port orange real estate: Evening on the Intracoastal in Port Orange, FL - 07/12/11 07:25 PM
I was coming to Beachside from Port Orange, one of the nicest cities of Greater Daytona. It is a very popular place to live among locals. Not so much with tourists, as it is mostly on the mainland.
Our daily dose of rain was already over, but the sun did not make it into the clearing, and just gave those awesome highlights to the clouds firing the edges...
I got off Dunlawton Bridge and drove to the north side to see the sunset. On the quiet surface of the river there was a group of young women on paddle boards. … (6 comments)

port orange real estate: 3 Bdr/2 Bath Lakefront Home in Port Orange, Florida - 11/21/10 12:56 PM
Well priced lakefront home in Port Orange.
Known for the quality of life, and great school, Port Orange is the fastest groing city in greater Daytona Beach area.
This 3/2 beautiful lakefront home is fully remodeled. Large arched windows make it light and airy. Part of a small Sun Lake subdivision, it is quiet and safe.
Fully remodeled 3/2 in Port Orange … (3 comments)

port orange real estate: Two Bdr/Two-Bath Condo in Port Orange, FL - 09/25/10 08:29 AM
Back on the market. Short sale. The bank countered at $80 and the buyer walked away. Would be a shame to see this condo going to foreclosure, it is a great place especially because of the best schools in the area.
Second floor two bedroom / two- bath unit in Whispering Woods Condominium in fast growing Port Orange. Complex is just west of I-95, making an easy commute to any location in the county.
Split floor plan with open kitchen and Living/Dining combo. Tile in the Hallway, utility, bathrooms and in the kitchen. Covered assigned parking, spacious screened Patio, Club House … (4 comments)

port orange real estate: Fools' Day... 55-Days Long - 05/08/09 06:14 PM
We recently had a closing of the transaction, that took us on a 55-day far from joy ride full of surprises. The mere fact that we finally closed was a pleasant surprised and was not a given even hours prior to closing.
I wanted to write about it, but I was so boiling, that I just couldn't. Basically, if there could be a problem, we had it. Nothing on the Buyers' side. Mortgage was approved with flying colors, the Lender was highly professional. The whole trouble was with the Seller, the Bank that foreclosed on the property.
Here is a small segment of this closing … (4 comments)

port orange real estate: 4 bedr Beauty in Port Orange, FL - 10/04/08 04:08 PM
This 3-year old waterfront home is in perfect shape and ready for new owners. Dining area with 14'-high ceilings, 12'-high ceilings in Living Room, 9' ceilings in bedrooms.
Located on the prime lakefront lot it has a direct view of the lake with fountain out of Living, Master and Guest rooms. Most popular layout offered by Johnson Group with open floor plan and open kitchen, breakfast nook and formal dining room.
Flex room to the right of the entrance could be used as an office or an extra bedroom. Split bedrooms offer privacy. Large Master Bedroom with walk-in closet, Master Bathroom … (2 comments)

port orange real estate: Daytona Beach Resort. Condo-Hotel Market Snapshot - 06/08/08 04:37 AM
Daytona Beach Resort
2700 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118.
Daytona Beach Resort is one of the largest condo-hotels in the area, if not the largest with its 322 studios and one-bedroom units.
Property that took the longest to convert. If I remember correctly, they started converting in 1999, and they still have a few dozen units unsold.
This is one of the nicest condo-hotels in appearance. Very nice and presentable.
35 units for sale on MLS as of June 8, 2008.
Prices start from $65K for a city view studio, $89,500 for a nice ocean view studio, and all the … (0 comments)

port orange real estate: How You Want To Be Seen? - 06/07/08 08:44 PM
As many others, I sometimes write for Localism. This is something that I expect the customers to read if they are looking for properties in the area. Listings and Market reports go into this category. I mark them as for Customers only and do not place them with any group. Straight to Localism.
However, because they are posts, they are still showing if you click on "Blogs' in navigation. I personally would rather them not. They are intended for clients only, or I would have included them in at least one group. I remember there was a post written in Spanish, and I got … (2 comments)

port orange real estate: Daytona Beach Club Condo-hotel. Market Snapshot - 06/07/08 04:47 PM
Daytona Beach Club is a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach at 800 North Atlantic Ave..

12 units for sale today on MLS with prices for a city view studio starting from $59,000, and a direct oceanfront studio for $75K and all the way to $175K for a one bdr oceanfront unit.
One of only few condo-hotel, where you can claim homestead and live full-time.
Since January 2008 only one direct oceanfront unit sold in the resort for $60K, As in other condo-hotel resorts, there is a serious gap between the asking and the selling prices. Recently the bank sold a foreclosed unit … (4 comments)

port orange real estate: Castaways. Market Snapshot - 06/07/08 04:32 PM
Castaways Resort is a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores.
16 units for sale today on MLS.
Prices for an oceanview studio start from $74,900 and up to $159,900. One of only few condo-hotel, where you can claim homestead and live full-time.
Since January 2008 only one unit sold in the resort, Asking price was $55,000. Sold for $50,000. As in other condo-hotel resorts, there is a serious gap between the asking and the seling price.

Jon Zolsky, Your Daytona Beach connectionswww.BeautifulFlorida.com


port orange real estate: Property Tax in Florida. Part 1. - 05/30/08 11:00 AM
People moving to Florida often complain that the taxes are high. At least the majority of them. Then there are always people who say it is low compared to their place, so we are not the cheapest, but not the most expensive.
However, we need to keep in mind that the State needs money and they get it one way or another. So, if something is much cheaper in other places, the State has the way to get that money imposing some other fees or taxes.
People, who come from the Carolinas brag about their very low property tax, but do … (0 comments)

port orange real estate: NAR Settles With DOJ. Now What? - 05/27/08 05:39 PM
The latest news is that NAR settled with DOJ  (http://www.realtor.org/RMODaily.nsf/pages/News2008052701?OpenDocument)
NAR claims it a victory. Yes, no money to be paid, no wrongdoing to accept.
A lot of brokers would not consider this a win. We are dreaming of the green pastures of the past. The past where we had the exclusive access to the information. Whether you consider this a victory or loss, this is history. Three years to decide how the information is presented on VOW sites, another 90 days to implement, and then what?
After VOW were dead for 3 years, the settlement would allow to perform CPR to revive what has since lost … (8 comments)

port orange real estate: My Good Boy, My Grandson - 05/26/08 05:31 PM
New Page 7 Two weeks after we came to the US from the Soviet Union, my daughter learned that she was pregnant. She brought this news to our hotel room without an AC in 104 F July heat of summer 1991. No money, no food, no English (except for me), no idea what to do and what is ahead. NYANA (New York Association for New Americans) asked her what she wanted to do, and told her that they could help with abortion if she chooses to go that route.
Recently Daniel celebrated his 16th birthday.
He is a good … (12 comments)

port orange real estate: 20 Year Ago Today. Worlds apart - 05/25/08 04:17 PM
It was 20 years ago today. I worked as a military instructor at a local high school. This was mandatory for boys in 9th and 10th grade. 2 hours in class a week, and after the first year at the end of May 10 days of field training with living in the camp (all kids of the school district participated and we used to occupy a school building). This was not a joke. Boys learned AK-47 and could take it apart in half a minute with their eyes closed, they shoot AK-47, learned grenades, dug trenches, knew how to detect and … (15 comments)

port orange real estate: Bigger Than His Own Mind - 05/23/08 06:09 PM
On Fox News on Hannity and Colmes tonight one of the guests was Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal, former professional wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota.
Has 3 years of active duty behind his belt. Big guy, looks very impressive...
Hannity asked him about his conspiracy theories regarding September 11, he started answering and it was painfully pathetic. It was embarrassing...
I do not understand why people like the conspiracy ideas so much. Is it that these people want it to be something even more sinister than it was?
Thousands died, this was more than any movie, and coming with these ridiculous ideas does not … (20 comments)

port orange real estate: The President... And The American Idol - 05/21/08 06:31 PM
I have just turned off the TV after watching the finale of American Idol. David Cook became the American Idol, and I agreed with Simon that it did not really matter who won this year, as both were brilliant.
Of course, after yesterday's Simon's statement to little David "you came here to win, but it was a knockout", I personally thought that David Cook lost. He didn't, and that was fine. No big deal. Well, it depends how you look at it.
It was by 12 million votes that he beat  David Archuleta. I spoke to several compatriots and turned out … (15 comments)

port orange real estate: It Is Not For Me To Judge... - 05/21/08 05:24 PM
After I posted Ted Kennedy Is Fighting For Life. And It Is Not A Bullet... , I have received a number of comments form both Ted Kennedy's admirers and critics. 
I usually respond to each comment, but I couldn't do it this time.
When I wrote this post, I reacted to the news, but I did not know much about this man, his ups and downs, achievements and failures, loves and hatreds. Headlines in the Soviet press were not a trustful source. And even if I knew, it would be an act of incredible arrogance for me to judge him. I am here … (8 comments)

port orange real estate: How Much Chutzpah Is Too Much? - 05/20/08 05:24 PM
Conservationist group returned to court to challenge the administration's effort to help save the polar bears by trying to push the administration to include steps against global warming.
The groups challenging the administration, allege that greenhouse emissions are to blame for rapid melting in the Arctic, which is a threat for polar bears.
Interior Secretary Dirk Kemptthorne rejected the addition of broad global warming issues saying he would not allow the Endangered Species Act to be "misused" to regulate Global Warming changes.
While Global Warming is an issue affecting us, there is no real scientific proof that human activity is the … (0 comments)

port orange real estate: Ted Kennedy Is Fighting For Life. And It Is Not A Bullet... - 05/20/08 04:43 PM
Just got the news that Senator Edward Kennedy was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, specifically a glioma, an especially lethal type.
Senator was taken to the hospital after he suffered a seizure over the weekend, and the doctors  have discovered the tumor.
Some experts give Kennedy less than a year to live. He is the only surviving son of the most famous political family. He never pursued presidency, and this would allow him to die form a tumor, and not a bullet.
He is the Senate's second -longest serving member, he was re-elected in 2006 and is not up for re-election until 2012. … (26 comments)

port orange real estate: Who Cares? This Is Not My Money... - 05/18/08 04:08 PM
My client, a couple from New York, is buying a condo. They liked the unit priced below any other one bdr. unit in the building. On a $230K unit we submit a $200K offer. They counter at $225K. We are trying to figure the trajectory, where we can get it. My guys would be happy to get for $210K, and ready to pay $215K. This is our goal, our magic number.
I am sure the agent representing the Sellers, does the same calculation, and I hope we have the same number in mind.
Ask my clients whether they want to counter … (18 comments)

port orange real estate: It Is Over. Got It Sold - 05/16/08 05:10 PM
I got that Closing yesterday. A small restaurant, the deal was very simple. The Buyer was buying a company, he is from Canada and he is working on his L-1 visa, so he needs a company that was in business for some time.
The agent, who called me, was very knowledgeable, pleasure to work with. The Buyer is not a native Canadian, he speaks English pretty well, but is a bit confused by all the different terminology, transaction details, and business details. He was always accompanied by a young smiling guy, who was translating and explaining things to the Buyer.
Later … (18 comments)

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