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My family went camping this past weekend for the second time this year. Why might that be in any way significant? Considering my wife is not the camping kind and she suggested we go, I think you can get the rest. I would go camping with my friends growing up and later as a young adult. The campin...
When ever starting a project or repair it is good to begin with a plan. Proper prior planning helps to eliminate or reduce mistakes. Looking over a repaired newer roof not long ago the repair person here was operating with minimal strategy. According to the sellers disclosure a solar light tube h...
I wonder how many people remember the old drink cans with the pull tab tops. The tab comes completely off the can and has to be thrown away. Anyone old enough to remember that has probably stepped one of those tabs and gotten a nasty cut. Those old cans were made from steel. Then along came the n...
I take a lot of pictures during an inspection. Photos are my notes for later when writing the report. Once I get back to the office I down load the pictures and scan through them. So I am sitting at the computer looking through my recent inspection pics and I notice something odd in the photos. I...
Installing roofing on a home is basically a pretty simple process. Which may explain why there are so many roofers. This may also explain why bad roof jobs are one of the most prevalent consumer complaints. The roof shingles are the most obvious component of the roof, but what about that shiny me...
Have you ever have gone into a house and the owners have a dog?  You walk in and the dog comes charging up to you tail wagging. Just as you're reaching out your hand the owner warns you off with, "careful sometimes he bites".  WHOA! Now you're thinking, can't you put that beast in a cage or somet...
Climbing whether a mountain or on a roof often affords a great view. A ridgeline is a good long vantage point. I was on the ridge of a roof recently and found not a beautiful vista, but ugly workmanship. I know go figure that I could find something ugly in a gorgeous wooded lot on a perfect day. ...
Everyone's gone at one time or another to the Fun House at the carnival. It's supposed to be a walk or ride through a scary chamber of horrors. The journey through is about as scary as a litter of kittens. About the only ones who get spooked are the littlest kids. Yet there are real life situatio...
Does anyone remember the born on dating kick with the beer companies some years ago. One start up company put an expiration date for the beer on the bottles. So in response the big established companies began putting a "born on date" on their bottles and cans. Did you know that electrical wire ha...
As an inspector I go poking through people's home getting into every accessible nook and cranny. I see a lot of things during the course of an inspection. You get a glimpse, whether you want to or not, of a persons or families life. At times that can be a bit difficult for me as my thoughts turn ...

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