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You should be considering more than upgrades when building a new Connecticut homeThis article was written based on Connecticut contractor laws and regulations. The information and precautions however can be applied for any new residential construction.Having a new customized home built can be an ...
I was called recently by the listing agent of a home here in Hamden, Connecticut concerning a radon test result conducted in the home by another home inspector. The agent and his client were concerned the test may have been inaccurate because the home was vacant and had been close up for many wee...
Structural support is backbone or more apt the skeleton of a home or building. Without a correctly designed and installed support system the building will fold like a house of cards. Defects in the structural system can cause significant failures in the building.On a recent inspection it was disc...
This main service panel was located in a home that was under going major renovations... for the last 12 years! The home was completely torn apart. No sheet rock on almost every wall and ceiling, no insulation in the walls or in the basement and crawl space ceilings. The structural supporting wall...
A home inspection I did the other day was like few I have ever experienced. The client was a young woman referred to me from a past client. She was extremely cautious and very apprehensive about buying a home. Because of this she asked a lot of good questions. Her agent was a veteran of 7-8 years...
Yes, that's right a home inspector writing on why people need to use real estate agents. In the last two months I have inspected several home that were FSBOs. Some of these inspections were nothing out of the ordinary, some were nightmares. The common denominator, no Realtors. Why is it when no a...
I found this stained glass window in an older home (1888) during a home inspection in Meriden, CT. It is a beautiful example of the craftsmanship of many older homes. This was one of two similar windows. I took this picture because the light was coming in the window just right and it looked great...
This photo is from an inspection I did on Monday. It was a newer (2003) townhouse condo the original owners were selling. You can see the shiny aluminum step flashing along the rake board of the abutting roof gable. The flashing was installed over the board in stead of under. I looked around at t...
The answer is simply the person who placed the test. All too often the client or their Realtor are given the job of retrieving the radon test. This responsibility is often handed off under the guise of saving the client money. What has occurred is over charging for a set of radon testing devices ...
During my inspection this morning I found this extremely unsafe main service panel. I have never seen a main service wire of this type. That of course would be because it is not the correct type of wire for this application. It appears to be a heavy duty cord used in commercial-industrial applica...

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