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Strategic Default -  Walking Away From Your Mortgage Record numbers of homeowners are walking away from their mortgage. They are doing what's called "Strategic Default" or better known as "walking away from their mortgage". Being a licensed real estate broker, it's not my place to be offering adv...
 Obama throws a lifejacket to underwater homeowners It sounds like white house is trying to at least make another attempt to help the current foreclosure crisis. As of today, appairently, the Obama administration is launching an plan of attack to help the over 1.5 million homeowners who are under...
A well written article about a change in the commission incentive for mortgage brokers and the new requirements for the mortgage broker businesses which will likely put most of them OUT of business, limiting the options and competition for borrowers.What?  How can this be?  Realtors are still usi...
Here's some excellent food for thought. I've seen this happen before and I have had my closings delayed for various reasons. Being prepaired with a plan B is ALWAYS a good idea!It's Closing Day! Everything has gone like clockwork and you have nothing but the formalities of closing between you and...
How is my FICO credit score determined and what factors effect my credit score? How is my credit score determined? Let's face it. In this economy a lot of people have lost their jobs for a period of time and ruined their credit. Well now that they are back on their feet, the million dollar questi...
Is an open house a waste of time? "Is my Realtor just lazy or is he telling me the truth? Is an open house a waste of time?" As a real estate broker, I sometimes hear this question, or something similar, from sellers. A lot of people have heard at some point along the way that doing an open house...
The "Buyer's Market" discount is already built-in When I go to a restaurant I always tip my waitress. Don't you? Is it because she gave me excellent service? Not completely. Yeah I might give a bigger tip, but I've also been known to give at least a small tip even when service was poor. I guess I...
Everett Hotels - Hotel List for Everett, WA Need a Hotel in Everett, WA? Here is a list of Everett Hotels including average rates, ratings, locations, and phone numbers. Please keep in mind that price is not always an indicator of quality. In general, you get what you pay for, but not always. Hot...
Is the economy recovering? If you're considering buying a home right now, you might wonder if the economy is recovering. Certainly you want to make a wise investment decision and you probably want to know if your home will be worth more or less in a few years. Well, certainly nobody has a crystal...
Ready, Willing and Able buyers Ready. Willing and Able is actually an adjective defined as: "fully prepared to act, as in performing a contract." It's important to be able to access whether or not the clients you are working with are ready, willing and able to buy. I'm not being a slimeball here....

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