listings: Referral Fee's: Let's Break it Down - 07/29/14 05:48 PM
How many times have to referred a client to a fellow agent and not gotten anything in return? It happens a lot. I feel like it should be just common courtesy. They gave you business. For whatever reason, they gave you a potential client. Potential clients are better than no clients. 
Referral fees really aren't a set amount. It's just an unspoken thing. Which is why I feel like a lot of agents don't give anything; because they don't know. But I'm putting it out there, Give something. It doesn't have to be a percentage of the sale! It can be … (0 comments)

listings: Let's Break it Down: Curb Appeal - 06/20/14 03:21 PM
Curb Appeal.
Google defines it as the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street. That is true. People will buy the house if they like the way it looks!
People probably won't buy a house that has a couple of shingles missing, or a bad paint job, or broken mailbox. 
Well actually, there's this new thing called flipping houses... 
Yeah! People will buy those houses that need a little extra coat of paint or a wall to be broken down. But that's not the intention you should go in with listing a house. 

listings: 50 Helpful Hints for your next Showing or Open House - 06/09/14 02:25 PM
Here are a couple of tips for the next time your showing a home or hosting an Open House!
A neat and tidy fron lawn is important. Cut the grass and trim the hedges and shrubs. Plant extra flowers for color or put containers filled with blooming flowers near the front door.  Spruce up your landscaping with fresh or rearranged plants. Remove all the dead limbs and debris. Rake the lawn and sweep the sidewal and driveway. Patch any holes. Repair and paint or stain your fence. Put away lawn equipment and arrange outoor items neatly.  Clean, stain or paint your … (0 comments)

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