buying: 10 Things NOT To Do When Buying a Home - 08/06/15 06:39 AM
We, as real estate agents, see issues that ‘kill’ a home buying transaction or severely impact a transaction due to the buyers behavior before purchasing a home and during the transaction. So follow these tips, if you are a buyer, to make your transaction as clean and smooth as possible. Contact us if you have any questions -

buying: Is Curb Appeal Important? - 06/10/15 08:04 AM
It has been argued that curb appeal isn't as important as it was before home shopping was available on the internet, when prospective buyers used to just drive around neighborhoods they liked looking for For Sale signs. I disagree. On our local Multiple Listing System (MLS) we are required to post either a picture of the front of the home or a view from the home as the first photo. From the MLS that first photo is put on several other websites. That photo needs to entice people to look at the rest of the information and other pictures available. 
Additionally the front of … (1 comments)

buying: Bright and Cheery! - 04/01/15 05:43 AM

This 1,600+ square feet home is bright, cheery, clean and ready for you to move in! This home has been well taken care of and updated with great care to style and quality. Make it your own with some paint and great accessories!
The back yard is beautiful and simple to manage. Enjoy entertaining in the back yard right off the dining room.
Have I peeked your intrest? For a personal tour of this home give us a call at (206) 686-9345 or visit our website!


buying: Location, Location, Location! - 02/26/15 06:19 AM

Bathrooms can be added, flooring can be changed, trees can be planted and garages can be built. The one thing you can't change about a property is where it is located. A building actually depreciates over time due to age, however the land appreciates in value over time.
A property near amenities, and in a desirable location can get a much higher purchase price than an identical property in a less desirable area. With the erratic price of gas, less people are willing to commute long distances on a daily basis.
This home we have listed in Everett is close to … (1 comments)

buying: Good Bones - 02/08/15 11:33 AM
What should you look for if you are looking for a home to remodel?
Buyers and investors should look for a home that has "good bones." By good bones we mean that the home is structurally sound, with a solid foundation and a solid structure. Things like foundations, electrical, plumbing and roofs can become very expensive and complicated to repair. If a home you are looking to purchase needs any of those repairs I would suggest getting an additional inspection by a licensed expert before purchasing. During the home remodel process it is very rare for things to cost less than anticipated. … (1 comments)

buying: The importance of going inside a home - 01/26/15 04:40 AM
When my clients send me a huge list of homes they would like to view, I will often tell them to drive by them first before we make an appoitment to go inside. Here is what a buyer should and what you should try to ignore when driving by.
Do Look At:
The commute and the condition of the streets. Is this home in a convenient location for you? Are you willing to commute to this area for years. If you use public transit where is the nearest bus stop? How are the sidewalks? What is the overall condition of the … (3 comments)

buying: Pro Tip: Buy the worst house in the best area - 01/22/15 02:16 PM
A huge-beautiful house in an undesirable area isn't going to sell for as much as it would in a more desirable area. The homes around it will drag the value down. On the flip side, if you buy the worst house in the best area every penny you spend on that home in renovations you will get back.
For example this home is a fixer in a very desirable neighborhood. This home is PERFECT for a flip. It is structurally sound but could use some cosmetic work.
This Jaunita neighborhood of Copperwood is a prized cul de sac showcasing this … (1 comments)