naperville real estate: Sell the Home Joe! - - 08/01/16 07:38 AM
Joe Graham with the Graham Real Estate Group announces Guaranteed Sale Program.  I will sell your home, at a price you agree to, or we will pay you up to $5000 at Closing*.
Here’s The Problem
Have you ever wondered “should we buy first or sell first?” Many homeowners are faced with this very stressful dilemma every day. The fear is that if you buy before you sell, you could run into the risk of owning two homes and carrying two mortgage payments. The opposite is a legitimate fear as well: sell first without having a place to move and you might feel … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: On “All the Reasons” Homeownership Stats Have Taken a Dive - 08/01/16 01:43 AM
 For Naperville real estate watchers, it was The Washington Post that came up with the most interesting angle on last week’s most commented-upon real estate headline—which was that across the U.S., home ownership rates had slipped to 1960s levels.
CNBC went with the straight numbers (“Home ownership rates drop to 63.4%”); while website zerohedge decided on a more attention-grabbing route (“Homeownership Rate Crashes to Lowest Since 1965”).
Naperville readers whose brows might have been furrowed by zerohedge’s “rate-crashing” spin could have been relieved somewhat had they fled to sites like businessinsider, which added, “but may be bottoming” to the sobering news. Yet it … (2 comments)

naperville real estate: Tax Break Possibilities Tempt Naperville Real Estate Investors - 12/14/15 04:10 AM
There are two specific times each year when Naperville real estate investors find their thoughts wandering in the general direction of impending tax bills. As we approach year’s end, this is one of them. The other, of course, will be coming up in April—but this is the time of year when steps can be taken that affect the bottom line of what will come due later on.
My expertise is in Naperville real estate, so I don’t offer specific tax advice—as always, that’s best handled by your own financial advisor. But tax benefits (in the form of deductions) are always part of … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: OPEN HOUSE! Sunday May 4 At: 974 Deerpath In Aurora! - 05/02/14 02:10 AM

Don't forget to join us for our OPEN HOUSE Sunday, May 4, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at:
974 Deerpath Road in Aurora.
Come by and say hi to Jeanne who will be there to showcase this beautiful home.
Download the flyer now!  

For more information on this property, check out our featured property listing at

naperville real estate: Five Useful To-do’s After Buying a Naperville Home - 05/02/14 01:12 AM
Buying a home in Naperville is sort of a modern day adventure. At first there’s the intrigue of figuring out the advantages and disadvantages between the neighborhoods and listings competing for your attention; then there are all the challenging, sometimes exhausting—then, ultimately, exhilarating steps that lead to home ownership.
But even after the previous owner has handed over the keys, there’s more to come: a few extra steps new homeowners can decide they wish to take. Here are five of those—things you can choose to do after buying a Naperville home:
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naperville real estate: Some Naperville Jumbo Mortgages Go Mini - 05/01/14 02:53 AM
We call them oxymorons: terms with built-in contradictions. George Carlin made fun of ‘jumbo shrimp’; Jerry Seinfeld pointed out the unlikelihood of anything being ‘found missing’ or ‘clearly misunderstood.’ But for some that are looking for Naperville homes for sale, there is more reason to smile than laugh over the new popularity of a formerly miniscule part of the home loan market: what I call ‘mini jumbo’ mortgages.

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naperville real estate: Open House this Weekend! 974 Deerpath Road In Aurora! - 04/30/14 04:40 AM
Please join us for an OPEN HOUSE
Sunday, May 4, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at:
974 Deerpath Road in Aurora.
Come by and say hi to Jeanne who will be there to showcase this beautiful home.
Download the flyer now!
We look forward to meeting you!

naperville real estate: A Naperville Home Inspection: Time to Get Under the Hood! - 04/30/14 01:13 AM
  Congrats! Your offer on your Naperville home has been accepted and you are officially in escrow. Now what? Usually the first order of business is to arrange your Naperville home inspection. When you were house hunting, you were weighing so many factors it was next to impossible to thoroughly examination of every nook and corner of every one of the serious contenders…in fact, it wasn’t necessary. But now that you’re moving forward to a purchase, you want to do more than kick the tires. It’s time to get under the hood!
Here is a taste of just some of the … (1 comments)

naperville real estate: Credit Score Vigilance Rewards Future Naperville Homeowners - 04/29/14 02:34 AM
Your credit score will have a major impact when it comes to the cost you wind up paying for a Naperville mortgage. A buyer with a high credit score of 750 or above will qualify for the most competitive interest rates available; but today’s tightened lending standards mean that some borrowers with scores under 600 may not qualify for a mortgage at all. And no matter what, a low credit score can mean paying an extra 3%-4% interest charge on every payment.
There is nothing permanent about a credit score. Naperville homebuyers who realize its importance—and who take early steps to … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: Naperville Real Estate Sales Make For True Life Reality Shows - 04/28/14 03:40 AM
The slick, entertaining formats of HGTV’s many buying and selling programs makes for great entertainment – but, as anyone who has ever actually bought or sold a house knows, they tend to leave some key information on the cutting room floor. Sure, real estate sales in Naperville can in fact involve elements of creativity, presentation, personality, all of which make for interesting television viewing. But in real reality, successful real estate sales are largely based on contracts, disclosures, inspections, contingencies, and time. They may be less telegenic, but can be dramatic, especially when you’ve done everything in your power to make sure … (1 comments)

naperville real estate: NEW LISTING! 89 Swift Lane, Naperville - 04/04/14 04:09 AM
NEW LISTING 89 Swift Lane Naperville We have a NEW LISTING!

This listing is located 89 Swift Lane in Naperville.
Located in the desirable Maplebrook two subdivision, the sellers of this home added a master suite with sitting area and an en suite bathroom, giving this home 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms! Other notable features include:
•    Mature Trees and a Nice Shady Yard
•    Situated on a Quiet Street
•    Fully Fenced Yard
•    Outdoor Shed
•    Shaded Deck with Additional Seating
•    2 car attached garage
•    Newer Windows
•    Hardwood Floors Upstairs
•    Newer Furnace
•    Wood-Burning Fireplace in Family Room
•    3 Blocks to Maplebrook Elementary
•    3 Blocks … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: New Urban Living Trend: Micro Apartments - 03/05/14 12:34 AM
Micro apartments, once considered a momentary fad, are become an increasingly popular choice for city residents across the nation. It's a trend that might signal the beginnings of a shift in Naperville apartment living as well.
The tiny apartments known as “micro apartments” generally feature a small bedroom, private sitting area, bathroom...but not much more. In a typical floor plan, a living unit has 200 square feet or less ­-a far cry from American norms for the better part of a century. It is true, though, that there is nothing new about cramped apartments and shared living spaces. What sets today’s … (2 comments)

naperville real estate: Rise in Naperville Real Estate Prices Cause Dominoes to Rise - 02/25/14 01:56 AM
That Naperville real estate prices have been on the rise for a while is certainly one factor that has coaxed some of the more cautious people looking to buy a Naperville home off the sidelines. It’s made the market a much more lively (and happy!) place than it was a few years ago—and forecasters are fairly uniform in predicting continuing growth, though at a less overheated pace.
For those who are even more cautious, the question remains whether property values and the Naperville real estate prices that reflect them are likely to hold up over the long haul. They may … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: Unfinished Rooms Need Not Be a Staging Roadblock - 02/24/14 02:10 AM
You can have 100 reasons for wanting to move onto a larger, smaller, or just different house or neighborhood—and 101 why it keeps getting put off. Chief among them for most of us is the hassle factor. You start to run down a mental list of everything that will have to be done, and one of the larger issues stops you cold—just too much sheer hassle!
Let’s deal with a typical one: the unfinished room. Staging a Naperville home might seem doable enough, but when a portion of the house is actually unfinished, it can present a barrier that’s too … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: Is Winter the Right Time to be Selling a Naperville Home? - 02/21/14 01:12 AM
Bears hibernate. Geese fly south. And Naperville home buyers become different people in the winter. During spring and summer months, the competition, speed and market saturation can make selling a home in Naperville an intense experience (in extremes, almost like speed dating!)
When the selling season heats up, buyers can come flying through open houses in a veritable revolving door of showings. In the winter, selling a Naperville home is a far more intimate exercise. To make the most of the next few months, it’s useful to recognize some of the hallmarks:
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naperville real estate: Why Naperville Listings Resemble Fashion in Men’s Ties - 02/20/14 01:32 AM

It’s a little like fashion in men’s ties. The really wide or narrow ones you laugh at today will be back in style sooner or later. There’s an analogy in our Naperville listings.
After the financial crisis in 2007, the average size of homes began to shrink. One major casualty was the “specialty room.” Specialty rooms (or special function rooms) are any room that serves a non-standard purpose. In the Naperville listings, you find them described as gyms, saunas, home offices, laundry rooms, home theaters, au-pair suites, “man-caves” and outdoor living rooms.
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naperville real estate: An Open House In Naperville Is Like Your Own World Premiere - 02/19/14 12:15 AM
Your first open house in Naperville can be compared to a movie’s world premiere. We may not have strobes flashing and paparazzi jostling each other, but all eyes are definitely on the above-the-title headline star: your house.
It’s a star that has to look its glamorous best, too, or the fans will be disappointed. The purpose of any Naperville open house is to sell buyers on the largely emotional dream of potentially owning your home.

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naperville real estate: Timing is Key When Deciding Whether to Buy a Home in Naperville - 02/17/14 12:45 AM
Spring signals the traditional start of real estate’s busy selling season, and while that’s all well and fine, when it comes to making your own momentous personal real estate decision—whether to buy a home or to sell your own—trying to decide exactly when to make the move is easier said than done.
It is true that this year national observers are unusually unanimous in expecting that last year’s sales upswing will continue. But if you are deciding whether now is the right time to buy a Naperville home (or list yours for sale), the reasons behind the quickening sales activity … (0 comments)

naperville real estate: Getting A Loan In Naperville As The Landscape Shifts - 02/11/14 01:10 AM
January presented us with major changes to mortgage lending rules. These new guidelines aim to curb some of the excesses that occurred during the sub-prime years—hopefully resulting in a lower risk of default and foreclosure by borrowers and a healthier real estate climate for everyone.
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naperville real estate: October Edition of Enjoy Magazine - 10/02/12 02:55 AM
Hi Everyone!
Below is the link for your complimentary copy of
Enjoy Magazine, October edition.
Enjoy is full of great tips and suggestions about fitness, food, music, travel and more. Check out the recipe for Chili with Chocolate!
Make the most of this month - Enjoy!

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