selling: 2018 one for the record books? - 01/19/18 07:59 AM
Who knows and frankly who cares?
My point is we seem to all get caught up about will it be a good year or if a bad year what to do? I guess there is some benefit in that. But, frankly, just relax and go with the flow. No matter if the market is good, bad or indifferent there will ALWAYS be people wanting to buy or sell. The trick is to find them. Then provide a high level of service so they will refer to you in future markets. 
I'm a dinosaur that was around when interest rates were 20%... and we sold … (0 comments)

selling: A Man's (or Woman's) Home Is Their Castle - 11/17/13 09:25 AM

At least that is how the old saying goes. But if you are thinking of selling you may want to forget the castle aspect and work towards common interest. I'm not an over the top supporter of "staging" because unless done well it looks just that, staged and sterile. That can be almost as big a turn off as clutter. 
Please do not misunderstand I am not putting staging down...not at all. But I believe a home that is orderly, clean and well thought out ,along staging lines, but yet still feels lived in has the best chance to sell. A home looking … (0 comments)

selling: Market Pricing - Now there is a novel idea! - 11/01/09 03:33 AM
This morning I read the following post and I agree! (See below). In fact I had to chime in with more thoughts.
We have all seen them... overpriced and out of the market but still in MLS. Before going on I have to subscribe to full disclosure and that is I have had a few too... but some of the ones I see I would be embarrassed to have listed at that price. So whats the deal?
First from "04 to now, even with recent attrition there are a lot of comparatively new agents that just have not really dealt in a flat … (10 comments)

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