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Have you ever been knocked out? I don't mean literally like from a left hook, but knocked out by someone of the opposite sex who you thought was a real looker. A person you can not take your eyes away from. Everyone has experienced the sweaty palms, the racing heart and the shortness of breath th...
As the saying goes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no doubt that something one person may find stunning may nauseate some one else. Beauty is extremely subjective. Often with things like a car or a toaster there has to be a certain amount of prettiness to the functional form. An u...
The term common sense is bandied about quite a bit. We often use it to describe something where the solution or the correct way should be glaringly obvious. A no brainer. Actually good sense would be a more apt and accurate description, but I am not here to change the English lexicon. Being a hom...
Heating pipes do basically two things; they carry heated water to the radiators and lose heat.  Since the idea is to distribute the heat in the rooms not along the way to them, heating pipes are often insulated to fix this problem. Back many years ago the insulation of choice was asbestos. Asbest...
Yesterday I wrote a post titled Are You Smarter Than a Home Inspector asking non home inspectors to identify the defects in an electric panel. No one actually took a guess. Chickens, LOL. Well today I will show you the answer. You can see the same panel at the right but now it's labeled. By the w...
My apologies for the tile as I "borrowed" it from the show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader".  My oldest daughter loves the show and we all have fun watching it together. If you have never seen the show Google it and check it out. The impetus for this post is a recent blog by Robert Snowden t...
One fun aspect of real estate and home inspections is you meet all types of people. Sometimes that client may have an interesting occupation or past. I had such a client a few years ago and since he was a client I respected his privacy. Well now the cats out of the proverbial bag and so I thought...
Yesterday morning while searching the internet for video for a blog I was writing my computer got infected. The virus and spyware protection alerts went off warning me of the malicious threat. The scanning and removals were begun to no avail. This "Trojan" was in my hard drive and dug in like a t...
Ice is a remarkable substance. It has great strength and the ability to reshape other materials that are actually harder than the ice itself. Ice has 14 known types of crystalline structures, more than any other known substance. And let's not forget it keeps our drinks cold and the food in our su...
That's the words I heard the other day from a friend of mine. I went to over his house the other night to hang out. When I arrived he says to me "you're not going to believe this, I think my water heaters leaking." This was somewhat a little more significant than usual because he is in the proces...

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