santa clarita real estate agent views: 5378 Elm Spring Frisco Texas 75034 - 03/08/08 05:46 AM
Thinking of moving to Frisco?  No, not that Frisco, I'm talking about the lone star state of Texas!  This is where you can get more cattle under your hat.  Take a look at this home in the exclusive executive Starwood Estates at 5378 Elm Spring Frisco Texas.  I remember the first time visiting my brother in law Nick Gianis and driving down the highway in Frisco Texas asking myself when they were going to update or take down these roadside signs for homes for sale at those old prices.  To my surprise those signs were not old those prices were current asking prices!! … (2 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Emergency Expo 2008 at the College of the Canyons - 02/28/08 08:15 AM
What would you do in the event of a disaster?  Call 911?, Call your mother?
Most likely in the event of a disaster you may not be able to reach these two.  What now?  What steps should you take to protect your family and those you love?
Well that is what the Emergency Expo is all about in a friendly, not threatening manner.  These are important questions we must be able to answer in the event of an emergency.  This expo empowers you with those tools and resources to be prepared for these types of events.  There are booths set up throughout the expo … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: ActiveRain Network What my 100th post and 25K points mean to me - 02/25/08 06:17 PM
As I reflect on my ActiveRain membership and what I have experienced, the overall assessment is that this network of real estate professionals has enriched my life in so many ways. 
I achieved two milestones recently in our ActiveRain community.  One was to accumulate 25K in points, and the other was writing my 100th post.  They were not my motivations to blog, just roadway signs on the side of the information superhighway. Looking back I cannot believe I have achieved both of these milestones within a few days of each other and in my first year blogging on this forum.  I am … (16 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Foreclosure Prevention Consumer Workshop in San Fernando California - 02/23/08 05:02 PM
The Foreclosure Prevention Consumer Workshop will be held this March 15th  from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. at Cesar Chavez Recreation Center in the city of San Fernando.  This event is Hosted by Senator Alex Padilla and Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes.  There will likely be representatives from the State Consumer Services Agency, Business Transportation and Housing Department, Freddie Mac, and the Department of Corporations.
I am on a temporary assignment representing a "Major lender" as a Field Counseling Representative. I am presently counseling existing borrowers who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments by visiting them personally at their homes.  The primary goal is to facilitate a solution … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Foreclosure Prevention Consumer Workshop - 02/23/08 12:51 PM
I attended the Foreclosure Prevention Consumer Workshop today which was held at the University of California Riverside Extension.  This event was sponsored by Senator Bob Dutton of the 31st District, Ms Carrie Lopez Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs and Ms Maria Giuriato, Real Estate Liason for the Department of Real Estate.  There were also representatives from the State Consumer Services Agency, Business Transportation and Housing Department, Freddie Mac, and the Department of Corporations.
I am on a temporary assignment representing a "Major Lender" as a Field Counseling Representative. I am presently counseling borrowers by visiting them personally at their homes.  I was invited … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: 26412 Thackery Ln Stevenson Ranch Ca 91381 - 02/19/08 06:10 PM
This is an Incredible value in Stevenson Ranch listed with Keller WIlliams VIP Real Estate in Valencia California.
View the virtual photo tour of this property

santa clarita real estate agent views: Hiring the right real estate agent to buy sell your home in Santa Clarita and beyond - 02/09/08 05:18 AM
Did you hire the right real estate agent?  Does your real estate agent know what they are doing?  In almost every occupation when applying for a job the first part of the process is to provide a prospective employer a resume, references, and past accomplishments.  This is the starting point in the hiring process in corporate America.   The resume highlights the experience, education, and background of the applicant before they are even considered for employment.  Many are hired by referrals from others because employers prefer to work with people they know than someone just off the streets but in most cases … (2 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Habitat For Humanity in Santa Clarita raises $120,000 to assist local fire victims - 02/08/08 11:44 AM

I just receieved an update from Donna Deutchman CEO of Habitat For Humanity representing both the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.  Donna updated us as to the most recent developments and the local efforts in fundraising.  As of 2/2008 this local chapter has raised $120,000 to date and counting. This is an incredible achievement and a testimony to those actively involved.  These needed funds are critical in seeing that local disaster fire victims can be assisted in rebuilding when local and national efforts are not sufficient or they don't qualify for certain funds because they don't fit the "criteria". 
Read about local Santa Clarita … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: College of the Canyons hosting MLS Soccer matchup proceeds benefit Michael Hoefflin Foundation - 01/28/08 02:11 AM
If you ever used the excuse that you would like to go to an MLS soccer match but it's too far from Santa Clarita?  Have you ever thought I would like to give back to something worthwhile in our community but I don't know where to begin or what to get involved in?  Well you have an opportunity to do both soon as Chivas USA and Columbus Crew descend upon Santa Clarita playing at College of the Canyons in Valencia.
Here's your chance to watch professional soccer locally and support a local charity at the same time who's sole purpose is … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: In Loving Memory of Sue Stamper Burbank California - 12/30/07 05:44 PM

Throughout my walk I have known people who have had an influence in my life.  Many have had some impact, some good, some bad,  but all have helped shape who I am today.  As I look back on my path in life there have been a small handful of people that I call mentor or "trusted counselor"  People who  pointed me in the right direction or had my best interest in mind.  Sue Stamper was one of those handful of  people who have made a difference in my life. 
I met Mariliyn "Sue" Stamper when I worked for Highland Federal in … (10 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Stevenson Ranch Home Sales Statistics For Year 2007 - 12/26/07 06:28 PM

The average sales price in Stevenson Ranch changed very little from 2006 which is remarkable considering the notable drop in sales activity each year in particular the last two years.  The median price actually increased by 3%.  Despite this very optimistic news the area of concern was the last quarter of 2007.  There was a total of 21 sales for the last quarter compared to 147 sales the same quarter last year.  This is an 86% decrease for this quarter in the number of sales which is huge!  This could be just a blip in the market.  However if it is not, this could be … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Feed on The Word Dinnerware from Splurge Alley in Canyon Country - 12/19/07 03:43 PM
This may or may not be up your alley, but if you are into scripture then you will likely splurge on this dinnerware.  Pamela Gallagher of Splurge Alley located in Canyon Country here in Santa Clarita California is a reseller for Feed on the Word dinnerware and her sales are growing like a feeding frenzy.
Everyday our families are force fed a daily menu of secular entities trying to remove God from our daily lives.  It's up to God loving families to fight back and instill those values at home.  Great opportunities avail themselves to share the word with your family … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Donna Nuzzi of the City of Santa Clarita. December tip: Identity Theft - 12/19/07 03:12 AM
Donna Nuzzi is the City of Santa Clarita Emergency Services Supervisor.  Here is her tip for December.  
This is a monthly series by Donna which provides important Emergency Preparedness information to the general public and  subscribers to the Real Estate News, Views and Insights.   This is vital information we need to know.
Identity Theft occurs when someone wrongfully uses your personal identification to obtain credit, loans, services, even rentals and mortgages in your name. They may even commit crimes while impersonating you!
Also know that these protective measures will not guarantee that a criminal will not get access to your credit from a "less than cautious" credit grantor. There … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Job and Career Networking Club in the Santa Clarita Valley - 12/11/07 09:11 AM
There are various resources to choose from in searching for a job today.  Most can be found on the Internet with a simple Google or Yahoo search.   Most job seekers begin by searching online and devote most of their time and energy daily searching on line for that "dream job/career" or in some cases any job for that matter!
Most job seekers use the internet as there primary resource in seeking employment yet statistically it is one of the least effective as now thousands have access to job markets throughout the nation.  You could be competing with hundreds of local and … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Tax Savings for Santa Clarita Business. This is the mission of the Enterprise Zone - 12/10/07 04:31 PM

Tax incentives, the present frontier. These are the tax incentives of the city of Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone
It's mission: To explore new tax breaks and incentives for business. To allow private sector market forces revive the local economy.
To boldly go where the city has not gone before.
If your business is located within the city of Santa Clarita there is a 97% certainty that your business is within the Enterprise zone.  (See Map)
                                                                                                           Source: City of Santa Clarita 
Some of the advantages of moving or owning a business in Santa Clarita
Businesses who hire eligible employees within the zone could see a tax … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Have you lost someone special? God understands - 11/19/07 03:08 PM
When was the last time a thirteen year old kid taught you a lesson in faith? Logan called in a local radio station to share a story of personal loss. His message is powerful and insightful for someone his age. He is a shining example of God's love. This is the kind of kid we all would hope to raise. Listen in

Need I say more...
All views, opinions, observations are strictly my own, unless stated otherwise, and do not reflect the views of Keller Williams VIP Properties. … (6 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Life's Building Blocks - Coaching your child to play the game of life - 11/17/07 08:04 PM
"Put me in coach I'm ready to play" sound familiar it's something uttered daily on every playing field in America today.  However the coaches at Life's Building Blocks are helping parents prepare their kids for the big game.  No it's not the Super bowl, nor the World Series, this game is much bigger than that, this game is life!. 
These coaches are not like any other coach either.  They are Character coaches and it's time we get back to the basics.  The fundamentals which will be the foundation of how we play the game.  Without these core values we could be suffering … (5 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Common mistakes when listing a home for sale in todays real estate market - 11/16/07 06:32 AM
Did I list my home for sale at the right price? 
How can I be certain?  Some homeowners in today's market in California can't help but think that they are "Giving the farm away"  How do I know for certain that the agent I listed with today was not looking for a quick sale? I know sales are slow so are they low balling me with this list price to sell it quicker?  The house down the street sold for more and my home is so much better than theirs!
Why do different agents have different list prices? The agent I met earlier … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: City of Santa Clarita thanks all heros who helped in our recent fires - 11/14/07 06:14 AM
I recently came across a few banners on the (5) freeway overpasses and one here on Newhall Ranch Road which expresses my sentiments and I am certain most of us who reside here in Santa Clarita.
I would like to personally thank all fire, police, city, government officials and everyday citizens for their efforts in saving peoples lives, homes, and in some cases livelihoods.  If not for all of their efforts combined the devastation we experienced here in Santa Clarita could have been much greater than we experienced. 
Learn about one of these local heroes Jim Tindell by clicking here Heads up Equestrian therapy
This … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate agent views: Santa Clarita Heroes Amongst us emerge from the ashes - 11/10/07 04:05 AM
I as well as thousands of others watched in amazement as an accidental fire caused by a local 10 year old playing with matches consumed brush, trees, homes and whatever lay in its path.  Despite the heroic efforts of firefighters some of these homes could not escape its wrath.  The Buck weed fire raged on through Agua Dulce and wound its way through Bouquet Canyon.
What we did not know as we watched in shock were the stories of sheer terror, heroism, and Miracles going on behind the scenes.  As the local networks and local hometown radio KHTS 1220 A.M. gave us … (0 comments)