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The Paradoxical World Of Real EstateHow You Are Sabotaging Your Business By Following Commonly Accepted Opinion.....   It's not politics, sex or religion. No! there are other topics that top producers dare not bring up within a mile radius of so called 'old-school-real-estate-agents'. Ok, here it...
Marketing YOUR Videos Can Be Profitable   I wanted to share this video which has actually improved my credibility in my market. Few people understand social networking and completely miss the point of social networking. There's different kinds of marketing. I classify them as Direct Response Mark...
How To Sell Your Home FasterUsing Photography As A Tool   Quick! There's a big one. Get close, blur the back ground - Snap! The I-do-not-believe-in-photography listing agents are on to me again. My client requested pictures of a home that had no pictures on MLS. Doesn't it feel like they are laug...
To Buy or Not To Buy a Short Sale..... I have come across more knowledgeable real estate agents lately, which is good news for the industry. It seems that only those who are serious about their profession and those who are seeking education are the ones left in the industry.... There is still ple...
Nouveau Riche Real Estate Drive By's   I don't know who came up with the name "Nouveau Riche Real Estate Drive By's", but coming from a mexican (me) that doesn't sound right..... Anyhow, I haven't been too active here on not-so-ActiveRain lately, not just because of the holidays, family and my cl...
Como escribir con un teclado americano el español   Tengo años que no escribo en español pero por si acaso estas escribiendo y quieres saber como se escriben ciertos caracteres en español, aqui esta una simple guía. Simplemente presiona la tecla 'Alt' y el siguiente numero para el caracter que qu...
El estilo de vida en Gilbert AZ   No cabe duda que la ciudad a crecido bastante desde que llegamos aqui por primera vez. Nosotros compramos casa a principios del 2002 cuando aun no existia el 202. En ese entonces teniamos que manejar 10 minutos al norte para agarrar el 60 e ir a Phoenix. No habia...
Uncover what's always been there for you!!   The secret to success in just about anything is that you need to have the I-am-going-to-do-it-no-matter-what attitude. This is usually fueled by a reason of WHY you want to get it done. Very easy to talk about it, but for some reason we just don't impl...
Gilbert AZ Real Estate Market Update Here's an update on the Real Estate market in Gilbert AZ. Our inventory is at 2005 active listings (down from 2500+ in November of 2007). Over the last few months I've been waiting for prices to be stabilizing around $260K - $275K. This month's average home sa...
The "new" trend of our economy is Home Based Businesses   Ok, so I admit that I get curious when someone posts an ad offering $250K income potential or some other 6 figure income biz. I'm sure you've peeked at some of these sites and wondered what's the catch? I love reading some of those sites t...

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