south daytona: Golf Carts On The Streets. Why Not? - 03/05/09 01:01 AM
According to New-Jouranl correspondent TAYLOR ASHLEY, SOUTH DAYTONA residnetsw may soon be allowed to use golf carts to drive around the city.
"By this time next year, unless something comes up, we'll have golf carts on the street," City Manager Joe Yarbrough told council members Tuesday night.
A consulting firm hired by the city conducted the study, and based on their recomendations the council members decides to move forward with this proposal to allow golf carts.
Golf carts are eco-friendly electric slow moving vehicles, that are less noisier and cleaner than gas powered vehicles. They need to be recharged regularly, and can go about … (6 comments)

south daytona: Ponce Inlet. A Day On The Beach - 07/28/08 07:46 AM
I live across the street from the Ocean here in a small quaint town of Ponce Inlet just a mile north of the pride of Ponce Inlet (and Florida) - the tallest and the most beautiful Lighthouse in Florida. As far as I know it is the second tallest in the nation, but I do not know where it is.
My idea of vacation is simple: go to the beach when it is not yet very hot, enjoy walking the beach, swimming in the ocean, relaxing. I like watching the waves, the ocean is never the same, and I never get … (2 comments)

south daytona: Good Brains. Available for Rent. Very Reasonable. - 07/27/08 08:51 AM
Through the years, I always tried to get my hands on good training materials, and you all know that this is not cheap. I ventured once to Michael Russer's 3-day bootcamp in Chicago 3 years ago, and was hugely disappointed. Went to Roger Butcher seminar, signed for coaching, never got a single call, but never called them and asked for anything, so I can't really complain, but have all the materials, and disks.
I started buying courses on EBay and now have a small collection of good DVDs. Therefore, when I got a call form people offering me something very similar to Netflix, … (2 comments)

south daytona: Who Comes To The Beach In the Middle Of The Night? - 07/26/08 05:41 PM
Last Tuesday my 16-y.o.grandson staying with us for a week, decided to go to the ocean very early, and I suggested that he takes the camera with him, which he did.
He went to the beach when it was still dark. And he was lucky. Just a dozen yards from the walkway, he saw a 4' Green Turtle laying eggs in the sand.
This was a perfect moment. He had a camera, and turtles do not fly, so he had time to make some interesting photos. He did not take photos of her actually laying eggs, as it was still dark … (17 comments)

south daytona: The Perspectives. From $4 For Gas to Public Hanging - 07/23/08 05:11 PM
It is simply fascinating how we react to things. Gas is $4 a gallon. End of the world. Impeach the President. Let's look how life is in other places.
In Israel gas is just under $8 a gallon, in France a gallon of gas is $12, and in Turkey it is $16.
Leasing Toyota Corolla in Israel would cost you $750 a month with 3 year lease, and termination in the first year would require 3 months worth of cancellation fee (2 in your second year and 1 month in your 3rd year). Cost of living in Israel is about 50% higher than … (21 comments)

south daytona: Visiting a Real Estate Expo in Miami - 07/19/08 05:29 PM
I was seriously tempted by salepeople to get a booth at a Real Estate Expo. Both times I ended not signing up, but I was not sure whether I was missing on a golden marketing opportunity or not, so when I somehow managed to miss the Expo in Orlando, I was relieved that I could visit the Expo in Miami. It is a 4 hour drive and it gets expensive with gas prices over $4 a gallon, but it was still closer than Long Island, so there we went.
The Expo is free for visitors, with only a couple of seminars for a fee. Of two … (2 comments)

south daytona: Race is Over, Thanks for Business - 07/06/08 05:10 PM
The big race, Pepsi 400 is over, crazy traffic disappeared, hotels' employees are swamped with cleaning all those vacated units, stores are counting change...
Daytona is returning to normal summer vacation activities.
The event was badly needed, it helped local businesses, local vendors. For a monent we thought people will not come because of the gas prices, but hotels were all booked and some overbooked. People called to make last minute reservations and there were no rooms available.
This is very good news. The next big event is Biketoberfest coming in October, a 4 day event.
The real estate market in … (0 comments)

south daytona: Bidding Wars in the Slow Market. Adding Insult to Injury... - 07/04/08 05:59 PM
Check Bill Cherry's terrific post GOVERNMENT FANS FORECLOSED HOME LOAN MISMANAGEMENT. I think this is an important issue. I am not going to retell it, I just want to throw a few examples that I experienced. 
A listing pops up. $40,500 for a stripped condo-hotel studio unit. Direct Oceanfront. Price is incredible. Listing is not in the MLS where the property is, as in our County there are 3 separate MLSs. The agent who got this REO is a member of another MLS. She put the listing where she is a member, and not where the property is. Reminds me a … (12 comments)

south daytona: Something's Terribly Wrong... - 06/23/08 07:27 PM
I am warning you, this is upsetting. Very upsetting.
This happened not in the US, it happened in a relatively small Russian town of Kolchugino.
January 2, 2008 a 25-year old Aleksey Denisov was passing the monument to the WWII on his way home at 2 AM and he reprimanded a group of teenagers who were partying there and were drinking beer.
Teenagers attacked him, and after he was knocked unconscious to the ground, they took of his vest, boots, pulled him to the Eternal Fire and laid him face down on the burner. And they watched him being burned alive.
Police did not have a problem … (28 comments)

south daytona: What The Heck Is Wrong With Us? - 06/16/08 06:25 PM
The title got my attention (Are Short Sales worth the headaches? by Drew Burks) and I clicked in. There are many posts about Short sales and frustrations, and even the calls to ban them altogether.
But the I stumbled into the statement that literally shocked me. I left a frustrated comment and tried to move on. I couldn't. I did not get it out of my system, it keeps burning inside.
Here's the paragraph: "I have met 3-4 listing agents who have dozens possibly even hundreds of short sale listings and thankfully they were honest with me, telling me "we have no intentions of submitting the … (44 comments)

south daytona: Harbour Beach Resort. Condo-hotel Market Snapshot - 06/09/08 07:07 AM
Harbour Beach Resort, 701 South Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Built in 1975, the Resort had seen better days. Until 5 years ago we considered it a nicer property and liked to bring our customers there. Then the property started slowly deteriorating, management and maintenance going down the hill.
They did not have luck with the management company, three companies within the last 4 years made a big dent in trust between the onwers and the management. The Board failed to set the goals to preserve the and increase the rentals. It is just mind boggling what can people do … (0 comments)

south daytona: Daytona Inn. Condo-hotel Market Snapshot - 06/08/08 06:31 AM
Daytona Inn
219 South Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

157-unit older condo-hotel right in the heart of Daytona Beachside on the corner of International Speedway Blvd and Atlantic Ave. Built in 1962, this 4 story condo-hotel has 157 rooms, half of them studios, and the other half are suites.
22 units on resale as of June 7, 2008. Prices range from $68,900 for a courtyard view studio and to 700 sf one-bedroom unit for $170,000.
Since January 2008 2 studios sold. One for $87,000, the other one for $105,000.
Looking for inexpensive alternative to vacation home or condo? Talk … (2 comments)

south daytona: Property Tax in Florida. Part 1. - 05/30/08 11:00 AM
People moving to Florida often complain that the taxes are high. At least the majority of them. Then there are always people who say it is low compared to their place, so we are not the cheapest, but not the most expensive.
However, we need to keep in mind that the State needs money and they get it one way or another. So, if something is much cheaper in other places, the State has the way to get that money imposing some other fees or taxes.
People, who come from the Carolinas brag about their very low property tax, but do … (0 comments)

south daytona: NAR Settles With DOJ. Now What? - 05/27/08 05:39 PM
The latest news is that NAR settled with DOJ  (
NAR claims it a victory. Yes, no money to be paid, no wrongdoing to accept.
A lot of brokers would not consider this a win. We are dreaming of the green pastures of the past. The past where we had the exclusive access to the information. Whether you consider this a victory or loss, this is history. Three years to decide how the information is presented on VOW sites, another 90 days to implement, and then what?
After VOW were dead for 3 years, the settlement would allow to perform CPR to revive what has since lost … (8 comments)

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