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  Mainstream America’s fixation with Miami is expressed in numerous Miami based TV series, movies, and reality shows. Here are a few of my favorites. SCARFACE The cocaine trade in Miami became synonymous with the city through pop culture. In 1983, the mega movie Scarface immortalized the glamour...
    Miami became the most dangerous place to live in becoming the “Drug Capital of the world” with 100,000 persons involved in the drug trade. In the 1960s and early 1970s, marijuana was the primary import drug into the region. During the 1970s, marijuana imports were replaced by the much more lu...
    Miami Beach is much more than a tropical paradise and a popular tourist destination, it is rich with history, culture, and some of the most amazing and unique architecture in the world. In the mid-1930s, the Art Deco district of Miami Beach was developed. Art Deco is the most prevalent and re...
    From a tangled jungle of mangroves, to developers goldmine, to cocaine capital, and now as one of the top international tourist destinations the story of Miami Beach is indeed a fascinating one. This 5-part blog series will take you on a journey spanning nearly 100 years…the story of Miami Be...

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