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Creating a Brand with Pinterest The new social network (even though it is two years old) that is creating all the rage and discussion is Pinterest and creating a brand with this social medium is now part of a new marketing strategy for many people and businesses. You will have to dedicate the ti...
Good Friday morning! Help other people achieve what they want.  Learn not to put yourself first, but do so for others.  Your actions have an impact on those around you, so it's of the utmost importance to give your best effort with others in mind. By helping others, you will find that you, yourse...
Good Monday morning! Do you know how to be happy today?   Many of us (myself included) continually look to tomorrow and oft times forget about today.  We stay so focused on the successes that we want to achieve, that we tend to lose sight of what is going on around us at the moment. Friends, fami...
Believability: Facing The Giants The most difficult thing about my business, Asset Recovery, is believability. You see, many times we locate money that belongs to people that the government is holding in over 400 different agencies.  The thing is, that they don’t want the public to know because t...
  Pinterest: Being Creative With Your Boards   In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive marketplace of today, it is crucial that you gain any advantage that you can for your business.  Marketing, as you know, is the best way to accomplish this.   Social networking is one of the most effective ...
Good Friday morning! What you do today, determines what happens tomorrow.   You need to make sure that you get to things that matter, not only for today, but help you set up for tomorrow. Making your list of things to do and getting some of them accomplished gets you closer to your goals as long ...
Good Thursday morning! Nike says "Just Do It."   Do you get things done throughout the day only to realize that it was just busy work without ever really getting anything accomplished? I thing that that has happended to many of us. I look back and realize that I've done that a few times over the ...
Today is my wife's birthday and she is forever 29!  Every year I try to do something creative and different for her. This year, I found a couple that would record and sing (using a guitar) a remake of a Beatles song with ideas and lyrics that you send to them. They are very reasonable. I met my w...
What Is Pinterest? Pinterest is a two words that have been put together - ‘pin’ and ‘interest’, which can technically go on to mean ‘pin your interest’ and as the meaning implies, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. This is what Pinterest officially claims itself to be. Now, what exactly is Pinter...
Good Tuesday morning! Opportunity stares at you all the time.   Do you recognize it?  It comes in many disguises and ways and is not easily seen.  However, if you look closely and possibly analyze the situation, what you find in front of you that may be bad, could possibly be an opportunity. Oppo...

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