kanabec county real estate: Great 3 bedroom home, quiet neighborhood, large acre yard - 05/25/10 12:10 PM

kanabec county real estate: RE/MAX Select at the Derby TOMORROW NIGHT! - 07/20/07 01:48 AM
Don't forget to scream for car #3 at the Kanabec County derby tomorrow night!  Troy Murner will be driving the RE/MAX Select station wagon!  Cheer him on and wish him luck! 

kanabec county real estate: Kanabec County Parade, Tomorrow @ 6:00! - 07/20/07 01:43 AM
Don't forget about the parade!
The Kanabec County fair parade starts at 6:00, and will follow the usual route down Union Street.  Claim your spot early!  There is a nice grassy area right in front of our office if you are looking for some shade and grass!
RE/MAX Select will have a float again this year!  Make sure to say hi and wave!  We'll have candy and other goodies that we will be giving away!  What a great chance to see us, and run up that dentist bill at the same time!!! 
See you there!

kanabec county real estate: New Listing! Ten Acres, Nice House - $119,900! - 07/11/07 10:26 AM
This property is absolutely a steal!  Seller is motivated, and would like you to consider this property!
Roomy two story house located on 10 acres between Mora and Ogilvie.  Beautiful secluded yard, hidden from the road.  Home was built in 1983, and features four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Amazing loft-style office.  Beautiful staircase.   House is currently being re-sided with tan vinyl siding, and new pictures will be available soon.
Yard is large and beautiful, with lots of perennials.  It will remind you of a park.  Two car detached garage, and lots of wildlife.  Acreage is nicely wooded with mature trees. 
Wood stove and propane … (19 comments)

kanabec county real estate: What Is That Orange Horse Thing in Mora? - 07/10/07 08:57 AM
What a great question!
First, I'll show you what Wikipedia says:
"A Dalecarlian horse (Swedish: Dalahäst) is a traditional wooden statuette of a horse originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna. In the older days the dala horse was mostly a toy for children, but nowadays it is used as a symbol for Dalarna or sometimes the whole of Sweden."
The Dala Horse was originally a toy, created by woodworkers for their children.  Most often they were made of scraps left over from the creation of clocks, since that was a primary source of income in that era.
Horses were important, also, in that … (1 comments)

kanabec county real estate: How's The Market Up There in Mora? - 07/10/07 08:04 AM
I hear this question a lot.  What can I say, other than the truth? 
It is a great market in Mora, Minnesota right now.
It is great to be a Realtor in Mora Minnesota, too.
I am just loving this market.
Being a fairly new agent, I missed the real estate boom, where you sold things the day after you listed it for $20,000 more than the asking price.  I came in fighting, and I love it.
The market in Mora did notice a slight increase in business during this time, along with a slight decrease in the last year.  When I first began at … (0 comments)

kanabec county real estate: $199,900 Fantastic Acreage With Living Area, Garage, and More! - 06/15/07 04:31 AM
Take a seat, because there is a lot to read about this wonderful property! 38.9 acres located on Highway 65 approximately 13 miles north of Mora. This property has a gated driveway, and you'll drive on up to a piece of heaven! Wooded parcel makes it so you can't see the building from the road. What a dream! Post and beam construction features a 30x20 living area, which includes a kitchen, bathroom, and living/sleeping area. Fantastic wood stove for heat, appliances, sinks, and fresh paint and flooring. Plumbing is done, you just need to add a well and septic! 30x20 garage … (4 comments)

kanabec county real estate: For Sale By Owner - One Thing To Remember During Your Open House - 05/31/07 05:07 AM
When I'm driving around and see an open house being held by the owner, I like to stop by for a few reasons. 
I like to know my marketSeeing the home is great when trying to produce a market analysis for other homes in the areaI am knowledgable about the property if a buyer ever asks, or I can work with you if I come across a buyer in your price rangeThere are a few things I have noticed that I would like to bring to your attention when hosting your own open house.  These are just a few tips that … (0 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Five Days Off? Are You Kidding Me??? - 05/24/07 10:41 AM
I am a real estate agent through and through.  I took to it like a duck to water.
Cell phone?  Check.
Obsession with office voicemail?  Check.
PA's and listing agreements neatly compiled in my car?  Check.
So naturally, when my fiancee, Nick, said he wanted to go camping for Memorial Weekend...... I asked how long we would be gone.
We do this every year, and I've always been super excited.
Right now I'm having a panic attack.
We're leaving tonight, coming back sometime on TUESDAY.  TUESDAY, people!
I'm freaking out.
What if someone calls?  What if there is a question that someone needs answered?  What if a PA comes in????
WHAT IF … (15 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Top Ten Reasons to Use a Local REALTOR - 05/21/07 06:29 AM
10. A local REALTOR knows the competition in your price range in your area - VERY well.
9. A local REALTOR can frequently update pictures in the MLS as the seasons and scenery change.
8. A local real estate agent often has buyers in the area, resulting in more showings right away, and possibly a quicker closing.
7. A local agent is nearby in case you have any changes you want made to the MLS, or ever have any questions.
6. Are available to do a short notice showing (if the sellers allow) because they are close by.
5. A local agent is nearby, in case … (8 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Friends, Associates, Blog Subscriptions.... My How Life Has Changed! - 05/17/07 09:13 AM
When you click on "My Home" at the top of your screen, what do YOU see?
I know what I see. I see today's most recent blogs. It's what's to the right that shocks me.
My subscribed blogs. Millions upon millions of subscribed blogs.
Okay, not millions, but definitely a lot!
I click on associations. Millions of associations.
Okay, once again, I do tend to exaggerate, but you get the idea.
I LOVE having "friends" in real estate. I love having people I can send referrals to, people who share their ideas with me, and people who are knowledgable, creative, caring, and fun. I love to hear … (2 comments)

kanabec county real estate: My Flyers! My Expired Letter! It's ME You Want To Talk To!!! - 05/17/07 07:12 AM
I have a problem, and it's very perplexing. I flyer, I farm, and I send out expired letters.
There IS response. That's not the problem.
The problem is that they don't remember who I am.
The call the office or stop by. They remember RE/MAX. Most don't admit that it was a flyer that made them stop here. But as they call or come in and are describing the place, I'm thinking "I flyered them! They haven't worked with anyone, they don't ask for anyone, what am I doing wrong????"
They end up talking to whoever is on floor, which so far has not been … (90 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Can't We All Be Friends???? - 05/15/07 07:20 AM
I love going out and meeting other agents.  I love learning about them, seeing their listings, the way they act, things they do to stage a home... I just love it. 
For example.  Recently, an agent called our office and talked to our broker.  Her office is in Ramsey, and she has a listing here in Mora.  The hard part about that is that you aren't familiar with the competition.  I feel sorry for her, because she called our broker, saying that she had gotten feedback from one of the agents here in the office, and their opinion was that it … (8 comments)

kanabec county real estate: MySpace networking - just isn't AR, is it? - 05/10/07 09:44 AM
I have been MySpace networking for months upon months.  Before I was even licensed, I was making friends "in the biz" on MySpace.  But has it helped?
I've gotten a few leads off of myspace.  They have been cold leads, but they are still some.  I just maintain my presence, helpful attitude, and girly layout.  I blog, I add more friends, I comment for birthdays.  Somehow, however, I find I would rather spend my time on AR.
AR gives me rankings in google searches, knowledge, opinions, and fun.  I have become spoiled, looking no further than blogs for marketing ideas, advice on farming, and … (20 comments)

kanabec county real estate: You Crazy Cat! - 05/10/07 07:24 AM

I don't know what to do about "Briggy Monster".
She has turned into a monster.  Recently I came home to a window carelessy left open by Nick, and a screen sliced open by Briggs.
I was quite upset.
A week later, I came home after dark, and standing in the middle of the road was none other than Briggy.  Examination of the house showed that another window (NICK!) was left open, and Briggy pushed the screen out.
Last night I came home, and Nick was outside.  I went in the house, and there was no sign of Briggy.  I raced around, checking all the windows, … (32 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Busy Month, Busy Joslyn! - 05/09/07 10:13 AM
So May is underway, and my life has become absolutely CRAZY!  What am I doing, you ask?  Well, let's review!
Saturday, May 12th - Start my weekend off right!  We have an Encore School of Music Recital, with 3 different times if you are interested in going.  It takes place at Grace Lutheran Church in Mora, and there will be a variety of performers.  Check it out - you'll be impressed
Fishing opener is that day, too.  You can bet that Saturday afternoon I will be out on the lake fishin' away!  The only hard part?  Deciding WHICH lake to go to!!!  Nick and … (1 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Why I Love Working For My Broker! - 05/08/07 04:23 AM
Some people say "Joslyn, you didn't even bother to look at other companies.  What were you thinking???"
I was thinking that I knew who I trusted, and knew I loved this office.
Some of you know, and some of you don't, that I started here as the receptionist.  I had interviewed for a position as a receptionist elsewhere, but didn't get hired.  An ex-broker had interviewed, and got the position. 
When I started here, I wasn't sure how it was going to go.  Everyone watched everything I did, and didn't trust me a bit.  That faded with time.  I just watched and observed.  … (8 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Why I Don't Take Pictures For Other REALTORS Anymore! - 05/08/07 03:22 AM
So I'm fairly new, as most of you know, but I thought I'd throw this little story out there.  I'm sure there are many other good stories, but it's still funny, and definitely worth a blog post!
Don't know about the contest?  Check it out here!
I have a manufactured home that needs to be moved, and was discussing with another agent in my office how it may be beneficial to do a combined ad in the paper with my manufactured and a plot of land that she has listed where a manufactured home would be okay to move in.  She, like me, … (28 comments)

kanabec county real estate: HomeGain - anyone familiar? - 05/07/07 07:47 AM
I've found that when I search google for "real estate agent Mora Minnesota", I'm only topped by two things. One is GMAC real estate (No problem, I'll overcome that obstacle soon!!!) and the other is homegain.  I went online and checked it out, but I was curious if anyone here on AR is familiar with it.  It boasts getting so many leads a month, but I don't know how I'd get that many leads considering the area that I'm working.  I live in a small town, after all.  I also wonder how I'm going to knock them down in the searches.   I … (82 comments)

kanabec county real estate: Encore Recital - You should check it out! - 05/07/07 07:11 AM
On May 12th, Encore School of Music is having their spring recital!  There is a general recital at 9:30 AM, String recital at noon, and another general recital at 2:00.  My students and I will be performing at the 2:00 recital.  There will be flute solos, a duet, and a trio, along with other students and faculty.  Recital will be held at Grace Lutheran Church in Mora.  Tickets are available at the door.  Questions?  Call me, or call Encore at 320-679-7770. 
Encore School of Music offers lessons for all instruments and voice.  I teach woodwinds (clarinet, flute, sax, oboe), beginning piano, … (0 comments)

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