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Where will you be next Friday evening at 7:30? Saturday morning at 10:00? Tuesday at 9:30 AM? If you are planning to sell your home "by owner", you'd better plan to be home by the phone every day. 24 - 7. . . can you be there to answer calls 24 - 7?  Here's why. Serious, qualified buyers may call...
  I know that this is NOT terrific news, but it is the news of the economic market as of November 2011.  I thought it was interesting to compare 2005/2006 to 2010/2011 to see what differences there were in our home sale statistics.  I am not sharing this with you to discourage you, but to tell y...
The American Heart Assocation does so much for the community - communities all over!  My father-in-law had heart issues and so I am very grateful to The American Heart Assocation and what they do to provide services and cures for heart diease.  They have over 16 major events that raise awareness...
I know that Saturday was a local business promation day.  I have a few local business women I would like to mention/promote and thought I would start with Karen Parody from Harrisburg, PA Karen's father was terminally ill with cancer. Like many people we know, cancer treatments do a number on a ...
One significant mistake people often make when gauging the future is to view the future as a simple extension of today. In other words, they view the economy as static – especially after a period of turmoil – and they forget that economies, populations, and wealth continue to grow. Warren Buffett...
Although the world situation has changed in past months and there is much apprehension over the economy here at home, there is a bright spot for those wanting to buy a home. Interest rates that were already at 30/40-year lows, have now fallen to all time lows. For homebuyers, that means three sub...
The Patriot News (Pennlive.com) announced that the The 2010 National Christmas Tree in Washington will be visiting Hershey, PA tomorrow and Sunday.  National Christmas tree The tree is currently scheduled to spend two days of its 20-day national tour in Hershey. It will arrive on Nov. 26 for a di...
IMAGINE. . . A beautiful new cottage styled home with welcoming charm that is not oversized but is big enough to meet the needs of you and your family. Imagine this home placed on a generous half acre lot backed by mature trees with plenty of space to host a family picnic, play catch with the kid...
Tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY!  The biggest bargain shopping days of the year, I have friends and family that plan their route for weeks prior to tomorrow.  It's a crazy day that some of us choose to ignore.  Have you ever shopped a "bargain basement" sale at a large department store? Merchandise that...
So, you have to sell your home in the winter time which is infamously known as the slowest, dreariest season of all for home selling.  Cheer up!  HOMES SELL IN THE WINTER!  You can use staging, the reduced competition and some seasonal opportunities to your advantage.  You wouldn't necessarily ch...

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