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I remember six or so months ago when you would take a look at a house and know that the price was high and you could underbid. Not so, not lately. I have noticed in the last few months that if you want a house-a nice house in a good neighborhood in Southern California you have to be ready to over...
Not everyone has GPS and so we have to rely on internet driving directions. I have been burned by Mapquest and so my site of choice is Google maps. Now don’t get me wrong, Google has let me astray too. There are pros and cons to every mapping site. Here are the most popular: MapQuest Goog...
Email is now part of the daily routine. We email for work and for fun. You can change any email account (web based or not) to include a signature. This signature would be included in every one of your emails. I always put my name comma title and undeneath that line my phone number and then the UR...
I don't know about you but in order to streamline things I have a "Open House Kit". It's almost everything I need for an open house and I put it in one of those small rolling suitcases. I have pens, sign in sheets, a clipboard, extra copies of my business card, a calculator, tape, air freshner (y...
I have noticed something. My clients who are loyal are the ones i have relationships with. I try to have relationships with all my client, but it takes time to build a relationship with those who only email. I try to call or meet clients as soon as possible. I want my clients to know I will liste...
There is so much to do in Orange County, especially during the summer. I thought I would share some of the local flavor with you. I will begin with The Sawdust Festival which is an annual event in Laugna Beach. This year it will be held June 27th-August 31st 2008. This summer will actually be the...
I just finished reading a great book, The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. It was a great book, a short read with a lot of valuable and timeless lessons for life and for real estate. So, I thought I would share five reads (that have something to do with real estate). In random order: 1. The Trave...
A tornado hit the scout ranch in Little Sioux, Iowa.  93 scouts and 25 adults were divided into two groups when the storm struck. One was in camp, but the other was out hiking on the 1,800-acre Little Sioux Scout Ranch. Over forty boys were injured, four were killed. Killed were Aaron Eilerts, 14...
I work hard for my clients. Sometimes when I meet people socially they ask me if Real Estate is "all" I do or if it is something I do part-time. I know that some people use Real Estate to supplement their income but Real Estate is not a part-time job. I want to give clients the best customer serv...
I like to think of myself as a "neighborhood expert". That means I have to not only be aware of what is going on in my community, but be ready to give the information to someone else-whether they ask for it or not. I know that we all are familiar with going door to door-some of us love it and oth...

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