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I am always working on my business and what I do so that I can become better at to help those around me whether they are potential clients in need of my service or individuals looking to learn the business that I am in.     Recently, I've developed ideas and businesses that could greatly enhance...
Good Tuesday to you, I trust all of you had a good 3 day weekend and hopefully you had time to enjoy your family.     Tomorrow starts the month of June, which is the 1/2 way mark for the year. I've been contemplating where I am today in my business compared to where I would like to be.   I neede...
Good Friday to you, Today is a day to look back and see where you are compared to where you thought you would be. Remember that your one day closer to what you are looking to achieve. Here is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Friday.           "Develop success from failures.  Discourage...
Good Thursday to you, Keep moving forward to get those things done that you feel that you can put off until tomorrow. Before you know it, tomorrow will be here. Here is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Thursday.    "Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted ta...
Did you know that if you don't claim your winnings from lottery tickets in California within 180 days that they will keep the money and donate it to their school system? Recently, a ticket that has been identified to win $195,000 in the El Cajon area remains unclaimed.  The holder of this ticket ...
Good Wednesday to you, Today is another of those days where there are so many things to do you often wonder, where do you start? Each day you have to tackle a little at a time until you whittle it down... Here is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Wednesday.        "It's not your aptitud...
Good Tuesday to you, Today is one of those days that I'm determined to accomplish some of the many things before me.   After all, to accomplish any of it, I have to start by doing a little at a time. Here is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Tuesday.      "In the confrontation between t...
Demutualization is the process of taking a mutual life insurance company that is owned by its policyholders and converting it into a publicly traded stock company owned by shareholders, in accordance with a plan of conversion that has been approved by policyholders and state regulators.  It also...
Good Friday to you, The end of the week is here and it seems as if things are moving extremely fast.  I have been caught up in a lot of minutiae without getting some of the major things done that needed to be completed. H ere is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Friday.                 ...
Good Thursday to you, Ever wake up and wonder "today is...?"  Well, it's definitely one of those days.  It's amazing how time flies sometimes. Here is the inspiration for the day.  Have a great Thursday.                            "Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them. "  ~ Di...

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