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Home inspector licensing has been a trend across the nation for quite some time. My state, Connecticut, has had a licensing requirement for around nine years. Washington, home of the naked inspector Charles Buell, has become one of the newest states to adopt a licensing law for home inspectors. W...
I have been on a bit of a rant lately about work being done shoddily or incompetently by professionals.  It is my job to look for problems and it can begin to seem that everything built is a piece of junk. This of course is not true. The other day I came upon a piece of work, a repair that really...
Yesterday I talked about homeowners and professionals both doing repairs or renovations that were best described as creative. The common thread was the work was done incorrectly. To take that theme a step further; what happens when a professional contractor performs work that should be done by a ...
Being a home inspector I find a lot of goofy stuff. Usually this silliness is done by a home owner or a "handy" family member like ol' Uncle Bob. Home owners are the brunt of many jokes to do with home repairs and renovations, BUUUUT to be fair professionals are just as often the culprits. What's...
An interest in Energy efficiency has again become a concern for American home owners. I say again because in 1973 an oil embargo by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) propelled the United States into an energy crisis. One energy conserving measure then President Nixon asked ...
Competent home inspectors will always attempt whenever possible to get up on the roof. Often it is not the roof or more accurately the shingles that are of interest, but various other areas that require scrutiny. For example masonry chimneys especially need a thorough looking over inside and out....
Yesterday a team of divers found an ancient ship wreck off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. The cargo was largely intact because it was explained the ships had not capsized when they sank.  The vessels were transporting amphorae, large vases for carrying wine, olive oil and other good...
The nice thing about being a home inspector is its rarely boring. I get to go to a different location every day, meet many new people and in general it's a feel good job. The other great thing about inspecting is it's a diverse field. The knowledge and expertise of inspecting homes can translate ...
This has to be the worst summer weather I can ever remember. Only a few days the temperature has barely snuck into the 80s. Here it is nearing the end of July and I have not put in or needed our air conditioners. The last week has been more summer like with high humidity, but the temperatures hav...
Seems like an incongruous list, but all do have something in common; collars. As you would suspect the topic is collars for water heaters not dogs or priests. Actually the collar in question is for the flue pipe of the water heater or combustion appliance. Flue pipes are for safely transporting t...

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