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Good Thursday to you, Days seem to go by so quickly at times that you look back and wonder where the time went.  I mean that not only from the perspective of the past, but also each day. There is nothing worse for me than to look back at a day and feel that you really didn't get much done that yo...
Good Tuesday to you, I am always trying new things in my business.  Some good, some bad, some don't make much of a difference. I feel that I always have to try new things, otherwise, I'm not sure how I can inprove doing the same thing each and every day. Here is the inspiration for the day. Have ...
Last week I wrote about two lottery tickets that were close to $300,000 each that had been unclaimed at the time of the writing. The way California works is that if there is a lottery ticket that goes unclaimed then it goes into a fund for California schools. Well, someone purchase a ticket to Me...
Good Monday to you, The fourth quarter of the year will be upon us at the end of the week.  Ask yourself if you're where you want to be right now and are you on track to me your goals and/or quotas. If not, take some time and put down on paper (or computer) some things that you can do to get your...
  In Oklahoma, the former internal auditor of the Treasurer's Office has been indicted with three others for allegedly scheming to steal thousands of dollars from the state's unclaimed property fund. They say allegedly until they prove it in a court of law.   LaTisha Raye Reid has been accused of...
  If you've ever lived in or had business in North Dakota, then you may have a shot at the more than $3 million dollars of outstanding and uncashed checks that the government agencies and the state treasurer want to get rid of. There are over 52 state agencies which have more than 10,600 outstand...
Good Friday to you, Today is another day of doing much of what most people won't do in my business to succeed.  Many times, it is very tedious and downright boring, however, it must be done and done right to make it work. Hopefully, soon, things will start to steamroll and I will be able to deleg...
Good Thursday to you, There are many times where the days blend into one another because of doing the same thing over and over.  It is easy to give up and do something else, forge ahead and keep doing it because if you want to give up, know that others already have and this is when you will start...
Good Wednesday to you, Everyday I work on myself and my business.  I truly believe in what I am doing and believe that the course that I am on will work.  Sometimes these things take time.  I have learned that what you want or think what should happen, never goes according to your time frame, how...
Good Tuesday to you, Many times I have friends and family alike say to me that thet wonder how I can keep going on with all the obstacles that happen to me and get in my way of moving forward.  I look them in the eye and say "How do you stop and give up?". Here is the inspiration for the day. Hav...

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