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This information was shared by HouseMaster Home Inspection Company -  Berthoud, Chuck [cberthoud@housemaster.com] With the snow & ice we have been experiencing this winter, I think it information worth sharing!  That impressive formation of ice along the roof edge of a house after a snow storm m...
http://techsavvyagent.com/twitter/twitterisstupid-aka-please-help-me/ In my research to discover why or if I should learn to use Twitter I found this website.  It has some great information that I thought I would share with the rest of you that are unsure about the benefits of Twitter. Happy Twee...
POWER OF INFORMATION - Suggested Websites available for additional information on managing risk.  I did some research into sites that would be helpful to me as a broker as well as to our HR department.  I hope you find them helpful too.   •·         ADA - http://www.ada.gov/  •·         Antitrust...
 I got this from HomeChek, a home inspection company that sends out newsletters for us to share.  I thought this was some good advice to an question that all of us have probably thought at one time or another. Q. What is up with the increasing rudeness in the workplace, and how do I get people I ...
It's deinitely better to get it right in the beginning.  Typically you don't all of this information for a preapproval, but you will need to to get the loan commitment.  These items - not to mention credit history are critical in obtaining a mortgate.When a potential client calls me one of the qu...
Baby it's cold outside   . . . we all know that song and have been thinking if not saying it for many weeks now.  We've barely recovered from the holidays and a lot of people are coughing, sniffing and even worse!  It's a good excuse to not exercise.  But I have been told that when it's cold and ...
My amazing assistnat is trying to get me to start "tweeting". . . I actually have a tweet account already and when I sent an email, the link to join my tweet is in my signature line. . . but I never tweet.  She recently sent me this in an email.  I am sure she copied it from a TWEET website, but ...
Home Staging - What is it and do you need it as a seller? Home Staging is not a new concept but it is still relatively new to Central Pennsylvania.  People generally tell us that they don't have money to spend or don't want put any money into their home before they list it!  This is not a wise co...
Tax Deductions for Rental Homes By: Donna Fuscaldo While being a landlord certainly has its cons, tops among its pros are the tax deductions for rental homes enjoyed by owners. Maintaining a rental property typically requires a commitment of about four hours per week. Image: Image Source/Getty Im...
The best way to generate a positive ripple effect among your clients is to make a deliberate effort to increase the quality and quantity of the service you render.  Testimonials are an excellent way to harness the power of your positive ripple effect. When a client goes out of his or her way to c...

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