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As I always do, I surf the world wide web for ideas.  Ideas on anything, really!  Sometimes thinking about unrelated topics helps me brainstorm.  I came across a recent post that simply asked " Is it a good idea to buy in Manassas?" I believe it all depends on you, the buyer.  Is Manassas where y...
FHA or Conventional.  What's the difference? To answer the question, the difference is: down payment, credit score, and debit. If you do not have 20% down payment; have no fear you can still qualify for a conventional home loan.  In most cases you would need 5% down payment for Conventional home ...
  Every time I get a chain email advising me don't get out of my car in an isolated parking lot to remove a piece of paper stuck to my rear window.  I say to myself really that would never happen to me.  My favorite chain email: Someone throws a raw egg on your windshield.  You try to remove the ...
There are 10 points of interest when buying your new home.  Based on the buyers I have worked with this is what matters to them in their new home. (Not in order) Kitchen Owners Suite Backyard Dinning Area Curb Appeal Flooring Living Area Number of Bathrooms Number of Bedrooms Location Depending o...
Pastor's Sermon yesterday in church really hit home for me.  He stated how we don't move forward and let 3 words hold us back. Fear Time Ability  I blame fear on all reasons why I hesitate to move forward.  Being a real estate agent, I'm responsible for the rise and fall of my business.  Many tim...
Market report in Bull Run Manassas community from 1/1/13 - 5/13/13.   Since January three units have sold in Bull Run.            Under Contract:                 Active:               Currently the under contract and active listings 50% are distressed sales.  Short sales or Bank owned properties ...
Mother's Day is almost here.  Don't wait until 7am Sunday slipping out of bed to drive to Shoppers' in Bull Run Manassas and they are out of flowers.  Now what? You think for a moment. Then, you find yourself placing your neighbors garden beauties on your kitchen table.  To keep peace on the stre...
Cinco de Mayo events near Paradise Manassas VA?   I'm very excited about the 80's event taking place in the parking lot of Old Towne Pub parking lot.  I hope I'm not giving away my age when I state I'm excited about the 80's.  Anyway I don't care about my age.    I do care about events that happe...

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