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Flashing on a home is an important component in water proofing the structure. The most common and visible flashings are usually found on the roof. Chimney flashings are frequently the most problematic since the chimney surface is difficult to adhere the flashing to in a weather tight fashion. Add...
As we all know there are words that are spelled differently, but are pronounced the same. Or a word can be accented differently, but retains the same meaning.  Then there are terms or phrases that can be inter-changed, but actually do not carrying the same meaning. One of these terms I am familia...
Joe the Plumber made famous during the recent Presidential election was as near as we can tell was a real honest goodness licensed plumber. But what happens when Joes wanna be plumber cousin, Rufus, decides to get into business for himself. After all he's helped Joe on a few jobs and he knows the...
Home inspection requires certain skills and knowledge exclusive to the profession.  Yet a large amount of this background crosses over with other home and building related occupations.  Because of this cross over it is often assumed that an engineer for example will be an exemplary home inspector...
I have recently been discussing the use of facts while interpreting and writing inspection information. One of the non desirable actions in composing reports is using blanket recommendations. But sometimes it works for a particular house. I inspected a small bungalow style home a few days ago whe...
When we are children we go to school to learn how to read and write and use math. As we get older we begin to focus on learning a specific trade or occupation, but maybe not always. During a recent job I found deficiencies to the basic structure of a newer home, three years old, that were so incr...
Home inspectors are known for using all manner of tools and nifty gadgets.  I myself have a few.  Tools are a great addition to your main arsenal of tools, your five senses.  Most everyone is blessed with these basic senses and they are fantastic for doing most anything we need to accomplish. But...
Home inspections are basically about gathering information and reporting on what is found. The information is then put into some type of written report. There are all manner of home inspection reports available and being used every day by inspectors. The computer generated variety is by far and a...
With the prevalence of foreclosures these days' home inspectors are inspecting many more of these kinds of properties. Usually what happens with bank owned properties is all the utilities get turn off and the home is winterized. This presents some what of a dilemma for the home inspector. You can...
Many homeowners dislike forced air heating because it's dry. The alternative is hydronic heat which is another way of saying heat supplied by hot water. This type of system incorporates a boiler, not a furnace, to heat the water that will either be circulated by a pump or turned to steam and then...

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