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Rings are all around us and quite a few have some meaning. The most common and obvious is the wedding and for the ladies engagement rings. Then there's the mood ring (remember those), the decoder ring, the brass ring, Lord of the Rings and on... Sometimes there's hidden meaning in a ring, but you...
That may seem like a rude title to some, but it does describe what goes on in a home naturally. Air moves in and out of a home constantly. The movement of air is driven by mechanical devices such as fans or furnaces or naturally occurring phenomenon such as thermal convection. Some air infiltrati...
You know the old saying; what you don't know can't hurt you. That logic is completely ludicrous. History is full of unknowns that have sickened or killed countless people because of ignorance. The use of lead and asbestos in buildings is a good example. Using these materials was done out of a lac...
The difference between these long cylindrical objects may appear to be a matter of semantics, but when it comes to electricity they are clearly defined. A pipe is a tube, meaning it is hollow, used to transport liquid or gas. A rod would be solid and has many uses including an electrical ground. ...

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