I was leaving for my first appointment of the day recently and I was admiring the beautiful sunny day and freshly green grass of spring.  But wait, there are dandelions everywhere!  Dandelions: the destroyer of lawns and enemy of the weekend gardener.  Ugh, need to weed and feed this weekend. ...
  I know it's been a long time coming, but good things often are.  After a long, dreary and particularly chilly, winter.  Spring is finally here.    And perhaps Spring in the economic sense also.  The news, as we are all aware of, has not been good.  Economic, political and spiritual crisis still...
  OKAY, HERE'S WHERE I GO MEDIEVAL ON Y'ALL:  We saw it throughout most of 2008 especially the last two quarters:  Home sellers with nice homes, in okay condition at what was considered (in their minds) to be a good price.  And they waited and waited and frustration grew and they waited some more...
  Okay so maybe a village isn't enough these days.  Lin put it best: "The village is more like and ARMY!" So here are your additions to the list of irreplaceable members of our home selling army: photographer landscaper exterminator radon/mold remediator chimney sweep cleaning crew How appropria...
  It takes a village...           We've all heard it said, ala Hillary Clinton: "it takes a village to raise a child".  Well I'm not sure I completely agree with that, however, I'm beginning to realize it does take one to sell a house!  Enlisting the help of a village may seem overwhelming to som...
 With today's headlines screaming about global warming, over consumption and the impending destruction of our world, most people are becoming ever more conscious about how they consume and what they can do to reduce waste.  As a business owner and resident of this world, I often revisit whether ...
      Where do buyers first view a home?  If you think buyers are seeing your house or listing for the first time on a Sunday afternoon drive-by, think again.  Today's buyer shops for homes just like most other products: on line.   Now, more than ever, Realtors and sellers need to pay special att...
  Which photos will buyers be most intrigued by?                                                                                                       Staged by Refined Design                                                                                     Staged by Refined Design, Artwork by ...
In this ultra-competitive marketplace vacant homes can take twice as long to sell as furnished ones.  Why?  Buyers sometimes have a difficult time visualizing how their belongings will work within a space.  Sellers, face it.  The new curb appeal, or drive- by, is actually viewing a listing on-lin...
 Okay, so the game does't really have anything to do with real estate.  However, who wouldn't want to own real estate and live in Central Ohio, home of THE Ohio State University.  Buckeye fever keeps us mighty warm during these cold months. (yes, I am totally freaking out, won't be sleeping much ...

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