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I had the opportunity to do a little spelunking not long ago. I must say it wasn't all that pleasant of an experience. It was extremely wet down in there and incredibly confined. You can see the water dripping from the top of the cave in the first photo. It wasn't that large of a space, which mad...
Have you ever been walking along minding your own business when suddenly there's a snake right in front of you? You might be wondering; "Where did he come from, and why is he sneaking up o me like this?" Or you might turn tail and run screaming not thinking much of anything. Snakes make me think ...
Now who would "forget" to shower. It's just silly to think anyone could just forget. No question someone would surely remind you after a few days once you got your funk on. Cleaning your oil furnace and or water heater is no different. If you forget it will let you know after a while. No it won't...
Home inspectors quite often find various creatures in our explorations of the house. Pets are generally fine, as long as Fido doesn't bite or Fluffy scratch, we're good. But how about those wild creatures that are unexpectedly encountered. Hopefully they're dead, trapped or other wise incapacitat...
I make it a point if at all possible to check the inside of the chimney flues. You just never know what may be lurking inside that long dark shaft. The digital camera is a great device for checking out flues. It's like having your eyes on a periscope. I can stick my hand inside a cleanout snap a ...
All our homes have electricity brought to us from a set of wires from the street. They either come under ground, as is the case more so today, or over head which is the most common entry to find. When bringing the electric service wires to the house they must be attached at some point to the exte...
Garage doors are one of the most potentially dangerous items in a home. Even more so when an automatic opener is installed. A common component in all garage doors is the counter balance spring. Just like in a window this very large spring helps offset the weight of the door so it can be easily li...
Radon is not an issue in every part of the country, but it certainly is here in Connecticut.  There are basically two areas of testing for radon when buying a home, in the air and in water. Testing the air is basically applicable to every house. Testing the water is only pertinent to homes with w...
One of the most common elements on a home is the windows and doors. So common in fact I'm sure no one gives them much thought. But there are those that should give some thought to how a door is installed. When a door or a window is put into a home the wall structure into where it's placed is comp...
You ever feel crowded, boxed in, no room to breathe?  We all need some space around us or a comfort zone. Sometimes we want more, like when you're steaming mad because some just cut us off on the highway. Then there are times we like to very close and intimate. With homes there are no emotions in...

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