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If you are thinking about selling your home, it is important that you clean out the house and tidy it to make it look respectable and appealling to potential customers. In this post I am going to provide you with some health and safety tips for cleaning.Using cleaning chemicals and not using prop...
I sat down and interviewed a local successful business owner to discuss the importance of setting goals for your business. Annette is one of the most focused individuals that I have met in quite a while. I set up the meeting following the influential blog post that was published on the blog of he...
Are you going to tile a room in your home? Going to do a little DIY project? in this post I am going to talk about how to cut tiles accurately.The factors for an accurate cutThere are a number of factors that dictate how to cut tiles accurately which include: Size of the tile Tile material The ti...
This is going to be a tiling related blog post detailing why it is important to waterproof wet rooms, showers and bathrooms before tiling. The reason to waterproof before tilingBefore tiling a wet area, the substrate must be waterproofed or "tanked". The reason for this is to prevent mould and / ...
I recently did a post on the top attractions in Donegal, however, what are the available properties like there if one was to invest? In this post I am going to show you one of the best examples of properties available in Ireland.This is a property from Franklins Estate Agents that is a fine examp...
This summer I will be visiting Donegal in the North West of Ireland, the place I grew up. Donegal is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland with lots of natural and unblemished landscapes. If you are thinking of taking your family or friends to Ireland, why not take a short trip to Donegal.I...
Concrete furniture is a great solution for hard landscaping projects. In this post I will show you some ideas for external outdoor furniture for commercial landscaping projects. Following on from my post on ideas for building stone I am hoping to give my readers and idea of the options that are o...
I recently visited building stone company in Ireland and had a look around at some of the building stone that they supply. I am a fan of building stone walls and love the aesthetics so I am sharing some stone ideas for your next project. (Check out these colours!) Most of the building stone in th...
In my experience of helping companies in the development of housing, there are a lot of logistical, environmental and monetary savings to be had by having a rock crusher on site. If the site is for a large development of houses or apartment blocks, I am going to outline some of the reasons to hav...

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