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Well of course I do! That would be the answer anyone would expect, an indignant and some what offended response. But as a home inspector sometimes I truly wonder if some people really do love their kids. Maybe I am being a little harsh and judgmental, but I do at times marvel at some parents. To ...
On a recent inspection I found some curious vertical scratches in the concrete foundation on the back exterior of the house. They were long and fairly uniform. This gave me pause. Could a large animal have been scratching his claws on the foundation? Very doubtful. We don't have any large clawed ...
Electricity is some what of a mystery to most people. All those wires can look pretty confusing and intimidating. The truth is every wire has a proper place. In a main electric panel there are only a few places where each wire belongs. There are usually three wires in every house circuit. A hot (...
Recently I was involved in some debate about home inspection methods, specifically concerning walking roofs. A point that came up during this discussion was where an inspector derives his methods and standards of home inspection. This is a diverse subject, but really there are only a few sources ...
The home inspection industry has been evolving and continues to evolve since its beginnings about 50 years ago. Originally contractors performed home inspections. These individuals would go anywhere in or on a home because simply that's what they did. Eventually other non contractors began to get...

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