clients: A Day in the life... Saturday morning - 02/18/21 06:41 AM
This is BS (Before the
I thought clients and others might enjoy seeing what happens on a day in the life of a local REALTOR. This video, complete with the going back to the beginning in my car because I forgot to get the shsots the first time, is a small, very small insight. 
People often think showing a house(s) or writing a contract is the major part of the business... it is up there but not the hardest nor most involved. It all comes down to a point I have heard Brian Buffini and Tom Ferry make over and over again." … (1 comments)

clients: A Christmas Gift From The Greatest Generation - 12/11/18 03:33 PM
1970 I was just out of the Army as a Captain and had returned home. I had a job (not related to real estate) and as I went to work the first day, I got off of the elevator and there was a little man, big booming voice, great smile, bald head and standing at attention, snapping a salute "I just wanted to tell you welcome home" and so I got to know Huston. More importantly I learned a lot from him. 
Huston entered the service during WWII. In 1946 he was shipped back from Europe. Married, got a job, bought a house … (20 comments)

clients: What Does Monday, Jan 4th Hold? - 01/02/16 11:10 PM
Well, it is the first real working day of the new year. Lots of resolutions to keep or break. But while all that is true I also have an offer to get accepted; an offer on  HUD property to put to bed, a showing and a new listing to post. 
In early November I watched a video by Tom Ferry about how to have a great January. His comments in a nutshell we're start working now. It struck a chord and I followed his advice. Besides the above I currently have nine pendings closing in Jan and Feb. soon 11. 
Like Ferry suggests, … (3 comments)

clients: PSST...WANNA HOT $$ TIP... Community Service... or Networking at its best - 10/02/07 01:47 AM
Our business depends upon people. All kinds of people. All levels of socio-economic strata.
There are a trillion people out there trying to tell us how to do it better, reach the people... bigger and better farms, internet marketing, systems, relational selling, ninja selling, and the list goes on and on. There are lots of people waiting to part us from our money all in the name of helping us make more money. Most simply (ok, many) just don't produce desired results. It is either not there in the first place or the agent yawns, writes the check and promptly goes back to … (13 comments)

clients: My first listing, name tag and a close call - 06/03/07 03:36 AM
I was reading a blog on AR about not knowing where your next client is coming from. (Good blog and comments by the way.) I remembered an experience I had as a new agent with a name tag.
I was late for an appointment with an HR type to present some material for relocation. The office was located in a business park where there was also a railroad.  I saw where the office was and crossed the tracks. As I started to pull into the parking lot I noticed a blue light in the rear view mirror. " I'll really be late." … (9 comments)

clients: Internet Customers or Clients or how to close a deal long distance - 05/22/07 02:23 AM
Curious. I had a customer that I sold and almost the whole transaction was via the internet. (By the way I use customer instead of client as I don't think the internet can foster a client relationship). This guy appears at my office one day to see a house located in our market area. He is an MD from out of town that is here on a contract. His wife who is Swiss and also an MD (he was from Lebanon) was living in Lebanon. She saw the house on line and emailed him. We went and looked. He emailed her. I … (5 comments)

clients: Beginners Market Plan for Success - 04/23/07 02:38 AM
So you have decided that Real estate is the way for you. life style, hours, money etc. Hmmmm could be but you might want to look at your business plan.... or if you don't have one create one. Otherwise it will be none of the above. Buyers don't just call and sellers don't just drop out of the sky. So here are some ideas to help our:
1. Hours... best described as long and hard. Try getting to the office before 8:30 Monday through Saturday. The old addage "the early bird catches the worm" is still true. After you are established you … (4 comments)

clients: Prospects vs Clients - 04/11/07 05:38 PM
Do you maintain a sphere of influence list, client list or mailing list? Is there a difference?
You bet there is!
When we first start out we are advised to create a sphere of influence. This is a list of people we could be expected to mail or contact about Real Estate and get at least a familiar reception. Gradually, over time, this becomes a mailing list. That is, it is a list of names that we add to from time to time and when the urge strikes we send them a letter or post card or perhaps flier. If we are really … (2 comments)

clients: Dual Agency - 02/03/07 05:29 AM
In Washington Real Estate it is permitted for an agent to be a dual agent (represent both the buyer and seller on a transaction). Naturally, it has to be disclosed and both the buyer and seller need to agree to it .Many if not most agents will act as a dual agent. However, I don't like it and usually won't. I think the potential for liability is too high and certainly the appearance of conflict or actual conflict of interest makes me uncomfortable!Honestly, how can you negotiate for one party when you know what the other party will do? How can … (3 comments)

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