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Every pirate movie ever made has a peg legged member of the scallywag crew. And who could forget Captain Ahab who lost his leg to the great white whale Moby Dick. Argh.  Yes sir the peg leg has been around a long time and has served its purpose well. Actually the peg leg is still around today in ...
Snakes as well as many other creatures like to slither down a nice hidey hole, but if there is no entrance that ol' snake can't get in. Plumbing needs entrances too. Every house with plumbing has two basic sets of pipes. One brings the water to where it needs to go, like the sinks, shower and lau...
You ever have to crawl under a car because you found a mysterious spot on the garage floor? Or had a funny odor in the house and you needed to go under the house. (like a home inspector) Many homes in Connecticut have wells. Some towns do not have public water at all so right away I know I will h...
Is what Robin the boy wonder said when Batman ripped his tights. Exposing certain objects to the world can have detrimental consequences and in some instances cause a little embarrassment. Take for example electrical wires. Exposed wire is not very desirable or safe. The wires in our homes and bu...
Have you ever made the wrong connection? You were putting something together and it didn't go together quite right. Dads know all about that at Christmas. When a contractor or a licensed professional makes connections they should be made right, period. No extra or mystery pieces left over when th...
There is one thing about water that is a definite, if you chill it enough it will freeze. No ifs and or buts about it, you get ice. Ice is great to cool your drink or for skating, but not if it's inside the pipes in your house. If your pipes freeze you have problems, namely burst pipes and an unw...

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