internet leads: How To Create A Landing Page That Converts - 01/23/17 02:43 PM
If you are interested in generating leads on your website, understanding what a landing page is and how to use it can be the difference between converting a visitor into a lead, and losing them to a competitor's website. No matter what you are industry you are in or what you are selling, you need to know WHERE to send your visitors to maximize your conversion ratio and generate leads.
What Is A Landing PageA landing page is a page on your website dedicated to single offering or 'call-to-action'. You can learn more about creating call-to-actions here. When a visitor on your … (3 comments)

internet leads: WiseStamp Can Pump Up Your Emails! - 09/14/11 11:54 AM
WiseStamp allows you to add a box to the bottom of your email signature that includes your social icons and latest messages that you've sent on Twitter! I am already a big fan of having something OTHER than a link to your site in your email address, and with WiseStamp, the opportunities are ENDLESS.
Many email apps like Gmail offer you the opportunity to create multiple email signatures. Once you create your default signature, go back and create all of your canned messages. Then when you open an email, just select the alternate email signature and KABOOM, there it is. Sorry … (5 comments)

internet leads: How To Export Your Facebook Friends' Contact Information - 08/16/11 03:42 AM
In the past year Google and Facebook have been “bantering” about User Privacy, and the sharing of email addresses.  Facebook didn’t want to give the contact information to Google… but now there is a way to export your Facebook Contact information!
While it’s a multiple step process, it’s not that difficult.  You might want to create an Opt-In email list and “touch” your Facebook friends with a newsletters.
This could also be important if you are trying to build your list of followers on Twitter, or find more connections on Linkedin!  Once the contacts are imported into Yahoo!, you can … (4 comments)

internet leads: SEO – 4 Real Estate Link Building Tips - 07/21/11 10:31 AM
Let’s think about SEO and Link building as if you were going to College.  If you were in Link Building Classes in school, I’d say there are probably 4 undergraduate levels, and then you get the post grad stuff like Pay for Clicks.  Figuring that we are referring to this as College Level Classes (not High School), we should first agree that individual pages and posts need to work off of a relatively narrow set of long tail keyword phrases, and each page and post needs to have the SEO done correctly for those terms.
So the first year at school, … (12 comments)

internet leads: Following Up On Internet Leads - 06/09/11 07:51 AM
It’s sad, but true that many internet leads that are generated through websites are lost, thought to be bad leads or simple thrown out. Why does this happen? I think there are two problems… first, a slick contact management system seems daunting for most of us.  But more importantly, I think agents get bored with following up with the same person, over and over again.
Research shows that when a consumer contacts you by email, they want an immediate response. NAR does expensive surveys each year that tell us the first agent to contact the customer has the best chance of … (29 comments)

internet leads: 10 Tips For Pay Per Click Ads and Keywords - 04/19/11 10:11 AM
Have you looked at your marketing budget lately and decided it's about time to do something different? One of the most effective things you can spend money on is Online Ads - often referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC).  These are ads that you do not pay for until someone CLICKS on it.
We use these at Fathom to generate leads, and you can use them too!  Here are 10 Tips for PPC Ads and Keywords:
Make your ad stand out and continue to tweak it to improve its click-thru-rate (CTR). If your click-thru rate is really high then Google … (6 comments)

internet leads: How To Tell If It's A Lead or Daffy Duck - 04/11/11 08:06 AM
Many agents offer news letters, special reports and "not to be found elsewhere lists" to attract potential buyers and sellers to contact them. While I am a big fan of generating leads and gathering contact information using one of these registration methods - requiring someone to register before they can look at homes on your site is a completely different topic.
We find that when potential buyers or sellers register online they tend to be reluctant to release their contact information.  You've probably had Daffy Duck and Anita Bath register on your site too!
If the buyer or seller is truly … (6 comments)

internet leads: Are You Targeting ANYBODY Who Can Buy or Sell? - 04/08/11 04:18 AM
Knowing who your Community is will make generating leads so much easier!
“Your Community” is just the new catch phrase for Target Audience.  Who are you trying to Generate Leads from?  Most Real Estate Agents we talk to answer that question with “Anybody who can Buy or Sell a House!” But the reality is that the most SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Practices are built on a business plan that has at its’ core a target market strategy.
This is NOT some new idea for the Digital Movement – but it certainly makes all of your work pay off faster if you know … (7 comments)

internet leads: 5 Tailored Tips for Lead Conversion - 02/07/11 02:09 AM
Do you hate it when you are in a situation where you are being SOLD non-stop?
I hate that.  And, I think MOST buyers hate it too.
I’ve written that I think there’s a “Hybrid” way to provide information to the consumer – without requiring that they register immediately.  My research and results prove this fact out.
Here are some additional Lead Conversion tips I think we should all be looking at in 2011… because we are in an era where ONE SIZE definitely doesn’t fit all!1. Do all your homework! Do you have a way to know if … (4 comments)

internet leads: The "Best" Real Estate Search For Your Buck - 02/07/11 02:01 AM
Last July Yahoo! Real Estate and Zillow announced a “partnership” that seemed like a pretty sweet deal for those in the Industry.
According to Hitwise -  a month after the announcement,  Yahoo! Real Estate beat in the battle for most website activity in August. This trend continued into September…
Yahoo Real Estate’s market share jumped to 6.95 percent from 5.87 percent in October.’s market share grew somewhat more slowly, to 6.28 percent from 5.99 percent in October.
Zillow uses Omniture statistics, and it announced in December that it received 13 million unique visitors in December… the December results … (4 comments)

internet leads: Increase Your Sales By Writing Effective Content - 02/19/10 02:54 AM
I had the honor of being part of the panel at the Dallas RainCamp event this last week. A question was asked that I thought would be valuable to share with everyone on ActiveRain. The question was, "How do you come up with content for your website and blog?". What a wonderful question ActiveBrad, thank you for asking it. I would like to share my answer and expand on it a little more.
I am a big believer in SEO and writing with purpose. The purpose of writing content for your website should consist of one goal and one goal only... closing … (6 comments)

internet leads: Drip Campaigns: Something For Everyone - 02/13/10 04:56 AM
Go ahead, bow your head in shame if you place every lead on the exact same drip campaign. Okay, that was a bad idea. You can't read with your head bowed which means you can't learn how to improve this predicament. All joking aside, if you are going to use drip campaigns to support your lead conversion efforts then it is VITAL to ensure those campaigns are speaking to your lead's desires and needs.
If an effective campaign is supposed to speak to the recipient's needs and every person has different needs then how can one campaign speak to everyone? That … (6 comments)

internet leads: Forced Registration? My $15,000 Answer! - 02/12/10 07:08 AM
It's interesting to see how many people weigh in on the debate to force registration on your website's IDX home search. You hear one side cry out to set the Internet free while the other side argues the importance of capturing more of your hard-earned website traffic as leads. I have my own opinion on this issue and with my 20 years of experience specializing in lead generation, lead conversion and lead Management, I like to pretend my opinion matters. More important than my opinion, I have tested both theories in great depth, spending $15,000 and have a more scientific conclusion … (11 comments)

internet leads: Bad Internet Leads Can Still Provide Good Info! - 02/12/10 01:04 AM
What percentage of bad leads do you get from your website? Bad phone number? Bad email address? Or maybe something more creative like Mickey Mouse or some vulgar name? The idea of how much money is wasted anytime someone registers with bad information is enough to make your hair gray prematurely... or just fall out. Let not your heart be troubled, good can still come from bad!
As stressful as a bad lead can be, some valuable information can come from the bad information. Did you know you can use a bad phone number to improve your email communication? There are times … (80 comments)

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