plaza resort: The Plaza Resort & Spa. Annual Meeting. - 03/25/18 08:18 AM
The Plaza Resort & Spa I have wanted to attend a meeting at The Plaza Resort & Spa for years now, but it somehow did not happen until very recently. It was an annual meeting, and you can read about the election here.
Here I would like to pay attention to things happening in The Plaza Resort & Spa, changes that we soon would see in Plaza.
Plaza suffered a serious blow from hurricane Matthew in October 2016. 12 and 14th floor of the tower got a lot of water damage and were out of commission for several months. The front … (0 comments)

plaza resort: Plaza Resort & Spa Today. What a change... - 02/01/18 06:56 AM
The Plaza Resort & Spa in 2017Wow, wow, wow. Haven’t checked Plaza Resort & Spa in 2017 at the very end of the year and can believe how fast things have changed! Only 7 unit for sale in Plaza. I do not remember low inventory like this for a very long time. Actually, I doubt we ever had the inventory this low. It is just a bit over 2% of the total units, which is a very low number.
A year ago there were 24 condo-hotel units for sale at Plaza, and we thought this was a low number.
Should be a sign … (2 comments)

plaza resort: Plaza Resort & Spa And A Little Trouble - 04/21/15 03:36 PM
- It’s a losing battle …
I received this in the email today. The owners of a unit in The Plaza Resort & Spa think “the biggest issue is that room rates are extremely low plus the number of nights rented per month is also low. Add these together and it’s a recipe for a huge ongoing loss. The monthly maintenance fees are high and there is always something extra that is charged to your monthly statement…”
It is difficult do disagree. I do not have the crystal ball and I do not know how the rental management company is operating, that it … (2 comments)

plaza resort: The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach. June 2011 Market Snapshot - 06/12/11 03:49 PM
While I still see people waiting for better deals in The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, I can’t help thinking how resilient they are and how strong their belief in the falling market is. Not that they do not believe me when I am telling them that the prices in the Plaza Resort & Spa are inching up, they keep sticking me newspapers with predictions of another price fallout.

Let’s see what is really happening with prices in the Plaza Resort & Spa. Let’s look 18 months back, at January 9, 2011. In my blog Plaza Resort & … (1 comments)

plaza resort: Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach. April 2011 - 04/27/11 11:51 PM
We often see fluctuation in the market, and it is important to tell a trend from a fluke. I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to notice a few units popping up in The Plaza Resort and Spa, a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach, for very low price. It looked as if the second wave of those crazy deals was coming back.
We put 2 out of three those units under contract, and I was curious whether that was to continue. It did not. The prices are still getting higher in The Plaza, prompting some of my clients to start playing with the idea … (7 comments)

plaza resort: Why Are the Prices All Over? - 01/12/11 05:16 PM
Here's the e-mail I received.
Thank you for the link to IDX, I appreciate that. I am looking at the Plaza Resort and prices for oceanfront studios are all over the board.
 unit 331- $69,500 unit 334 - $98,750 unit 636 - $189,000 unit 734 - $272,000 unit 831 - $359,900
Does the higher floor justify 5 times difference? Thanks,Jerry
What an excellent question.
In 2005 when developer started selling units in Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, the price was based on:
1.      view (city, ocean view, and oceanfront), 2.     size, 3.     floor, where the higher you … (7 comments)

plaza resort: Changes in Plaza Resort & Spa - Daytona Beach Condo-Hotel - 02/19/10 11:40 AM
We have not visited the Plaza Resort & Spa for some time. So, what happened in the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach since we visited it last?
Well, there are quite some changes. Plaza Resort & Spa is a condo-hotel, and it has the condoowners Association. There was an annual meeting of the Association. As I wrote before, this is the Developer's association. They do not run monthly meetings, and they, pretty much do what any hotel would do.
At this annual meeting there was the budget to vote for, and they did. What everyone was waiting for was … (0 comments)

plaza resort: Got A Short Sale Approved In Plaza Resort in Daytona Beach. Need A Buyer ASAP - 06/09/09 06:27 AM
A buyer made an offer on a unit in Plaza Resort. Short sale, long wait. Suddenly another unit pops up, and she makes an offer on it. It is an REO(Foreclosure), so it moves fast. She now tries to sell her other condo-hotel studio in another property here to get the money to buy the first one, and the Short sale gets approved, and the Buyer can't buy. I can try to make a substitute as the Lender is ready.
Very good deal, a South side unit with very good view, light and bright, 372 SF with tiny kitchenette, nice balcony, … (1 comments)

This is now a daily occurrence. I get e-mails or calls from people who are interested in Plaza Resort and Spa, a premier Daytona Beach condo-hotel. They are asking how to buy a unit in Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach. Lets start talking about values.
Prices start from high $40s, nice 4-star resort, and with prices like these it beats any other condo-hotel in the area.
The problem is that my callers think that these prices are the market values in Plaza, and nearly everyone thinks that in this market they can get things for half of the price.

plaza resort: Call Me If Something Pops Up - 05/10/09 06:21 PM
Got a call from a guy who read my blogs about Plaza Resort & Spa and found a listing on and wanted my opinion about the unit. One of the calls, where from the get go you know that the caller is not a buyer.
I think I told him everything I knew about Plaza, answered all the questions. The major point I was making was that if you want a exceptional value in Plaza, you need to be ready to move fast. The longer you hesitate, the less chance that you can get a unit, or get it for … (6 comments)

plaza resort: Plaza Resort & Spa. Spring 2009 - 04/19/09 08:52 AM
Plaza Resort & Spa is undoubtedly one of only few really classy condo-hotels in the area. The resort started the conversion rather late and the developers sold 2/3 of the units when the sales came to a halt. However, they have paid for $70 million renovation, plus they did not transfer the Association from the developers to the owners, and this is convenient for the developers, as their forte is the hotel operation, and having full control of the property is beneficial for them.
Instead of running monthly meetings and deal with all sorts of weird wannabes, they have a 3-member … (6 comments)

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