jrooseveltkwcom: Do you understand your homeowners insurance policy? Janice Roosevelt, ABR, ePRO, Ecobroker, Lic. PA & DE - 02/29/12 06:26 PM
Since owning a home represent a large outlay, you need to protect that investment.  What happens if your home is suppose your home is damaged by the elements? That’s where home owners insurance comes in, to protect you from unpredictable losses. The first step when buying insurance is to READ YOUR POLICY . It  is the agreement between you (the insured) and your insurance company. The time to learn about your coverage and conditions is not after  the tree falls on your roof, but before when you can  discuss the policy with your insurance agent.
If you do … (0 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: SPICE, Indian Thai Bistro - a rock star restaurant in Newtown Square, PA - Janice Roosevelt, Realtor, Lic. in DE & PA - 02/26/12 08:22 PM
SPICE, is an Indian Thai Bistro in Newtown Square that has been voted best all round Indian kitchen by the Philadelphia Inquirer and that accolade is well deserved. Thanks Susan Manners for suggesting this incredible eatery this weekend! The owners also have another SPICE in downtown West Chester
Not one to linger long over menus, I was stumped; what a list of offerings from clay oven specialties to biryani to amazing soups and salads. Good thing there is a weekday lunch buffet if  you can't wait to come back and try another dish. 
With offerings from Thai traditions as well as Indian, … (4 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: From the lives of cats...Janice Roosevelt, Ecobroker, ABR, e-Pro - Licensed in PA & DE - 02/01/12 08:20 AM
Enjoy the captions as well as the photos!  I know this feeling!
 outtake from the feline version of The Exorcist


jrooseveltkwcom: Looking for an extraordinary dentist? Alrez Family Dentistry in Chadds Ford, PA is the Best, Janice Roosevelt, Realtor, PA & DE - 02/01/12 06:27 AM
I just can’t imagine a more knowledgeable, professional and friendly dental team than Alrez Family Dentistry in Chadds Ford, Its in a spotless office in a great office complex near the crossroads of Route 1 and 202
 What a treat to have your teeth cleaned with state of the art ultrasonic system which was  pain free, quick and efficient. Natasha, the hygienist and Dr. Alrez were there.
The time Dr. Alrez spent explaining her diagnosis, the digital  x-rays  and her physical exam was  generous and informative. I don’t think You didn’t feel rushed or like you were part of … (0 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: BLACK N BREW Coffee Shop - East Passyunk's Shining Star - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/24/12 07:48 AM
Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and none more vibrant than East Passyunk. Its recent revival  is a hip urban constellation of  restaurants and shops, from  organic food  store to  Euro florist, from child care facilities to art center.   
Fanning  from the 5-block hub are renovated townhomes and apartments  for  the new “creative class” of city dweller,  all  living peacefully with  multi generation I(pronounced “EYE)”talian-Americans.
Not quite Rocky meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but something in between.
Brightly set on a corner with its incredible glass mosaic exterior in this trendy  firmament is  Black N Brew, 
Philadelphia’s supreme … (7 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: It's Hot Tea Time of Year and this CHAI is the best - Enjoy! Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/12/12 02:02 AM
My friend Anna makes THE best Chai...here's her recipe
Home Made Chai Tea
(All measurements are per cup – multiply for the number of cups or medium-sized mugs you are making.
3/4 cup water
1/4 unsweetened soy milk
Honey to taste
Roughly ~2 teaspoons per cup loose black tea leaves (Ideally Assam or Ceylon tea – English Breakfast will do)
All of the following (measurements are per cup or per medium-sized mug):
2 green cardamom pods
2-3 whole black peppercorns
1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds
1-2 pieces cinnamon (“real cinnamon” not Cassia. May be labeled … (5 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: How much of your day do you spend "happy?" - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/08/12 10:45 PM
I love a daily message I recieve and today's was so thought-provoking I wanted to share it.
 The things that we would be asking ourselves is, "What proportion of my day am I in vibrational harmony with my desires, which means, how much of my day am I happy, glad, eager, fulfilled, satisfied, complimentary? And what percentage of my day am I ornery, irritated, frustrated, or blaming?" And you don't have to do 100%, you don't have to do 90%, you don't have to do 80%. If you could even get around 55% feeling better, than not feeling so good — … (2 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Outdoor Winter Farmers Market in Kennett Square - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/05/12 11:17 PM

You might think eating locally in Pennsylvania is not relevant in the winter months? Not so! Cold weather crops plus the use of hoop houses and other methods help to extend the natural growing season. Cold storage vegetables like carrots, beets, turnips, onions, winter squashes, and potatoes also mean that there is plenty of fresh produce to choose from at winter market. Certainly hens continue to lay eggs year-round and the varied assortment of cheeses, meats, and baked goods continue to flow from our vendors. You will be amazed at all you will find.In addition, a number of crafters and … (8 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Cat entry - American Idol - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/05/12 05:37 AM
Ok, cat lovers, here is your entry for the next Amercan Idol. The microphone is invisible. Will this feline get your vote? jroosevelt@kw.com

jrooseveltkwcom: "Be Always at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbors, and let each New Year find you a Better Man." Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/05/12 05:18 AM
From the City of Brotherly Love and one of its most famous Brothers!   "Be Always at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbors, and let each New Year find you a Better Man." ~Benjamin Franklin Or as he likes to say, HUZZAH  

jrooseveltkwcom: First Friday Art Stroll, January 6th 2012 6-9 p.m. Historic Kennett Square - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams, PA & DE - 01/05/12 05:02 AM
The temperatures have turned cold  but there's a warm welcome in the galleries, shops, and restaurants of Historic Kennett Square. 
Many businesses are open late on First Friday, this Friday, January 6th 6-9 p.m  and offer special exhibits, light refreshments, and good company.  Some of the activities happening "around the Square" include:  
THE PAPER MARKET ECO BOUTIQUE  at 106 West State Street announces a showing of mixed media, watercolors and oil pastels by Unionville artist Charlene Thomforde.  They will offer light refreshments throughout the evening.
BYRSA BISTRO at 102 East State Street will have live music on First Friday and … (0 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Tax Rate Changes for 2012 - Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/05/12 04:53 AM
Tax Rate Changes for 2012 - Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania   Over the past month, the counties and many municipalities have made decisions on the tax rates for 2012 based on various degrees of budget shortfalls.
The county picture is mixed:
Calling for cuts elsewhere in its budget, Chester County held the line on taxes for the third straight year and will have a $513 million operating fund budget. In Delaware County, residents will pay 2.3% more in county taxes next year, after the Council unanimously passed a $324 million budget. And for the first time in 10 years, … (2 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Imagine vacation 365 days of the year...Buy in Somerset Lake, PA - Open house: Sunday, January 7th - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/04/12 04:16 AM
Picture-perfect 4-bedroom, two-Story Colonial with possible 5th bedroom in Somerset Lake is now available for $374,900.
Come out this weekend, Sunday, January 7th 1-3 for a look around this wonderful - all includes (not age restricted) community in sothern PA near the Delaware border and Hockessin.
Large man-made lage, incredible club house with workout facilities, tennis courts, outdoor pool, and the best neighbors anywhere.


jrooseveltkwcom: Does buying or renting make more sense for you? Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 01/03/12 06:07 AM
If the two have you have hitched your dreams to one star, then buying a home rather   than renting could make sense, especially if you are living in southeastern Pennsylvania or northern Delaware.
Yes, mortgage rates are historically low, and yes, inventory is high, and if you plan to be around for another 5 years, then you could actually SAVE $$$.
Renting is really a short-term investment plan. Renting would be good if you plan to stay for 5 years or less.Buying however; can mean a sense of financial security, as property, over time, appreciates. 
With a fixed mortgage … (6 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: The Artist- the season's best movie - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams, PA & DE - 01/01/12 09:34 AM
Michel Hazanavicius's warmly nostalgic film The Artist, about the waning career of a silent film idol, Gerge Valentin, in the Hollywood of the 1920s, is enough to want you to put on a ball gown or tux and your best dancing shoes. It is the season's  must see. It's been called as innovative as Avatar, but in the opposite direction.
It, too, is in black and white with a sumptuous orchestral score, twisting and turning between amusing site gags and touching scenes of pure acting brilliance- not with dialogue but with face and gesutre. Two American star, James Cromwell as Valentin's chaffeur and John Goodman … (6 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Truths to live by - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real EState, PA & DE - 12/31/11 05:57 AM

jrooseveltkwcom: Short Sale Vs Foreclosure - what you need to know - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 12/31/11 05:56 AM
My Team Leader Matt Fetick, wisely set out to learn everything he could about short sales several years ago before they were so prevalent in our selling area - in and around Philadelphia and in northern Delaware. He's quickly become the GOTO Short Sale Specialist. Check out www.soldbyshortsale.com for short videos and a newsletter for additional information . Here's an overview for those looking at the differences between foreclosure and short sale. jroosevelt@kw.com

jrooseveltkwcom: The Adventures of Tintin - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 12/29/11 07:03 AM
Steven Spielberg’s first go at animation with the 3D Motion Capture Film, The Adventures of Tintin stirs the soul of adventure in the crankiest of adults. Great holiday fun that takes you into a wonderful world of mystery and make-believe, it stars Jamie Bell as Tintin, the valiant young reporter with Honor Scout values who pursues good story relentlessly.  Daniel Craig a.ka. the nefarious Red Rackham, is getting is due as he’s also out as the lead in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Based on the classic Belgian comic book series written and illustrated by Hergé, Tintin travels the globe … (1 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: Does home ownership matter to you? Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real Estate, PA & DE - 12/27/11 01:55 AM
What bearing does home ownership really have on the economy? Is it hype and materialistic “hoohaw” as my grandfather might have said.  Does in matter in your community? Maybe we should just become a country of renters.
Certainly home ownership  matters in my community, where the quality of public schools, the kinds and number of jobs, and the overall quality of life are impacted.
In the U.S., for every two homes sold, one job is created and each purchase generates as much as $60,000 in economic activity over time.
Right now, there is a debate in federal government regarding … (7 comments)

jrooseveltkwcom: The history of Santa Claus or something like it - Janice Roosevelt, Keller Williams Real EState, PA & DE - 12/23/11 11:17 PM
Outside the  popularity of The Elf on the Shelf phenom and of course, the birth of Jesus,  this season's best known icon  is that fat, happy man with the white beard and red suit, Santa Claus.
Where did the legend of this North Polian originate and why?  The flagbearer for materialism, and  toy manufacturers's  best PR man, wassup  with that magical sleigh and flying reindeer?
Legend has it -  there was a person, the Bishop of Myra, a.k.a. St. Nicholas born around 270 in what is now Turkey. He gave gifts anonymously. including paying the dowries of impoverished girls, giving out … (7 comments)

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