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As an EcoBroker® I'm  excited about the incentives the bailout offers for energy efficiency and renewable energy tax incentives. The big winners include: solar, wind, geothermal and alternative fuels and incentives follow. An eight-year extension of the investment tax credit (ITC) for solar energ...
Here's your chance to learn all about green bulding, from the foundation to a roof with a lifetime guarantee. Discover how low-E glass, low VOC carpets and paint, Energy Star HVACs and appliances, as well as insulation, and building tecchniques can contribute not only to your client's bottom line...
What is critical for sellers to know in the market right now in Chester County, PA is that sales are happening. There were over 600+ sales in  Chester county in the last 30 days, 6 properties went pending today. The best strategy is not to "chase the market down" as Bernice Ross describes it, rat...
E in Low-E glass windows stands for emissivity and that's a fancy way of saying the ability to "give off" as in heat or energy. Low-E glass means the glass bounces back  or gives off the heat inside or outside your house. In the summer as the sun warms things up, low-E glass keeps the heat out. I...
  For-sale-by-owner or ‘FSBO' transactions in the softening real estate market experienced zero growth last year, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Bottom line is, realtors add value to the real estate transaction, particularly when the deal might go south.  The NAR's 2007 ...
The Buyer's Agent Council has done another survey and like the one in 2004,  the number one  feature preferred by home buyers is central  airconditioning. What is surprising is that large garages  (two or more cars) is top on the list, with a 16 % increase. Other features that gained popularity i...
1. Preventive maintenance. This is not about replacing kitchen cabinets or installing granite counters. Make necessary repairs to any leaks in the roof, seal gaps in the siding, paint bare wood, replace damaged decking, patch cracks in concrete, and caulk around tubs and showers. 2. Safety. Are ...
Looking to buy or sell real estate in the Brandywine Valley? Here's why Janice Roosevelt, ABR, e-PRO should be your choice nformation In today's market, confidence and trust in your real estate professional are key. With extensive experience in both PA and DE, I am  passionate about providing spe...
Historically, most of us don't want to buy our parents' homes. Today smaller homes are at the top of the list for  many buyers. "Superized McMansions" are giving way to energy-efficient homes that are smaller. They use less energy. Your utility bills will be lower. Mutifunctional furniture and ro...
Ductwork Basics Ducts are a critical part of your heating and cooling delivery system, yet they are given very little emphasis during construction. Many systems with 92% efficient furnaces and 50% efficient duct systems. In order to have a duct system that performs properly, there are a few do's...

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