referrals: I Do NOT Do That! Or Do I? - 04/10/11 08:03 AM
Want to see yourself from a buyer or sellers perspective?  Be a buyer or seller and hire a Realtor. 
Don't need to buy or sell a home for yourself?  Tag along with someone who does need to do this (preferably in another market area) and be prepared to see lots of things you do that are right and even more that you do that are wrong. 
My daughter is looking for a home in another state and I've gone to all 35 showings and it's been a fantastice education.  Her Realtor is a lot like me in that she's quiet and … (3 comments)

referrals: My Second Ride On This Real Estate Roller Coaster - 12/12/09 02:10 AM
I've been around long enough to have survived housing bubbles and crashes before.  The most memorable was during the savings and loan collapse in 1989.  It was devastating for many, including people like me who were single parents, raising children and depending on real estate for their living.  I survived and I can tell you, you will survive too if you don't lose your head. 
If whatever you are doing isn't working then venture out into another direction.  Don't forget your best leads usually come from friends and family and keep reminding them you are in the real estate business … (2 comments)

referrals: Referral vs Buyers Agent - 03/24/07 02:01 PM
I've had more than one instance where I  was asked by past buyer to not only list their home for sale in my area, but to help them find another home in another area outside of my usual territory.  My first instinct was to refer these families to someone in that area, but my sellers had other plans.  They insisted that I help them personally, which posed a logistic problem, as well as an information access problem since I didn't have access to the MLS data in these new areas.   Thank goodness for the internet and the wealth of information to be found.  … (2 comments)

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