market: 2018 one for the record books? - 01/19/18 07:59 AM
Who knows and frankly who cares?
My point is we seem to all get caught up about will it be a good year or if a bad year what to do? I guess there is some benefit in that. But, frankly, just relax and go with the flow. No matter if the market is good, bad or indifferent there will ALWAYS be people wanting to buy or sell. The trick is to find them. Then provide a high level of service so they will refer to you in future markets. 
I'm a dinosaur that was around when interest rates were 20%... and we sold … (0 comments)

market: Do Fear And Greed Drive The Market? - 05/30/13 04:09 AM
When you reduce sales to the most basic element the answer has to be yes.... fear that someone else will get the item, or something will happen to make it unattainable and greed that we can make money now, or get the best price, or grab off a bargain.
I think this is especially true today. At least in my market, the forces in play are setting up the perfect scenario for Fear and Greed. Whether it is logical or not, whether data supports continued sales, rates, etc doesn't make a difference... but perception does and perception opens the door to fear and … (1 comments)

market: Wenatchee Unemployment at a new low - 07/20/07 02:03 AM
We have and have had a good real estate market.
It shows some cracks and some indications of decline but not a flat out free fall. Too many positive factors. Our market is fueled by recreation, retirement and job growth. here is an article from the local paper about jobs in NCW . It mentions the decline in residential construction jobs as a side note. Actually according to the builders and contractors i talk to the lack of lots and slow down in application time for lots and new construction have caused a backlog and some of the decline in that sector.

market: Market News - 03/23/07 02:09 AM
Seems like all the news of late is about sub-prime. There has been a decided shift away from the infamous "bubble" I wonder where the sky will fall next? I am not sitting here with blinders but I do believe that each "major" story will fall into the "this too shall pass" category. The problem as I see it isn't soo much the messenger but the message. The constant and never ending hype of this or that catastrophe leads people to yawn. Then when it really does get real... everyone is looking elsewhere and real damage is done.
There are sooo many … (1 comments)

market: Slow Year?? Not here! - 03/21/07 06:32 AM
Since 1/1/07 our office has 18% of the listings, 30% of the pendings and 28% of the sold sales in our MLS. If we add in our Leavenworth office the numbers get even better.
A lot of credit goes to the work of our broker in hearding this group of chickens around. But mostly just hard work by an outstanding group of agents that don't compete but support one another and know their markets. This in a local asswociation that has 25 members!
Really what I am talking about is listening, name recognition, corporate support (training, legal, materials, etc) and good ole … (0 comments)

market: 2007 off to a good start in Wenatchee - 02/28/07 03:01 PM
First off, as bad as some would have you believe 2006 was, it was the third best year, nationally, since NAR started keeping statistics (1952). What is always of interest is Real estate is largely a local issue controlled by local events. As a result what is happening in San Diego is not Tulsa nor Dallas. Seattle is not Wenatchee and so forth. Certain national events and trends may effect the local market but we have also seen examples of local markets going the exact opposite of national. So (as I have said before), my reality is what is here, it is … (0 comments)

market: 2007 Market in Wenatchee - 02/10/07 01:00 AM
Had lunch with the manager of one of the Title Companies yesterday and the day before that with a local lender. We discussed the coming marketing year and our expectations. All of us believe the year will be another strong year in River City (Wenatchee). In fact 30 days ago I was opining "good but not quite as good as last year" now I think it may be as good or close to it. Of course a lot can happen.
January pendings (at our office) were ahead of a year ago by about 20%. Personally, on the 9th of Feb I have already written … (1 comments)

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