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Inner loop outer loop of the beltway...What does it mean? The difference is a lot more than just commute time.  Not being a native to Virginia, I have seen and experienced living here like a person who would be relocating to Virginia for the first time.  I understand the native Virginia residents...
The best Norton grapes are located in Virginia I recently wrote about reluctantly entering a contest my broker and in-house lender sponsored and won!  We toured 2 wineries and had lunch by way of limousine.  It was really a nice treat. I'm always trying to learn something new. I am not a wine con...
You have to be in it to Win It! You never know when you will win a contest.  Most brokers will host contests to get the energy going within the sales office.  If you are going to be a salesperson you need to be competitive.  You don't have to be sleazy in the competition, you want to be a good sp...
Visiting an area is way different than living there. My husband and I moved to Falls Church, Virginia January 8, 2003 around 11pm.  The temperature that night was 55 degrees.  My husband and I relocated from Massachusetts.  During our last week in New England we had three snow storms which provid...
I was on Bravo TV least it felt like it. My broker hired a limousine bus to tour multi-million dollar McLean home sales.  The properties viewed during the tour are our featured office listings.  It was a great educational opportunity to sit back and take in the sights. If I can't get m...

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