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Education & Training - Realtor and Title Settlement Agent - Virginia TPL# 881790
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This photo was taken during my morning bike ride on Route 15 in Haymarket near Dominion Valley.   As I was riding I noticed what looked to be debris from a blown truck tire.  I am glad the turkeys were across the street and not on the bike path.
Proactively plan for the brown outs that are known to happen; during the hot sizzling days of summer.   NOVEC has a great new system to record power outages. When you call from the phone number that is registered with NOVEC the system determines the outage location immediately. Your registered ph...
Return of “Halley's Comet”! All real estate professionals are saying now is the time to buy a home. “Top ten, top five, and top three reasons to buy a home now list” are popping up everywhere. But why are we being told to buy a home now. The ANSWER is the lowest mortgage interest rates in 50 YEAR...

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