sales: Good Week For Listings & Sales - 10/16/21 10:51 AM
Listed three homes and had three offers accepted. And that was in a 6 day week! The market is good! Not crazy good but good. My opinion is the market has slowed a little but that is mostly in response to being overheated and it needed to calm a little. Further more sellers are coming into the market giving more selection to buyers and now not every deal is multiple offers and there is choice. Finally the last few weeks have seen interest rates rise marginally but a rise in rates. This makes sellers more willing to take a plunge before … (2 comments)

sales: How Newbies (or for that matter Oldies) Can Get Business - 10/31/15 11:52 PM
Reading AR this morning, there seem to be a lot of posts and questions about how to get clients. So I thought I would add my two cents, since it has been a long time since I last posted.
First of all the question should reall be "how do I get and keep clients" If you are only worried about the getting you wont be in business long.
Next many seem to think there is a quick and easy way. Not so; not going to happen. One thing and one ting only will help you get and keep clients ... WORK...TaDa... not very … (2 comments)

sales: Your Most Unusual Transaction - Transaction Horror Stories For Newbies - 07/17/13 02:04 AM
I thought it migh be interesting to share some stories of transactions that went sideways or that had unusual twists...
1. The Closing that Wasn't: I had been an agent just a few months. One of my very first sales and it was time to go to the closing to have my buyers sign the documents. As we sat around the table and the escrow officer passed the documents to sign, the husband took a look at the first documents and announced "I can't sign this... it is made out incorrectly" We were perplexed and asked why. He then reached in … (1 comments)

sales: Do Fear And Greed Drive The Market? - 05/30/13 04:09 AM
When you reduce sales to the most basic element the answer has to be yes.... fear that someone else will get the item, or something will happen to make it unattainable and greed that we can make money now, or get the best price, or grab off a bargain.
I think this is especially true today. At least in my market, the forces in play are setting up the perfect scenario for Fear and Greed. Whether it is logical or not, whether data supports continued sales, rates, etc doesn't make a difference... but perception does and perception opens the door to fear and … (1 comments)

sales: Making the business flow - 11/05/12 03:11 AM
Over this last weekend I was in Seattle visiting a friend that has a catering business in Seattle. His business is strictly high end and he does zero advertising! Everything is word of mouth and he is booked up well in advance...even during the last few years he was booked when others were trying to figure out what hit them. The secret to his success; keep the overhead low, provide a premium product and be sure your level of service and customer  response is very high. He does so well that some others have even asked to borrow his staff and have him … (27 comments)

sales: Wenatchee Real Estate Agent, Perrin Cornell and also a REALTOR - 07/04/12 04:23 AM
I used that headline to make a point. Specifically what do you do? I think too many agents, especially new agents, only have a vague idea of what they are and what they do. Ask..."I sell real estate" ok but is that all..."no I help people buy too" Oh I see... you get my point I think.
To be successful you have to have a vision of who you are and what you do. That includes trying to define your market too... both geographically and segment wise. For example, I sell real estate in Wenatchee Washington... I do not try to service the … (2 comments)

sales: Talk to me about negotiation... - 01/28/12 02:11 AM
Last May (2011) I got involved in a farm that the owner wanted to sell. Didn't need to sell but made sense from a business point. It was a large organic farm of about 200 acres though only about 150 was planted. Got the basic information and provided it to a buyer. About 30 days in I met the buyer and their rep at the property and we spent an afternoon touring the site and talking to some of the staff. Then followed more requests for information. Finally an offer was delivered but it was $800,000 under the asking price. Sellers … (3 comments)

sales: SO YOU THINK INTEREST RATES ARE LOW NOW?? - 11/01/11 02:21 AM
Well they are, but here is an interesting chart from a friend at Peoples Bank (Darel Ansley who blogs here) that shows a very interesting perspective on rates... take a look.
By current standards rates are low... but they have been lower... in the late 40's to about 1950 they were lower and helped fuel the growth that was to come later on. Also i remember doing mortgages during the 80's when the rate spiked... water cooler conversation was "gee if rates would just get back down to 12% we could really do some business"... and we did
Throughout all of … (5 comments)

sales: Have We Bounced Off Of The Bottom Yet? - 08/20/10 01:59 AM
Lots of dismal news lately. Recently something to the effect that most homeowners think their home will continue to decline in value. Talk of doing away with Fanny and Freddie... here's a test...look up disinter-mediation (as it applies to the mortgage market) now do you really think they should go? But I digress...
I try not to dwell on the negative and I certainly believe that real estate is local. Also we can all agree none of us can tell the future (besides goats entrails are difficult to find lately). So that said here is MY experience (since real estate is … (39 comments)

sales: Making 2009 A Year To Remember...Starts NOW! - 12/30/08 12:17 AM
If 2008 wasn't the money maker you expected then perhaps we can kick 2009 up a notch or two!
Over the last few years, face it we have been spoiled. Easy business and inflated markets and commissions allowed us to get sloppy. It seemed business was everywhere and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Now many agents are dropping out and others are worried about the future. Business appears to have dried up. But I can guarantee you this... REAL ESTATE SELLS IN YOUR MARKET ALMOST EVERY DAY! At 12/31/08 there will be some agents with sales and some without. … (13 comments)

sales: Flat Fee..pot holes or smooth sailing? - 04/12/08 02:51 AM
I just read the following entry on Flat Fee broker and got to thinking about a new brokerage in our area that is listing and giving access to the MLS for $300 plus offering the selling office (in this instance) $4,500.  Anyone is free to pursue their own business model. However, this is not about business model but rather the pit falls that are out there... and not just on the homeowners side. In fact lets, pretty much leave the homeowner (advertising promotion etc) out as those issues are well discussed elsewhere.
First, a general comment. We each live and work in different areas … (19 comments)

sales: Wenatchee and NCW Market Data - 04/24/07 09:38 AM
A banker friend called me about data for our local MLS. His bank, heraring all the press was concerned about what is happening East of the mountains. So here is the data I provided. Note it is through 4/24 and for the entire MLS if we carve out Wenatchee and Residential only it gets better:
AS OF 4/22/07
                                                            FEB                 MAR               APR
ACTIVE LISTINGS                            620                  895                  1110
            Days on mkt                             162                  119                  93
PENDING LISTINGS             132                  163                  153 **
      Adj for mo end**                                                                           180**
            Days on mkt                             65                    56                    67
CLOSED LISTINGS                           137                  122                  207
  Days on mkt/process time                   84/60               68/59               61/41
                        (NOTE above … (4 comments)

sales: Niche Marketing - 03/29/07 05:07 PM
Recently, on one of my blogs, someone mentioned "niche marketing".  As the market is getting bigger, rules are getting more complex and clients are demanding more, there has been a growth in the so call niche marketing adherents. A few years ago we would simply have called someone a specialist. Over on the Seattle PI Real Estate Professional Blog one of the regular bloggers has carved out a niche that includes pets (I think I also read that Seattle has more dogs than children so that might work). My friend Geordie Romer who blogs on Active rain works the Leavenworth/Lake Wenatchee market. I … (3 comments)

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