cemetery, and it was fascinated to see and hear Nancy Partridge, a descendant of the cemetery’s land donor.
Activities … (4 comments)

ormond beach: Fortunato Park. Glorious History - 11/30/08 05:24 PM
Fortunato park is located at a very special place.
The riverfront park is across the road from Ormond Heritage Condominiums, where in the times of glory Hotel Ormond was defining the skyline of Ormond Beach for more than a century.
Built in 1887 by Joseph Price and John Anderson, and opened January 1, 1888 as a 75-room hotel, it was two years later bought and expanded to 400-room gorgeous Hotel, by Henry Flagler - his first hotel in Florida.
The managers invited 30 wealthy sportsmen to ride their cars, a novelty at that time, on the hard packed sands on the nearby beach. That's how … (7 comments)

ormond beach: Turkey Rod Run - 11/30/08 02:20 PM
Beginnig of last week, your eye would catch more and more those old beautiful cars, that were able to survive time. They heralded the arrival of the biggest Car show in the nation, the Turkey Run
As everything in life, some cars became famous and sought for, and some didn't. Some are coming with the price tag that makes you scratch your head. But what is the most fascinating, is the love towards those old gorgeous cars, that allowed them to survive and fascinate us.
And what is the better place for that than Daytona's Turkey Run, - the event traditionally tied to … (6 comments)

ormond beach: Voting In Different Worlds - 11/01/08 04:39 PM
Today was the last day of Early Voting, and we decided to try to cast out vote earlier, so that we would not be worrying about it on November 4, and we also expect much longer lines on November 4. The voting is form 7 AM to 7 PM. i was working in the office, and my wife picked me a bit too late, and we showed up at the City Island Library - the early voting place - at 6:40 PM. There was a long line, but we were told that it was moving fast, so we joined the voting … (6 comments)

ormond beach: Sitting On The Fence. How Much Does It Cost? - 09/05/08 08:37 PM
Our office is in the oceanfront condo-hotel, and we are used to people coming to us to get the feel of the market, chat about real estate and life in general...
It often evokes nostalgic accounts of the times when they could buy homes for only that, and condos for only this...It is always a story how they nearly bought a property, but someone did not let them do it; somebody else bought and then sold for so much more and made a lot of money. They were so close.... They were so right, so smart, and should it happen again, they wouldn't let that someone stop them from buying a … (6 comments)

ormond beach: Harbour Village in Ponce Inlet, Florida - 09/03/08 07:01 PM
Harbour Village. 172-acre development with 104 acres that will not be developed, with over a mile of elevated walkways, Harbour Village is the only large development in a quaint town of Ponce Inlet on the southern tip of the Peninsula. There are no bridges to mainland, and all roads end there. No transients, not hotels/motels, just residential areas with restaurants and marinas dotting the Intracoastal shoreline on the Eest, and pristine white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the East. The 721-unit development spans from the Intracoastal to the Atlantic Ocean, consists of several smaller communities:
1. Rivers Edge 6 buildings with garages … (4 comments)

ormond beach: Knowledge. The Blessing or the Curse? - 09/01/08 06:11 PM
We like the phrase Knowledge is Power. It is the Power, but is it always for good or bad? Terrorism in its today's form became possible due to the technological advances, and the Internet, which gives knowledge and guidance. Without the Internet small groups would not be able to survive. It looks like knowledge is used for good or bad depending on who is using it.
However, there are cases, and we may not even know how many, where there is no malicious intent and meanwhile, they may have the most profound affect on the lives of many people, and even nations. They may even change the course … (9 comments)

ormond beach: Tomoka State Park in Ormond, Florida - 08/29/08 04:35 PM
If you are tired of taking I-95 going north to Palm Coast, try Beach Street instead. After a mile of driving along the Intracoastal lined with magnificent riverfront mansions, you veer west and find yourself in a tree line road with branches arching above the roadway, which put you in a shade in the middle of summer heat. It is only 40 MPH speed limit, but it does not bother you. You would not want to drive faster anyway, you may want to drive slower and enjoy the scenery. But what is it on your right hand? Let's stop here and check … (6 comments)

ormond beach: Long Road To a Short Sale Success - 08/23/08 04:27 PM
We got it, we got it, we got it. We finally closed this short sale transaction where the only short thing was the Short sale title.
It started in the fall of last year. The Seller reserved the condo unit in 2003 at so called pre-construction price, closed in 2005 at completion, The intention was to move to Daytona. A young PhD, she was doing marketing for real estate companies advertising in the Eastern Europe, had good success with the companies from Arab Emirates, the money were not an object, life was full of promise. American developers were flirting with  the idea of … (0 comments)

ormond beach: Where Are We Going? - 08/23/08 09:08 AM
I am already used to the fact that every development in the area (and, I think, anywhere in the State of Florida) is met with fierce opposition. "Greedy developers", "corrupted politicians", "save the environment", "Preserve the Beauty" ... this and much more is what angry locals yell at meetings and hearings. I am watching one "victory" after another for a few last years. And each victory pushes us back.
Our population is growing. We are destroying flora and fauna at an unprecedented pace. People are fighting against the high-rises. Adamantly against. However, is this really a problem for the environment? Look at Single … (3 comments)

ormond beach: Fay Is Leaving. Sort Of... - 08/22/08 12:49 PM
Fay, a very slow moving tropical storm, is still here, but it's center is a bit north of us, and there is less wind and rain. After two days at home, we finally get into the car to go to the office. Turn it on, shift the gear to D and the car gets quite a jolt.
Puzzled, trying to put it back into parking, but it does not go back past neutral. So, I sit and wait till it warms up completely, and then move it to "Drive", and start moving. It goes,  but something is wrong with it. It … (4 comments)

ormond beach: Amplifying The Offer - 08/20/08 12:31 PM
With Georgia-Russia conflict, I have not written about real estate for quite some time and feel sort of ashamed. So, this is my exoneration...
When we have the buyer, we put together the best offer we can, have the Buyer signs and dates it and we send it to the Listing agent. Now it is in his/her corner. In situations where the offer is full price or otherwise is a very strong one and I am confident it is accepted on the spot, there is no worry.
Usually, however, my buyers do not want to pay the full price and come up … (4 comments)

ormond beach: Unwelcome Guest Is Here - 08/19/08 03:15 PM
Every summer we brace up for those unwelcome guests. Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Ivan... A lot of destruction, washed away beaches, for many it was lost power in 90-degree heat and humidity, people tired of living without AC, and no fridges working.
This was in 2004.
Now we got Fay. Not a major hurricane, just a named tropical storm.
The governor declared the state of emergency, everyone is ready, schools in the path of the storm are closed, and kids, after just one day in school, are happy that they get a break.
The day started quietly. The storm was battering Brevard … (1 comments)

ormond beach: Happy Birthday, Jason Crouch! - 08/17/08 06:52 AM
Jason Crouch is getting one year older today.
I never met Jason, never spoke to him. I know that he is in Texas, and that he is working Austin area.
What I, however, do know about Jason is that he writes blogs that make sense, and this is not a given in a Social Network of over 100,000 members.
As many other Members on AR, I note when I see his posts. There is always something interesting. Not the posts for quick points. He has his voice and he does not disappoint his followers.
His posts give you the clear idea who … (3 comments)

ormond beach: The Trails Shopping Center - 08/16/08 04:54 PM
The Trails Shopping Center in Ormond Beach is the gateway to the Trails subdivision of 382 residential town homes and single family homes.
This is a refreshing oasis of unique, quality merchandise. There are more fashion temptations here than at the Volusia Mall, which is a Regional Mall in the 3 county area.
Variety of good restaurants to please any taste. The Trails has major national chains like Talbots, Chicos, Coldwater Creek, White House Black Market, Red Square or Ann Taylor Loft, a national menswear store - Joseph Banks
Below is the list of stores and restaurants and working hours.


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