mercer co real estate: Gen X a Key Factor in Real Eestate Recovery - 03/24/11 10:31 AM
According to real estate experts who spoke at an educational webinar produced by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently, Generation X, young families and adults ages 31 to 45,-are the most likely to a) lead the home-buying recovery, b) decide when it's a good time to invest, and c) influence the new home market with strong opinions about design features.  While Gen X isn't the largest population segment of home-buying age, at 32%, it is the most mobile.  They will have several different careers in different geographical locations while they raise their families.Conversely, Baby Boomers, 41% of the home-buying population, … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Mercer County NJ Home Architecture - 03/18/11 09:43 AM
Our vibrant history in New Jersey has created homes of many styles and shapes.  If you see a listing for a "Cape" home or a "Colonial" what does that really mean?  Here's a short description of the most common architectural styles found in Mercer County NJ.1. Colonial As the nations of Europe settled the new world, they brought their unique architectural styles to the Americas, building their new homes to remind them of home. "Colonial architecture" encompasses a number of individual styles, including Georgian Colonial, Spanish Colonial, French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Federal.  Georgian is often the style referred to in the colloquial … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Costs to Consider when Purchasing a Home in Mercer County, NJ - 03/10/11 01:40 PM
Whether you're looking to buy your first home, or trading up to a larger one, there are many costs, in addition to the purchase price, that you must figure into your calculation of affordability. These extra fees could surprise you with an unwanted financial nightmare on closing day if you're not informed and prepared. Some of these costs are one-time fixed payments, while others represent an ongoing monthly or yearly commitment.  Remember, buying a home is a major milestone. Whether it's your first, second or tenth home, there are many important details to address, during the process. The last thing you … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: RE/MAX Chairman Can See the End of our Housing Crisis - 03/10/11 01:15 PM
RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger told the RE/MAX agents at the annual company convention that the worst of the housing crisis has passed. Liniger said that the industry must continue to pursue the training that will help homeowners in distress, but should also start planning for a post-crisis environment.   "There will be more foreclosures this year, but the worst is behind us and we need to turn our focus to the future," he added. "The housing recovery is actually happening faster than many economists think."The Chairman naturally highlighted the position of RE/MAX in the industry, mentioning year-end home sales figures … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Trenton, NJ - Centre - Below Assessed Value - Tenant Stays - Investor Opportunity - 03/01/11 12:38 PM
Renovated 4 bedroom, 1 bath townhome. Gas heat, newer electric, new chimney. Eat-in kitchen, gas cooking. Full unfinished basement offers many lifestyle possibilities. Tenant occupied, lease runs until Jan. 31, 2012, at $950/mo. Tenant pays all utilities. Near public transportation, and just a few blocks from Cooper Field. Sold "as is". Priced below assessed value.

mercer co real estate: Spring is Peak Selling Time in New Jersey - Be Ready for the Buyers - 02/24/11 11:42 AM
Success in most endeavors means being mentally ready, not just for the initial success but for the steps you need to take afterwards.  Like they say about tennis, you never really have a break of serve until you hold in the next service game.If you want to sell your Mercer County NJ home this year, Spring is the best time and that is coming up soon.  You want to be ready.  In addition to the normal considerations of cleaning, staging the home for its best impressions, putting away the clutter and tools,  and making all the necessary repairs you can afford, here are … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Consumers Feel Working with a Realtor even More Important in Today's Market - 02/18/11 01:27 PM
In a recent study conducted by MRIS, the Multple Listing Service for the Mid-Atlantic region, 95% of consumers reported that working with a Realtor is just as important, if not more, than a few years ago.  The survey, Keepin' It Real, can be found on to the survey, consumers have come to recognize this environment is not the time to try a real estate transaction without a professional on their side.  Trustworthiness was ranked as the most critical factor in choosing an agent, followed by experience, willingness to look out for a client's interest, expertise in negotiation, responsiveness, familiarity with … (1 comments)

mercer co real estate: Changing Demographics will Shape the Future of Real Estate - 02/10/11 01:48 PM
A recent article by on how the demographic shifts taking place in the country will affect real estate is worth reading, if you have any aspirations on becoming a homeowner or real estate investor."Today, we see the confluence of a deep recession driving behavioral change and shifts in the demographic distribution of the population poised to impact the real estate market in unexpected ways. Americans who have experienced or witnessed the loss of jobs, homes and home values have grown skeptical about the benefits of homeownership. Not only will the financial impacts of the housing meltdown burden the real estate … (2 comments)

mercer co real estate: Consider Real Estate in Mercer County as an Investment, not just a House - 02/10/11 01:35 PM
Now is an ideal time to consider purchasing real estate as an investment vehicle for your long-term financial portfolio.  It is a buyer's market, prices are at an all-time low, inventory is high, sellers are motivated, and you can find great values in Mercer County NJ homes.  Ask yourself a few questions before you approach real estate as an investor, though, to be sure you have the right mental picture of the purchase.1.  Think long-term.  Real estate is definitely a good method to accummulate wealth over time, and there have been years when short term "flipping" worked.  This is not one of them.  … (1 comments)

mercer co real estate: Reverse Offers for Sellers of Hamilton, NJ Homes - 02/04/11 04:00 AM
We all know real estate is cyclical, and we've been through Reverse Offers before, but then the idea disappeared as houses sold more quickly.  Now, with many Hamilton homes sitting on the market for months or years, sellers might want to revisit the idea.In a reverse offer situation, a seller will approach one - or several - of tbe huyers who have viewed the property, and make an offer to those buyers.  Your Realtor can help decide which buyers to contact, as not all may be ready to buy, or to consider the seller's offer seriously.
As a seller, you can offer anything you … (2 comments)

mercer co real estate: Princeton Junction, NJ - Princeton Chase - Zeloof Dr - Highly Upgraded Home - Huge Price Reduction - 01/28/11 08:59 AM
6 Zeloof Drive in Princeton Chase is a gorgeous Vernon model by respected builders Toll Brothers, and has been completely remodeled from top to bottom.  More than $250,000 in upgrades make this 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home, with 2800 SF of interior living space, a model show place.  Watch video at .

mercer co real estate: Trends in the 55+ Housing Market - 01/27/11 12:55 PM
The MetLife Mature Market Institute (MMI) has released its study on Housing for the 55+ Market:  Trends and Insights on Boomers and Beyond.  Download the study here.  Key findings:
63% plan to age in their current homes, 12% plan to buy another home, and 26% are unsure.
The majority prefer the suburbs (32% close-in suburbs and 31% outlying suburbs). A rural community is preferred by 28%, and 9% want to live in a central city.
About one-quarter of respondents do not care about the impact building a home has on the environment. While 23% said they are concerned, it does not … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: New Jersey Builders Offering More Green Homes as Affordability Increases - 01/20/11 12:19 PM
Recently the National Assn of Home Builders (NAHB) held its Builder's Show in Orlando, and one item of positive news was that green-built homes will take an increasingly large percentage of the market in direct proportion to their price, because home buyers' prime motivation today is cost effectiveness.Several speakers, who hosted the NAHB's Green Day, echoed the trend.  Kohler's Rob Zimmerman, said product manufacturers have been able to focus on the creation of new technology during the current building downturn "that will make green building more affordable."The very rural location of Marvin Windows and Doors' Minnesota manufacturing facility has forced the company to be … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Should You Buy or Rent in New Jersey? - 01/13/11 12:08 PM
New Jersey as a region was recently featured by the Real Estate section in an article titled, "Deciding whether to Buy or Rent."
The author, Antoinette Martin, states, "In New Jersey, where average home values rose slightly only to drop precipitously last year, and where an additional 6% overall decline is predicted for 2011, is it even possible to discern which choice might be better? 
"Yes, said one market expert, after he crunched fresh numbers. Despite unusually severe fluctuations and distress in the New Jersey marketplace, the analyst, Jeffrey G. Otteau, concluded that it is a better deal to buy, … (1 comments)

mercer co real estate: Mercer Co NJ 2010 Real Estate Sales Statistics - 01/09/11 01:02 PM
There were fewer total real estate sales in Mercer County NJ this year than last, highlighting the very real effects of the 1st Time Buyer tax credit in 2009.  Positive signs in 2010 included average prices holding steady, more high-end sales over $1,000,000 (90 vs 69), and a reduction in days on market.
2010 - Mercer Co Total Sales - 2756Minimum price - original list $8,500, sold $4,900Maximum - original list $6,250,000, sold $4,700,000Average - original list - $362,925, sold $328,988Average days on market - 882009 - Mercer Co Total Sales - 2920Minimum price - original $7,900, sold $5,000Maximum - original $10,000,000, … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: Trends for Getting Loans to Buy a New Jersey Home in 2011 - 01/06/11 01:56 PM
A recent article in RISMedia. com states, "It's unlikely to get any easier and may, in fact, get much more difficult to buy a home in 2011."Looming large over the mortgage market are provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that have yet to be finalized. Among them is a requirement that mortgage lenders maintain some 'skin' in the game on the mortgages they originate by holding at least 5% of the credit risk rather than bundling the loans and selling them off entirely.
"The goal is to discourage a repeat of risky past practices, but the … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: The Facts about your Credit Report - 01/06/11 01:31 PM
The January issue of the e-Zine included an excellent article on What is in Your Credit Report.  Subscribe here to receive future free copies:"Your credit history is an ongoing record of information detailing which credit cards or loans you have opened and/or closed over time, whether or not you have been late with any payments, and more. All of this information is available in a document called a credit report. What exactly goes into your credit report?
"Personal InformationFirst, your personal information--including your name, Social Security Number (SSN), birth date and current and past addresses--is listed. Current and former … (1 comments)

mercer co real estate: Owning a New Jersey Home Is a Good Investment After All - 12/30/10 01:34 PM
Bloomberg Businessweek wraps up the gloomy year we've had in real estate with the statement, "Despite the slump, housing remains a good long-term investment-in the right markets."We all know that buying, fixing, and turning as a real estate investment strategy is no longer viable, at least until the next boom.  But that does not mean you cannot buy and stay in the property for a few years, and still have an appreciating asset.  "Historical data from the National Association of Realtors (and adjusted for inflation by show that in 18 of the 25 largest metro areas in the U.S., the … (1 comments)

mercer co real estate: Fannie May Economic & Real Estate Outlook Positive for 2011 - 12/23/10 04:47 AM
Improvements in consumer spending and consumer confidence, increased demand for goods and services, and falling unemployment claims are all positive factors for a brighter outlook as we move into 2011, according to the December 2010 Economic Outlook released by Fannie Mae's Economics & Mortgage Market Analysis Group.
For 2011, forecasted growth was upgraded from 2.9% to 3.4% based on the positives in the recent reports. The forecast anticipates improving labor market conditions.  The housing recovery should gain momentum going into 2011 if the expected stronger labor market materializes.
"Despite rising mortgage rates, our forecast for home sales is stronger than the … (0 comments)

mercer co real estate: RE/MAX National Housing Report, November, 2010 - 12/23/10 04:42 AM
Reprinted below are the findings of the RE/MAX November 2010 Housing Report.
"While home sales usually decline in the winter months, we are seeing a larger than normal correction this winter due to several artificial factors like the expired tax credit," said Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX, LLC. "Despite predictions about falling home prices, they appear to be remaining stable with several markets reporting significant price increases over last year.""The RE/MAX November housing report shows that in recent months, the real estate market has been impacted by several outside forces that have resulted in some uncertainty. While the tax credit has … (0 comments)