homesellers: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Home Sellers Today - 04/13/23 12:05 PM
Selling your home isn’t as easy as it used to be. Now that the red-hot market is cooling off, sellers need to reset their expectations—and yes, even adjust their sales tactics.
So we’ve asked real estate experts to share the habits of highly effective home sellers today—the best practices of how they prep their property and negotiate with homebuyers. Listen and learn—and if all goes well, your home is bound to become the next success story on your block.
1. They make sure their house is in good condition
During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many Americans were desperate to move, they might have not … (4 comments)

homesellers: Why Fall Is the Best Time to Buy? - 10/06/22 07:34 PM
The best time to buy a house has long been considered the spring and summer. Meanwhile, their seasonal sibling, fall, often gets tossed to the leaf pile by potential buyers who might think autumn is just about haunted houses and turkey dinners rather than house hunting.
But surprise! Fall is not only a great time to buy a house, but it might also be the best season to find the perfect property (and not just because you can browse the listings while cupping a pumpkin latte).
Read on to discover the many reasons.
The best time to buy a house for cheapThe best month … (3 comments)

homesellers: 6 Tips for Successfully Selling Your House - 07/15/22 06:11 AM
In the US, the number of existing homes sold has decreased in the past years. Although, according to Statista, the sales activity is expected to increase in 2023, making house transactions reach high values again. Curiously, the pandemic affected housing marketing in a not-so-negative way, as people felt the need to own properties and be safe in their homes, maybe caused by the uncertainty of the past events.
Purchasing a house is way more difficult today than 30 years ago, but that doesn't stop people from becoming owners. Buying and selling properties require serious investments, although that shouldn't scare you. If you … (6 comments)

homesellers: 8 Surprising Features That Boost Your Home Value - 05/19/22 08:15 AM
1. A nearby Starbucks
You can’t control when a new Starbucks coffee shop will open within your ZIP code. But each time one does, it stands to boost your home value, according to a study from Harvard Business School.
The addition of one Starbucks in a neighborhood within a given year is associated with a 0.5% increase in neighborhood home prices, researchers found.
Home values increase by the same percentage each time a new Starbucks opens, researchers found. So, if you own a home worth $300,000 and two Starbucks open nearby, your home value should increase by 1%, or $3,000.
2. A blue bathroom
Painting your … (6 comments)

homesellers: Secrets to Selling a Luxury Home - 11/04/21 09:45 AM
If you’re in the market to sell your high-end home, it’s likely you already have a real estate broker who specializes in the luxury market. Selling a luxury home is a bit of a different experience than selling a mid-range home. It’s a process in which your broker will be well-versed; however, you must understand the process before you embark on the journey. If your luxury property is ready to market, read on to find out high-end property selling secrets.
Partner With a Broker Who Specializes in Luxury Real Estate
If you’re selling a high-end home, it’s imperative you work with a real … (1 comments)

homesellers: Staging Strategies For Your Home - 10/07/21 06:58 AM
Staging your home is all about putting the best foot forward for potential buyers. By highlighting its most desirable features, you can draw more interest to your home and leave a lasting impression that is sure to help you sell it more quickly. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you prepare for your next open house or viewing!
1. Help them visualize it as their own. Make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves making your house their home by removing personal memorabilia, knick-knacks, and photos. Instead replace them with simple décors, such as paintings, nature images, and plants.
2. Think … (1 comments)

homesellers: Outdoor Features That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast - 07/15/21 02:07 PM
For decades, the kitchen has been looked at as one of the most desirable features for homebuyers. Some have even walked away from home because this particular space did not fit their needs. Though having updated appliances and a modern feel inside are still important, outdoor living spaces have become a piece of the home that today’s buyers are putting more of a focus on. 
Having a backyard filled with amenities, from a well-thought-out irrigation system to a fully equipped kitchen right outside, has quickly become a necessity for sellers to feature.
Smart Irrigation System 
Not only is this a great selling feature, but … (4 comments)

homesellers: 4 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home as an “Off-Market Listing” - 06/17/21 07:25 AM
When selling your home, it’s understandable to assume that the best marketing strategy is to reach as large an audience as possible. After all, leveraging the power of real estate portals and publications certainly has its benefits. However, sometimes it’s better to go the opposite direction. Off-market listings, also known as pocket listings, can be an effective way to market a property by word-of-mouth and keep it out of the public eye. Here are a few reasons why this might be the right choice for you.
For many sellers, particularly in the luxury sector, maintaining privacy is a top priority. If you’re … (1 comments)

homesellers: How to Stage Your Home for the Spring Market - 05/06/21 06:40 AM
Before you go listing your home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s looking its best and a few upgrades may be in order, especially after a long winter. If you’re planning to take advantage of the spring market, here are several tips to help your home stand out this season.
Start With a Spring Cleaning
A deep clean is always a good place to start before putting your home on the market and you may even want to work with a professional organizer to properly declutter your living space. Be prepared to pack up all of those heavy winter throws and flannel … (3 comments)

homesellers: How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Market - 12/17/20 10:21 AM
The winter can be a tough time to show your home at its best. Landscaping, outdoor seating areas, and scenic views often lose their luster during the colder months, while interiors are more likely to feel dark and dreary. As the seasons begin to change, here are a few ways that you can address these challenges and ensure that your home maintains its appeal when you put it on the market this winter. 
Landscape Clean-Up
A lawn that’s full of dead leaves and other debris can be a major eyesore. That’s why it’s important to do a clean-up around the property at the … (2 comments)

homesellers: 5 Outdoor Improvements That Can Increase Your Home's Value - 12/03/20 10:20 AM
With historically low-interest rates in place for the foreseeable future and a continued shortage of available housing inventory, if you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market, there may be no time like the present.
While your home’s value is largely determined by square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and comparable sales in your neighborhood, there are certain steps you can take to help nudge the selling price up a bit. And there’s no better place to start than outside in order to elevate that all-important curb appeal. Here are five-yard and garden improvements, recommended by Consumer Reports, … (2 comments)

homesellers: Repainting Your Home's Exterior and Interior Could Help It Sell Faster - 10/08/20 11:24 AM
When selling your house, making a good first impression is critical. If your home doesn’t look visually appealing, buyers may not care about all the amenities it has. They may think that if you neglected the paint, you probably neglected other forms of maintenance, and they may assume that the house has other, less obvious problems. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior and interior can help you sell your house faster and increase its value.
Curb Appeal is Essential
Potential buyers will make a snap judgment within seconds of seeing your home. If the exterior looks unattractive, buyers may make … (1 comments)

homesellers: Why You Shouldn't Accept the Highest Offer When Selling Your Home - 09/24/20 06:13 AM
You may receive multiple offers for your house and one may be significantly higher than the others. You shouldn’t automatically accept the highest offer because it may have strings attached that won’t work for you. Someone who offered you a lower price may be able to close with less of a hassle.
Most homebuyers take out a mortgage. The approval process takes time and borrowers can hit a number of snags along the way. A potential buyer may not get approved for the amount needed or the house may appraise for less than the price you agreed on. If the buyer can’t … (1 comments)

homesellers: Looking Homes That Have Sold in Your Area Can Help To Sell Your House - 07/30/20 06:00 PM
Before you list your home, you must figure out your asking price. Real estate markets go up and down frequently, and many local factors and characteristics specific to individual properties can affect prices. A comparative market analysis can help you set a reasonable list price so your home will be more likely to attract a buyer.
Why Is Setting the Right List Price So Important?
Overpricing your house could cause it to linger on the market for months with little or no interest from potential buyers. You could lower your asking price later, but by then, buyers may have already shifted their focus … (1 comments)

homesellers: Creative Exterior Color Schemes for Your Home - 06/01/20 04:18 AM
If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, consider getting creative with your exterior color scheme. From shutters to doors to railings and more, whatever style home you have can be easily updated with a touch of paint. Whether you want a pop of color or something a little more muted, get inspired by this unique, fun, and creative color combinations. 
Stick to the Classics
Shades of beige, light and warm, can do wonders for a classic home. If done right, even the most basic colors can stand out. Start with a light beige on the siding and compliment with a bright … (2 comments)

homesellers: 5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior - 04/27/20 03:42 AM
Whether you’re selling your home or just looking to make some simple updates, curb appeal matters. Thankfully, updating your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. From following a smart maintenance routine to adding a splash of personality, you can spruce up your home’s exterior in no time.
Maintain Your Lawn
Your front lawn is a focal point to your home, making it one of the most important spaces to maintain. If your grass is overgrown or your trees and shrubs are dead, the first impression of your home may not be a good one. Mow your lawn, trim your trees … (4 comments)

homesellers: Curb Appeal Increase Real Estate Sales - 01/20/20 05:19 AM
The first thing a buyer notices when they pull up to a home is the curb appeal. The home’s exterior including the siding, windows, garage door, front door and roof as well as the landscaping, decks and patios all need to show well!
More Showings
Having great curb appeal will create more showings on a property. Real estate is often a numbers game, meaning the more people that see a property, the more likely it will sell. Some buyers may decide not to even go into a property if they do not like the curb appeal. A favorable curb appeal will capture a … (3 comments)

homesellers: Why It's Important to Price a Home Correctly When Selling? - 01/06/20 06:45 AM
Selling a home is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider for a successful outcome, including finding a good realtor, repairing or replacing broken things in the home, and getting all the home’s paperwork together.
The most crucial step towards selling a home, however, is deciding how to price it. Here, you will you learn the importance of pricing a home correctly along with common mistakes to avoid when putting it on the market.
Pricing your home has a big impact on it selling within your timeframe at a number you are comfortable making off of it. It takes time, thought, … (0 comments)

homesellers: Home Improvement Projects That Can Hurt Your Home's Value - 12/09/19 04:44 AM
Homeowners often renovate their homes to create enjoyment today with hopes of adding value that they can realize in the future. Not every home improvement project will increase the value or sale-ability of a home though. Some projects may even hurt a property's chance of selling. Here are a few home improvement projects to avoid:
Garage Conversion - Do not convert a garage into living space unless you add another garage to the property. You will exclude many home buyers who want a garage.
Combine Bedrooms - Do not combine two bedrooms to create a larger bedroom. This will exclude home buyers who are looking … (1 comments)

homesellers: 7 Best Home Improvement Projects - 11/26/19 02:31 AM
With the housing market rebounding, now is the time to invest in your most valuable asset. It is worth noting that certain renovation projects will bring a larger return on investment yet most projects will not provide a 100% return. This means that while you are adding equity to your property, you may not necessarily recoup all of the money spent renovating it. There are many reasons for this but it comes down to the fact that buyers are considering the whole package and not just one particular aspect. That being said, here are projects that are worth the investment. These … (4 comments)

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