ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet Condo Market on New Year Eve - 12/31/17 05:39 PM
Last couple of hours before the end of 2017, and it is time to look at the market in general and in specific areas. This statistical data is related to Ponce Inlet Condo Market. To familiarize yourself with Ponce Inlet, follow this link.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in Daytona Beach general area.
This is a glimpse at Ponce Inlet Condo Market. ZIP Code 32127.
For this report we are counting all condo buildings in Harbour Village as one, thus there are total of 27 condominium Buildings in Ponce Inlet with 1,835 condo units.
AreaPonce … (4 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Southpoint Condominium in Ponce Inlet - 10/11/12 11:23 PM
I write mostly about Daytona Beach Shores, where I live. However, there are quite a few condos in the town next to Daytona Beach Shores going south.
It is Ponce Inlet, and because both Atlantic Ave. and Peninsula Drive end at the entrance to the Lighthouse Park and do not go south, this is the quietest place in theh the whole Daytona Beach area, with not a single hotel/motel and only a few businesses like marinas and waterfront resaurants on the Intracoastal.
Trully a quiet residential area, and the best beaches in the area.
Southpoint Condominiums, a 7-story condominium in Ponce … (6 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet. The Links in Harbour Village - 08/06/12 12:56 AM
The Links is gated community, part of Harbour Village.  The Links, located between the Atlantic Avenue and Peninsula Ave., have its own gate.
There are two seven-story cloverleaf-style towers with a circular multi-level garage in the center, allowing you to drive to your floor, and 4 residential wings.

376 two- and three-bedroom condo units total in both towers, with gorgeous views of the ocean, or the river. Each tower has one outdoor and one indoor pool.
North Tower completed in 2003, followed by a South Tower in 2004. Each Tower have their own condo-owners association and their own Board of Directors. Plus … (8 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet, FL. Three-Bedroom Condo Market - 06/03/12 04:58 PM
Three-bedroom condo units are the most common in Ponce Inlet.
There are 48 three-bedroom condominium units for sale in Ponce Inlet on MLS as of today. The prices start from $248,892 for a first floor unit in the Links South Tower, 10 of them for under $300,000.
The highest asking price for a 3 bdr/ 4 baths condo in Harbour Village is listed for $980,000.
At this point there are 7 three-bedroom units under contract with contingent and pending status.

In the first 5 months of 2011 16 three-bedroom condo units were sold in Ponce Inlet. Lowest price paid was $200,000 … (6 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet, FL. Two-Bedroom Condos - 06/03/12 04:05 PM
There are 28 two-bedroom condominium units on MLS as of today in Ponce Inlet, a relatively small town at the southern tip of the Barrier Island.

The prices start from $122,500, and there is even one in Harbour Village for $169,000, which is an excellent price.
The highest asking price for a 2 bdr/ 3 baths condo in Harbour Village is $690,000.
At this point there are 4 two-bedroom units, which are under contract.
Inventory is incredibly low. 2-3 years you could get the same number of units for sale just in two buildings, and today there are … (0 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet, FL. One-Bedroom Condos Market - 06/03/12 03:16 PM
Ponce Inlet is a prestigious small town at the very tip of the Barrier Island. It is south of Daytona Beach Shores. It is a quiet place, no motels/hotels, businesses are marinas and waterfront restaurants. Excellent beach. Dream place to live...

There are two one-bedroom condo units on the market today and they are for $195,000 and $290,000. Considering that they are both in Harbour Village and are pretty similar, the difference in price is quite surprising.
But the fact that there are only 2 one-bedroom condos offered for sale in Ponce Inlet is not surprising. One-bedroom units have … (0 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Ponce Inlet Condos in March 2012 - 03/11/12 04:59 PM
Daytona beach is filled with sounds of Harley Davidsons. It is this time in March when hundreds of thousand of bikers flock to Daytona Beach for their annual Bike Week event.
And while it busy, smelly, bikey and noisy in Daytona Beach, it is perfect time to visit the quietest place in Greater Daytona – Ponce Inlet.
Ponce Inlet is the southern tip of the barrier island. It ends with the Lighthouse Park and the inlet itself. No through roads, no hotels/motels, a quiet residential small town in Paradise.
Of course, during the Bike Week you will see bikers in … (2 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Me And Trump... Or Trump And Me? - 08/26/11 04:09 PM
How «High» is High Rise?
Did you ever ask yourself this question? How high is high rise? Is there a definition of a high rise? I googled, and the king of answering every stupid question out there choked on this one. You can read about tower block, vertical construction and all this, but I could not find a definition of how high is a high rise.
But today I found the answer, thanks for Florida Statutes. There, in Chapter 718.112 (I) (Condominium Law) I ran into this « ...a high rise building, meaning one greater than 75 feet in height.» So, now … (18 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Condos for Sale in Harbour Village, Ponce Inlet - 03/20/11 04:35 PM
This is a market report for condo units in Harbour Village, Ponce Inlet. If you would like to see the prices in the Links, which is part of Harbour Village, check The Links at Harbour Village, Ponce Inlet.
This blog covers condo units in Harbour Village, which are not in The Links. Presently there are 23 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units for sale. Traditionally, in this part of Harbour Village between Peninsula Ave and the Halifax River, where there is a main pool, 142-slip Marina, prices were always a bit higher than in The Links. And if you see the … (0 comments)

ponce inlet condos: The Links at Harbour Village, Ponce Inlet - 03/20/11 03:20 PM
The market is moving. I can say it again and again. I was checking for a client the units there just a few days ago, and 2 condos are already gone. At the same time the prices are pretty good, but do not expect lower prices in the Link. These were the same prices as in January 2010. Who listens, listen.
The Links are two cloverleaf-style 7-story buildings with a circular garage in the middle and 4 wings. Though it is a part of a larger development – Harbour Village, the Links have their own gate. The buildings are surrounded by a … (2 comments)

ponce inlet condos: What Will Be My Tax? - 01/29/11 03:59 PM
The email read: "Could you explain how much would it cost me in taxes if I buy a condo in the Links? I heard that Florida has very high taxes."
You often hear that we have high property taxes in Florida. There is no simple answer here. First, your taxes and Seller’s taxes may be not the same. Taxes are being assessed every year, and they will be based on the purchase price and many other parameters, so I won’t be able to predict the exact amount of taxes.
But we sure can guess, and will be pretty close in our … (16 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Towers Six Condominium in Ponce Inlet - 08/22/10 03:17 PM
Towers Six Condominium in Ponce Inlet was built by Dimucci Development Corporation of Port Orange, a developer of commercial properties in Chicago area since 1935. I am not sure whether the company builds any commercial properties in Central Florida, but it s well know in Volusia County and in Daytona Beach Shores – Ponce Inlet with condos under Towers name.
Nine of them are in Ponce Inlet, a quaint small town on the southern tip of the Peninsula. Perfect place to live or have a vacation home. maybe the best place of all complising greater Daytona area. 
Later the company … (2 comments)

ponce inlet condos: It is a 4th of July Evening In Ponce Inlet. - 07/04/10 04:58 PM
Ponce Inlet is the farthest town from the bustling Daytona Beach, a quiet small town ending at the Lighthouse Park washed by water on three sides. The park is very popular and it is not unusual to have difficult time finding parking by the pavilion.
The sky never fully cleared, but over the ocean toward the horizon there was a blue opening and the sun played with the colors of the clouds changing them from bright white to pink going into light magenta… The soft light of the evening painted the beach in the most unusual color combinations, which were … (16 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Evening in Ponce Inlet - FL - 09/11/09 11:21 AM
Evening in Ponce Inlet - FL is the time of the day I love most.
Ponce Inlet is beautiful at any time of the day. It is gorgeous early in the morning, when the sun just leaves the oceans and catapults into the sky, it is beautiful in the middle of the day, when everything slows down under our generous sun, and it is breathtaking when the cooling sun descends lower and lower, painting the sky in all those strange fiery colors, and making the surf look pink.
I am not an early bird, and usually get to bed just a couple of hours … (5 comments)

ponce inlet condos: The Place Where I Live - 12/20/08 04:06 PM
First time we came to Ponce Inlet - a quaint small town surrounded by water of 3 sides - when we first time came to Florida in 1995. The market was terrible, the signs for sale were on every third home and we got the impression that people were simply trying to run away.
We could not figure how, but figured that if people were leaving, we better keep away. How darn wrong we were! Even in hte market as dramatically low as now those prices are long gone.
It took us nearly a decade to return to Ponce Inlet, this … (4 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Terrific Deal. How Do You Know? - 10/31/08 09:06 AM
There is media, then there are gurus, then there are astrologists, then there are charlatans....All agree that this is a crazy market. This is a wonderful way to say something without meaning anything. I think this is the only state the market can be, always crazy, one day for Buyers, one day for Sellers.
So, how can one know if what we are looking at is a terrific deal, or not?
In a hot market there is a lot of speculation, and people buy for today's high price betting that it would still increase and create a nice cushion for them … (0 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Daytona Beachside Condo Market - 10/14/08 08:04 PM
Daytona Beach area besides different cities (Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill and Ponce Inlet) is divided into Beachside, and... pretty much everything else.
Beachside is a long (23-mile) stretch of the barrier island bordered by Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (Halifax River) and the Atlantic Ocean.
Beachside is a tourist destination in the first place, but not only. It is home to the majority of condominiums in the area. When talking about condos in the area, it is important to distinguish between these distinctly different areas.
I do not know how many condos out of … (0 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Weekend In Ponce Inlet - 09/08/08 03:57 PM
Sunday is the day when I try to make it to the beach. Shouldn't be that difficult as I live across the street from the beach and every morning I rush to the glass sliding balcony door to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic.
Ponce Inlet is a small town of about 3,300 residents on the southern tip of the barrier island. There are no bridges to the mainland, so this is a dead end of two roads going South: Atlantic Ave and Peninsula Dr. No hotels/motels, no industry, a quaint and beautiful small Florida town with gorgeous beaches, nature preserves … (6 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Harbour Village in Ponce Inlet, Florida - 09/03/08 07:01 PM
Harbour Village. 172-acre development with 104 acres that will not be developed, with over a mile of elevated walkways, Harbour Village is the only large development in a quaint town of Ponce Inlet on the southern tip of the Peninsula. There are no bridges to mainland, and all roads end there. No transients, not hotels/motels, just residential areas with restaurants and marinas dotting the Intracoastal shoreline on the Eest, and pristine white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the East. The 721-unit development spans from the Intracoastal to the Atlantic Ocean, consists of several smaller communities:
1. Rivers Edge 6 buildings with garages … (4 comments)

ponce inlet condos: Plans for Marine Lab in Ponce Inlet - 08/22/08 04:09 PM
I live in a small quaint town of Ponce Inlet, the southernmost municipality in the greater Daytona Beach area. The town is on the tip of the island, past the roads to the bridges, so there is not pass through traffic, no hotels, motels... Just miles of wide white sandy beach, dunes, ocean, river, homes and condos, not higher than 7 stories, but even this is history, as you can't build anything higher than 35' in Ponce Inlet.
The businesses in Ponce Inlet are Marinas, and waterfront restaurants. There is a beautiful park at the tip of the peninsula home to the … (0 comments)

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